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Ode to Minecraft purple plant




  Chung purple plants (Chorus plants) is a naturally generated in the dead end of the block outside the island.They can be used to grow flowers purple Chung.

  Purple Song mining plant can use any tool.In general, the destruction of purple Chung tree box above will make it all the plants and flowers are purple song unsupported destroyed.Mining plant purple Chung Chung will fall 0-1 purple fruit.

  Even with accurate collection enchants, players can not get the original song purple box body plant in survival mode.However, it can be found in the item column to create a player mode.

  Chung purple plant part as the outer sac of the island naturally purple Chung tree.Chung purple plant height is typically only 10 to 15 squares, but the height of a single plant trees may reach 22 squares.

  Purple Chung Chung plant purple flower grows in time will generate.

  Ode plant purple after being mined get purple fruit Song.

  If the six adjacent squares do not meet these requirements, the purple box will automatically destroy the plant Chung (Chung is likely to drop purple fruit):

  Unless there is at least one vertically adjacent squares is air, or if there is at least one other adjacent plant purple Chung level will be automatically destroyed.

  Here is the song unless purple plant or the end of the stone, or with a purple below the level of plant Chung Chung plant purple stone or the end of the connection, or plant purple song will be automatically destroyed.

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Ode to Minecraft purple plant

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Ode to Minecraft purple plant

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Ode to Minecraft purple plant

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