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The richest in the history of Minecraft map seed Code



  My world there are all kinds of seeds, these seeds can give my players in the world provide an updated gaming experience, where I stand in the world Chinese Xiao Bian gave you share the most classic of my world seed code lazy necessary the five top seeds, which is the richest of the seed, away, do not mention it.


  ①Seed: shadowscythe

  In the village of Pingdingshan terrain generation has rarely met, then the river bank Pingdingshan village is unique and beautiful scenery MC.

  When Gian looking for a special PE seed, the seeds for its beautiful and varied terrain attracted my attention.A few small house and a large area of the farm, as well as underground mineral-rich swamp communities in the river, where you still are not satisfied?

  ②Seed: -1042433889

  Survival Island seed either to lack of resources difficult challenges known or famous to hide unlimited resources, this is undoubtedly the latter seeds.

  Players born in a small island, seemingly unexciting, but when you pass through a corner of the cave, a huge long quiet moment in the eyes of the canyon.

  According to explorers say, everywhere inside the buried gold, iron ore, diamonds and all kinds of fun stuff.

  If you both want to try digging risky, I do not want to waste time on boring cave, that it is the best option.

  ③Seed: 2431673

  Born point of this seed is huge Pingdingshan biome, visible bare abandoned mine, while it buried a lot of gold, number and size of breathtaking!

  Gian in just 10 minutes or more found at the entrance gold 5!Players will encounter it right ecstasy!

  ④Seed: 1408106526

  The PE amazing seed!Players born in the plains, the top of the hill behind the village there is a right there is another village, where part of the building sits on a hill.Of course, this is not worth it amazing place, really really astonishing is that these two villages are full (note respectively!) Has its own fortress!

  ⑤Seed: Nyan

  As many old MC said, this seed is one of "My World," one of the greatest classic old seed.

  It has epic mountain landscape, a huge cave landscape, magnificent waterfalls and lava pouring water falls down, so dazzling.Broad and uniform terrain is very suitable for the construction of the castle horst, different biomes cross each other, a strong sense of art, the natural resources are very rich!


  If the seeds are also able to "Gods", that they are God-level seed friends!

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The richest in the history of Minecraft map seed Code

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The richest in the history of Minecraft map seed Code

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The richest in the history of Minecraft map seed Code

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