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[King] old driver of the four he has the most skin in what he wants?



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  The son of the Arena of Valor official

  Men''s skin has the most

  A Man Called bronze bureau rear nightmare

  It can also be hard to come out of the high frequency of man

  This has ♂ Pa gas lines man

  However, his real body is a woman .

  Subtext no front high-energy non-combat join in the fun after range please reply


  Heaven Xianglong: official set when I ask you to check out my gender, but really good people clank of iron man ah woman!Watch less TV series "dirty god hero" Even if the baby is not cute hot it is blue child ah worthy of its own technology over 10 cm tall and brother do?Even if you are my sister woman why bother difficult woman it!I do not ask you to heaven Xianglong into heaven Xiangfeng you the word Xiang went like this I see another playing field will have a bad feeling I''m not anti-wild oh!correct!As well as the way my worth I do not want to raise the point was said to be able to take home with 6 dollars a frivolous woman


  Hip-hop king: Yo Yo ~ ~ Today I tell you planning to challenge the plan with you ~ ~ skin that is not hip-hop dub fool does not change (X) ghosts beep - define what a rare opportunity - bit-part player to run errands every day ~ ~ I do not give a debut to in sleep next to you ~


  endure?Yan shadow: You say - I face design, but with reference to a word handsome flag wood Kakashi!You say - I ask the special effects, but the "City of Fantasy" is a word expensive special effects team!You said my posture is the most tease sister ~ ~ TMD then you''d let me show his face ah!Naruto 689 set in the TV version Kakashi are faceless! Do I have to mess with the King of glory out of the 689 heroes when you can pull the pin? Why Zhao someone''s home a handsome and domineering posture I can only give someone a good back there, he said, "City of Fantasy" special effects team it?!Do not insult people, "City of Fantasy" a really special effects team!People''s spicy eye shadow stick it on your last people left a "shadow Yan," the name to leave you with a "quick buy me" look and then let you watch high-definition mosaic eyes you really have carefully designed me!


  Deacon White: I had received the white deacon Zhao notice when I took my bedside Sebastian look back Jiao Chen told me that I should not go, but as a man - to the cause so I skimming under black deacon and our children came to pick Zhao Bath resolutely single aristocracy just beginning to see I was 5 when I''m limited s1 hate to see anyone who is not counseling that now I can not say I had gas Zhao


  Royal Admiral: I will say nothing of my own experience say there Tyrant rushed nobility 5 then you take me by courier in the past he has no intention to place the message rewarded handsomely when the Labor debut and he is like watching a whole. " dance Act Child "look embarrassed Yan said: oh also send the original skin ah ~ wow ~ Terrific Terrific! If I want to be able to re-hip-hop Zhao him dead sleep


  Future Era: Anjiu then tell you!They Baan such an ancient people get all future training TM is a bad idea that Sun Bin spade makes do by purchasing a high salary, but I will be I will be on the generation of the generation of a sudden one day I let them stay that It also withheld the wages alas!I was not happy by purchasing doing this for several years ye have not let go of it? Then I secretly bought a ticket to go back and see whoops I drop OMG!You say Zezheng?These bastard Jinwucangjiao ah!Type haircut is preparing to stitch up the side sprang a sister Li Bai Gan embarrassed ~ ~ this time I prepared the same as before hiding in the corner squatting smoke seen for himself five brothers are squatting on the lump that I want to cry is loud noise drops!Shopping Shopping with how I took it on the dog?I''m a little meat ah comparable Huang Zaitao

  In fact, I also look embarrassed Yan He was the winner of pesticides little meat is life on the road with impunity and in-laws than Mount

  The modern era is the best of times and the worst of the times in the reality of 6 dollars can not buy you lose money you can not buy fooled 6 6 dollars a night you can not buy cool 7 times

  But you can also buy Zhao!Sex is a custom hero!Spent the money to buy even popular hero also please do not abandon him

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[King] old driver of the four he has the most skin in what he wants?

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[King] old driver of the four he has the most skin in what he wants?

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[King] old driver of the four he has the most skin in what he wants?

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