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[King] Ji drive into the legend of the Monkey King is a lie, is really only the head



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  A few days ago a good base Friends with King Ji complained, saying I do not advise you to play Monkey.

  Because monkeys are resistant to virtual!Sister became angry is really!His story is this:

  Has been heard before a terrier, is, "You go to the monkey group, the four of us steal tower."

  I thought to myself, monkey meat is so right, I''ll try to see if you can bar 1v1 win.But do not panic, let''s set a small goal, such as what is unparalleled in the world acquire a.At that time, I met a soul mate doomed Luna.She said: "My partner is a Heroes of Earth, I know that one day he will appear in the case of a highly anticipated, wearing shining armor Cloth, with 150 crit runes, foot Rainbow clouds to marry me."


  I thought to myself: yo man came also playing romance?Do not think you theatrical up I thought you were adorable sister!This routine I''ve been in a lot of times, the opposite must be a foot to pull Han!Kung fu cat with three legs on this stuff you want to escape the brother?

  I decided to accompany him to play:


  Like we were singing as you come to me, I have gained initial trust by Han Xipixiaolian.Yes, he lied to a say a blood.So I used the "Mei Nanji" Road to lure him go and wait for me.


  I went up to the middle is doing, so that you loaded to force!Han was the pseudo-sister''s face should look like this .



  Distressed big man, thought I would be so easily lured you do!Totally naive!


  However, enjoyable game did not last long, because the real strength of Han really play out .

  I was Liansha n times!Basically resurrected back was second, and so forth . I totally did not expect this routine ah!!!!


  In desperation I can only choose to surrender .


  The tragic story of the end of the dividing line ------- ------

  King Ji said: It can not rely on the anti-harm my monkey do?Are you okay too dishes!With good skill up is child abuse!Although the Master of Education us, do not Causing loss of lives, even if there is no soldier, stepped on the grass killing creeps is not good ah.However, as a Monkey, sure to be invincible ah!


  So, let this Ji teach you how to properly do a mighty monkey!As one of the best single hero, although has been weakened, but still have a good mass destruction!His skills are:

  Story divinity: Monkey other skill damage is not too good, but after the release of skills after another Pugong can cause high physical damage, but a storm hit, the damage is considerable.

  Seventy change: Monkey King this skill is mainly used to avoid enemy eyeliner, assault causing effect, when the pursuit of the enemy, after the stealth direct normal attack will cause very high physical damage.

  Fighting wars assault: This skill is onrush skills, skills in itself does not come with the ability to attack, but after using this skill to increase their anti-double, plus Pugong trigger passive, can also cause very high damage.

  Ruyi Jingu: There harm merger control skills, resulting in the release of enemy skills, physical damage, and disrupt the enemy''s ground, let them come alive, lying down to go.


  Recommended equipment:

  Liushen equipment: Endless War Edge, boots of resistance, lightning daggers, armor bow, Tears of Blood Blade, Sage asylum.(Force of the Trinity).

  Equip Analysis: Endless + lightning crit rate coupled with passive monkeys can cause more damage.Boots Resistance: speed increased, magic resistance, and reduce the time to be controlled.Sunder Bow increase physical attack, armor penetration, but also hurt Oh dozen tanks.Tears of Blood Blade 20% increase in blood-sucking, ensuring the endurance of Monkeys, no blood do not always have to go home.Sage asylum: resurrection after death to recover 60% of life, can continue to harvest the enemy.Finally, you can force into the shoes of Sam.

  Houge is a blast of output points, three stick monkey''s name is not for nothing, simply put, is crispy nightmare, Nakano saw the monkey saw a cat like a mouse.

  (Raiders finishing from the network)



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[King] Ji drive into the legend of the Monkey King is a lie, is really only the head

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[King] Ji drive into the legend of the Monkey King is a lie, is really only the head

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[King] Ji drive into the legend of the Monkey King is a lie, is really only the head

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