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My version of the world ''s 108 underground city melee equipment recommended Raiders



  "My World Dungeon" game in which players can use a melee attack, then through some enchanted after, there will be a lot of improvement, then the 108 version in which some of it stronger melee weapons?

  Look at the players "markmaru" Share My World Edition Dungeons 108 melee equipment recommended Raiders.

  Underground city, according to the author the idea of the general direction of the equipment selection, the game is divided into a melee, magic remote, pure bow, bow four schools of magic.

  Here magic remote purely because not enough, in fact, need a melee aid, while the island is not open before did not get ice spells, the damage is much weaker than the other schools, only recommended in low equipment such as blood or scrape back into use AOE.

  Pure magic bow bow and play are good, but I personally have a deep phobia ammunition shortage, especially in the event of a situation out of thorns deflection slime Dumen later, both of which are merely dress up as a specific environment use.

  Back rest is our theme melee, melee as easy to choice, first of all is that it has a very comfortable back the ability of blood, and output as a normal game can also see.

  After selecting the general direction and clear, here released the best equipped to select I use:


  Equipment options are hand axes, armor traitor, harp crossbow.

  Two-Handed Axes choice because the whole game is the first line of weapons can in fact be explained by the group, the DPS top and no obvious abnormality is a significant difference.While all units are handed ax has hit the trigger effects, large AOE, decent attack speed, etc., which greatly improves the user''s hand.

  The game has two orange hand axes, namely:



  Tornado shock wave affix actually damage is very low, and cursed ax Corpse Explosion icing on the cake, if ruled out because of an orange to bring weapons DPS increase, then select a two-handed ax of the standard is reasonable affixes (not optimal) on the basis of high points of the selection means, on quality weapons, then it does not matter, as long as the right can bring good experience.

  Armor fixed as traitors armor, this is the only one in this game full of weapons by injury + + melee attack speed by injury Need.But when you do not meet CD affixes, succumbed to affix priority, followed by armor succumbed to injuries, the last in the pursuit of reducing injuries.Here release traitor armor attributes:


  About choice bows and arrows, as easy to drive power, we must first rule out such operations can affect the feel of the Charge, hold down the right, regardless of who the ghost is the basis of ease.And then exclude what I do not want to get started hit twice with junk stuff.Remaining there shotgun blast, three rapid-fire.

  This rapid-fire stuff, cool shot, but too cool, a top easy, two easy scraping, while more than happy not to force Meng.At the same time temporary transition is not easy.

  The explosion and heavy crossbow should take up more, are high points hurt people, but AOE explosion of personal feeling to penetrate to increase the proportion of crossbow cool.But this game has a bug level weapon that shotgun inside inside the piano crossbow, shotgun inside the piano if you do not, use explosion.

  Qin crossbow is characteristic of HPS cheek has the highest efficiency, while each of its arrows are triggered affix special effects, and instruments used enchant.Lead to either temporary for equipment operation or hard hitting happiness is a word: cool!Here also released Qin crossbow attributes:


  Next we turn to affix choice.First, we need to understand a concept by injury every single attribute are cumulative, so the more of the same property by injury, the back of the worse.The damage reduction effect is multiplicative and additional damage reduction effect is reduced with the increase.

  First, ease blood flow necessarily need to return, and it must be every time to hit back against the boss of blood that can be used, that is, three must affix to a grid to:


  Then we can brush from the ax with both hands to affix and suitable for use talking about, can affixes are:








  We explain why these one by one affix available, starting with the three functions affix Speaking of gravity, weakness, chains.These three functional affix is what you lack of Han make up what use.Gravity is allowing you to better use strange group, this group is to enhance the strange feeling, but pull over the strange fact exceptional circumstances will sanction you, but anyway, he is a good feeling to enhance the.Weakness, and by injury chains are equivalent to when you lack by injury, and really nothing good will affix a point to choose.But by injury this thing, now I can do to ease the rush to heap blame no brain death.But walk past or to control the operation.

  By injury to the crit, whirlpool, into the wound, sharp.Crit is the meaning face lift, a 60% increase to improve the direct damage to the physical part of the buff.Simple and crude, is the first for the ax with both hands by injury.Injury upgraded into effect to improve the range of triggers is fixed bonus is a maximum of 100%, after stage 3, corresponding to 0-100% of the blood profile 100 increases the damage can be seen as 50% by injury, but to twice within the spike, in fact, good efficiency, but have twice gone.Swirl of individual weapons, two hand ax is triggered once to attack the foundation of view, enhance the close to 50%, but also very fragrant.Sharp is hard to increase the damage, I used to put clothes and sharp increase in injuries with the operator, and is superimposed on the back, cause this stuff to my evaluation.Very bad (because only two affixes).But when you do not know Diansha time, also the Africans, it is sharp, stable, no brain is the feature of this affixes.

  I used the weapon affixes release here as a reference:


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My version of the world ''s 108 underground city melee equipment recommended Raiders

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My version of the world ''s 108 underground city melee equipment recommended Raiders

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My version of the world ''s 108 underground city melee equipment recommended Raiders

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