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19-year wrap up, blue fat with your reviews Reviews DOTA 2 highlights treasure _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community




  DOTA 2 has launched a total of 15 models treasure: Fire Girl "Mage Chi soul," Legion "double-edged War ghost" terrorist razor ''hearts, magic angle "," King of bite magic of "shadow magic, Bomberman" Battleship dolphin gun ", Phantom Assassin" unparalleled sly charm "ice Queen" collapse Qiu cold snow, "Zeus" Thunder God helmet "King" Atlas Story "Juggernaut" Kenshin''s left, "butcher" God Qianjie Tu "elf" caring friends, "La Bike" Magister key "Maverick" meteor outer space ", and the latest blue-fat" Jinpeng lucky. ".


  Although the first female fire "Mage Chi soul" and so on have been behind the treasure, "the magic of the king bite" Shadow Magic particle effects now seems not too cool, but at the golden SF feelings addition, "There is no treasure SF Mo was the soul ".


  PA treasure although it has been for some time, but so far in the minds of many players is the "most cool treasure" top spot, setting itself ghostly assassin is reflected most vividly treasure.


  The new maps, heroes and icons skills, voice, standing position has changed hands holding weapons, action, unique task system, making the player with the completion of the task, every day Oracles will be recorded to kill the hero, into a rival list.If any player has a treasure "Warriors sly charm" and the emergence of rival Oracles, the Phantom Assassin will automatically get the contract, to kill a rival hero.Obligations secret deed, the color of weapons will change with the level of upgrade.


  There are also special effects model, especially the big move, the gift of free will produce the illusion of a blue particles behind the hitter, and then released into the atmosphere will disappear, bloodsoaked with special effects, will be slain in the Phantom Assassin leaving the "sly charm wonders" on the battlefield. Will leave a dagger to the ground after the PA finished killing the enemy, click on the dagger you can see the dead enemy heroes.


  Terror razor treasure ''hearts, magic angle "quite special, it can play Prismatic gems, gave quite a few players DIY space, from the reflection of the dark original, the crystal blue sky deep colors blue, green earth to forgive green, magnificent agate the base situation purple, gray Mann mint cream-colored breeches, dazzling luxury-gold system, as well as fluff walnut DOTA in such rare pink cherry color.


  Ice woman as a heroine to play the facade has always been a good male players and female players of the heart, also a wide variety of natural jewelry with endless good ice female treasure like the cloak of slots and a variety of excellent ice woman does not conflict with jewelry.Drop the cloak treasure a lot of snow, in addition to the new skin and special effects, as well as new, more ecstasy death effects, new heroes waiting posture, and animation base, the new head of the hero and skill icon.


  Of course, the most important thing is - modified the original model legs, DOTA has become the only, barefoot, and mankind big legs, toes with white snowflakes swirling.


  In addition to the 12 animation skills and raising his hand, the biggest change is the big move Freezing Field skill effects.


  Model glacial debris pups pups a scalable minimal light, to a small number of rows of the eye through two models to unlock.After the upgrade pups have different skin and some other new behavior,


  She will swim in the water when the ice to open a large female wolf will follow when called, and even includes the pups chat expressions.Whether players sister, female ice love the party, or holiday gifts, ice female treasure all on the choice.


  "Kenshin''s left" TI6 voted treasure champion Juggernaut, there are two models origin and heritage.


  You Nie If the mask is split in two, awakened the latent in the ancient souls.Who has lines, special effects, mainly concentrated in the head, blue and yellow particle effects tailing effects.At the same time, there will be a one-stop kept circling around, running, transmission, victory has a new motion, crit will be a fire after knife Long Effects.The most important is due to the treasure without weapons, and other weapons so the effects of Bladestorm perfect overlay effects.


  Close-up and run when the knight duel nose landing drawn swords (similar shadow magic immortal shadow arm) TP when, like most of the POSE.


  Bladestorm with rainbow colors, special effects Omnislash eight knife flashed ghost, a blue blur and Daoguang each other, triggering deadly crit, a gain of three kill kill appears custom effects, and other accessories utterly phase different highly recognizable.Slash invincible enemy will be a celebration after the Hero, will leave a concealed clan totem mark (and the PA, Zeus treasure similar) on the ground: a man Younie if this cut.


  This elf hero looks like a ball, without any decorative parts, booing the players, a ball in the end what can be a cool skin it?It each ballot will be "All in IO" (elf).

  Ti6 voted retaliatory large number of players voted "no handsome and just a ball," the elf, players on the results of the final showdown of discontent, "Juggernaut won a ball" became a terrier, Valve had to do a fairy treasure, TI issued a second year a small book class bonus.War3 come all the way from the elves have been just a ball of light, so simple how to make treasure quality special effects on tall?Valve''s come up with a "portal" design, prototype companion elf treasure box of love "portal" is, without a soul can not speak, but continued to help the players, the final level, the game requires players to Boss throw companion box into the furnace to destroy, or not to cross the border, the player can only be forced to do so.


  The new action, since the definition of the concept of skills sound effects, special effects death, elf big move natural fit "map transfer, friendship connection", the big trick effects, is the "portal" in orange and blue color door.Even sacrifice their own expense, with a companion box is somewhat similar, after the death of the sinking, with little red hearts will break anymore.


  Previous TI small book voted champion Juggernaut, Zeus is approachable and powerful representatives, and Ti7 champion butcher nobody can match this in terms of ugly, but because the hooking mechanism is widely favored, after the advent of slaughter butcher treasure Qianjie God, direct stirred the jewelry market, the dawn Murder unique style of ridicule in the eyes of the traditional players seem ugly, but players generally reply is: "cool," "handsome".

  7.00 This brand new version is called "New Travels", introduced new hero Monkey King is to replace the original monkeys, a hero of the most Chinese wind their skills jumping tree and gossip, retractable Ruyi Bang, monkey monkey Sun and 1970 two changes are the perfect interpretation of the creative and Chinese legends.

  The new model, special dubbing and a new motion, portrait, loading screen Needless to say, there are four styles Story treasure: the eternal legend, deep sea turbulence, not the old way, Dan furnace Story.With the big move different levels have different styles and effects.


  Just a corresponding style out Huaguoshan shuiliandong, the appearance of relatively simple;

  East China Sea underwater two models corresponding to the break, and having turned faint tone effect watermarks;

  Three styles to change it corresponding to the government, particle effects turned green and black ghost lines;

  Corresponding to four models Laojun furnace and Monkey King, full body and gold footer eyes become Monkey.


  "Primal jump" in addition to customize particle effects, the effects will be the details of that gossip varies with changes in style.


  When the moving speed reaches a certain value, the King will call the action of running somersault cloud signs.


  The final battle TI8 vote across the void and La Bike unfold, all the way to beat the big favorite Carl Magister had the last laugh, in the heat race day topics are high, a lot of players look deeply its massive special effects.


  La Bike treasure cloak "Magister key" can be said that in recent years the most vocal treasure.

  And elf "how to behave treasure" Different, La Bike because of the unique mechanism of stealing skills, to do more than 100 new effects have been seen as a player "for Valve is impossible treasure".


  However, La Bike treasure or give everyone a surprise: really be able to unlock [115] steal skills.In addition to the new complex skill, outside death action, running motion, sound and special effects skills to steal, steal unique skills to cast the action, when the spell steal, steal skills according to dynamic change the color of the cloak, stolen skill icons have a border effects.


  There will also be presenting a new signature color according to the original arcane caster.After using La Bike win the game, he will also learn how to add your own arcane signature into 115 different skills, style and advanced skills so that each system can reflect the unique talents of Mage.Advanced players have completed style custom ground effects.Every four victories will be able to get a very cool special effects, namely: Doom Doom (below the green circle will be changing), two-headed dragon flames flames (cube flame), confusion Rite Warlock (Summon burst out huge cube) green Hellfire, tidal destruction (stacked cube destruction), the mystery of black holes, supernova Phoenix (will become a building block cube great Mage), under the arctic ice fields woman (heaven Cube rain), Ryan''s finger of death, Carl confusion meteorite (cube-shaped meteorite), the void of time enchantment (cool cosmic Aurora green)

  It is worth mentioning that La Bike bottle shoulder immortal treasures of the "mystery of Rubik''s Cube," the additional models may be presented with the same color treasure items Arcane Mage at large to steal skills, you can dynamically change color.


  Mavericks treasure "outer space meteor" is TI9 book 365 awards, this year is the most cool treasure.

  Compared to the previous model and the base renovation, called the calf turned upside down, courtesy of the Star of the Galaxy Rune replaced the rock elements, horns only half, the most important thing is stick from carrying climb back into a close war3 shoulder carry, chic wanton.

  As a natural treasure with a full set of new actions, portrait skill icons, hit a new echo effects, custom Slam kill the hero special effects, new special effects the whole body, an enhanced version of Scepter Enhancing Totems special effects, custom effects and custom flashing dagger dizziness effects


  Big move random effects constellation pattern.

  As a calf signs there is a unique combo count and damage calculation, very fighting style.Cast Slam get kill assists to reach 500 and will unlock additional styles Fiery descent.Treasure will kill assists record big move, even the big move 3 times, 3 big move even injury and other data.

  As a new generation of treasure, details are also quite good faith, has more than 500 dedicated voice, the voice part will be triggered according to the number of head, Scepter Enhancing Totems will say when flying out of the battlefield: greed, no, no waves.Hit the big move people would say: strike back home!Hit into a self-closing!Death will say: I just landslide in a stone .

  Finally, of course, the finale of this fat or fat blue freshly baked treasure.

  Blue fat is Valve''s darling, since AR (virtual enhancement) technology to TI since the arena, blue collar palm fat has become an annual tradition, a familiar dance, live all along the Blue fat funny gestures and drums rhythmic clapping, voices boiling.

  This is a top to bottom to pioneer TI can find fun hero, "real Carry" - represents the blue intelligence, strong arm, Pa line, mallet blow across the head, two heads are not watered points, double times of wisdom; the big move linkage four skills, unexploded explosive burst!


  TI9 treasure final vote, with the on-screen "multi-cast" up to four times magnification, blue fat leading popular seven million votes won the first prize.Just treasure vote before a formal appearance, LGD elected at the VG against the blue fat III position to bear the responsibility, which is to lead the audience all the way to the economy, there is a critical moment 4X cast directly kill each other 1 , the operation No. 2, blue fat full field point rhythm - opportune.

  - "We are okay."

  --"of course!"


  "Jinpeng lucky" in the party and the love of many fans looking forward to playing terrier, long-awaited, as a natural treasure have a new package of character models, custom actions, the whole body effects, the new portrait, in addition to the new Vertigo special effects, continuous casting multiple counts, more than three sentences new treasure exclusive voice lines.


  Of course, the most eye-catching Jinpeng was still a horse, in addition to Meng Meng bird itself, blue fat treasure of five skill icons have become Jinpeng theme - flame burst bombing as bird spits out, the halo of the person''s head would appear Classic dizziness bird, ignited the flame stone was thrown chubby, special effects will reach the enemies of change.

  Golden hand icon even become Jinpeng birds'' claws, as well as an enhanced version of Golden effects, special effects into a piece of gold for gold unit was flying over points like his own, bang bang bang explosion camel feel the blessings from the goddess of fortune.


  After a landmark featured blue fat, big move consecutive multiple integral cast stones get 500 points, you can unlock the second style, blue and gold become fat.


  "Jinpeng lucky" to retain the traditional treasure of the past, as the head slot treasure, jewelry and other representatives of immortality, does not bode well for the character symbol roulette conflict, and La Bike Cube Mystery shoulder extra style and treasure Austria art synchronous dynamic color similar to roulette also augur well for an additional update styles, and treasure pointer style is more fit.


  Jinpeng also walked out of a nest egg out with a second turntable style scrambled eggs, a golden egg on the wheel rolling, sand sculpture pull over.


  DOTA first law corollary is: "a strong stereotyped hero, hero consistently happy."

  Today, the spokesman for Blue fat happy DOTA treasure "Jinpeng lucky," riding the birds come: two heads better than a head, and three heads even better!

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19-year wrap up, blue fat with your reviews Reviews DOTA 2 highlights treasure _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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19-year wrap up, blue fat with your reviews Reviews DOTA 2 highlights treasure _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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19-year wrap up, blue fat with your reviews Reviews DOTA 2 highlights treasure _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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