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[King] Records seventh >>> Monkey: Magic planted Leader · (Pacific Magic papers)



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  Perhaps Apart from the game, you had this fascination and confusion . what exactly is the sun Terminator Yi backing?How Jixia college authorities created Luban?Behind the female emperor Wu Zetian generation and what kind of hidden secret?Here is the king [Records] part, with the most delicate sincere words, the king opened the mystery of the mainland, turn over the scroll, as you tell the story behind the hero.

  Story?Biography?The eight trigrams?Emotional entanglements?Is a hero or a coward?Just look at it and you''ll find out!


  >>>> Pacific Magic roll - Monkey King<<<<

  Learn the way, on foot!


  In this ancient continent, over the wisdom of leaders from the field of mystery brought their civilization here given initial native human mind and faith, and spread this age difference of hundreds era of knowledge and technology, making this piece rapidly developed whereby rich fertile land resources and the mainland split into numerous alliances and country.Because completely detached nature''s sake, inevitably, leaders used unconventional means, using the original source and the plastid, using the media to transform them into some kind of powerful force.It was born in Sri Lanka, rather than limited to Sri Lanka, it can be manipulated freely accessible to a range of powerful so that everyone can not imagine, even to some extent replaced the majority of energy.Because of this realization so prosperous, Continental was able to load in just a few years.This mysterious force, both people worship and full of awe, is called - Magic.

  With the existence of Magic, leaders on the one hand because of its control feel ecstatic, on the other hand, also try to use them to complete ideas and plans when the world can not be achieved, but was a bit surprised that, even without a exception had been successful.Interleaved power conversion, after a strange biological recombinant engineered - kind of magic, was born.

  It was artificially created by the magic without any kind of awareness and instinct for human enlightenment and driven, just like slaves.After a long transition, mainland civilization has been unprecedented prosperity, but have also gradually evolved species of magic, have their own consciousness, Magic power gives the body the original character and abilities were developed.While humans can better help kind of magic power to survive, but with the magic kind of self are no longer willing to submit to their drives, the corresponding part to make a revolt, however, is only part of it, and soon it It was suppressed.Although they have a mind, however, compared to the immense human cunning, intelligent civilizations is nothing more than a difference of thousands of miles.

  However, as the long night accidentally lit a bright star in ignorance and chaos, there is always a brave, awaken the puppet, eager to embrace freedom, and put into action.

  He and most of the same kinds of magic, no father and mother, I do not know come from, do not know aiming for.In a sense, the shackles of reality so that they can no will to govern their own actions, they exist from the moment, it is destined to be enslaved humanity for those.They can not figure out, and no energy to think about, because a lifetime, will not escape this fate.

  A few species of native blood magic combination of magic and human species, so they are regarded as the continuation of life, has a special meaning of their own existence.However, this combination were scorned by mankind, it is considered taboo and stigma, so once the slightest, would be cruel slaughter.Even the Magic suffered the humiliation of species, but also disdain these mestizo company, and view them as alien.The displaced families have both the mestizo, hiding in the cracks struggling to survive.

  However, he was extraordinarily envious of these so-called "hybrid" because they though life without homes, but can be hard to get rid of human control, they are spiritually "free".He is also to appreciate how much you want, what is a feeling of affection.He has been too lonely ah ..


  There is some strength in the body ready for it, all the time urging him, will not say a brain the idea into reality.He still hesitated, as if waiting for something.Also badly!Also badly!

  After all, is to have to wait for the results.Sunny day, and for all kinds of magic, it always covered with haze.They were exactly the same every day, enslaved, driven, humiliated, beaten, without exception, heavy labor so that they have almost no energy to feel pain.

  The purpose humanoid born three girls under the watchful eyes were brought to the punishment frame, the executioner''s knife has been worn shiny.She is the kind of magic combined with humanity, with his parents to escape for many years, but still can not escape the fate of a given.That one eye to the middle of the forehead, this should be bestowed upon her treasures, at this moment, it is a way for her to perish in the flames of a lead.

  "I beg you to let children!She did not do anything, why not let me back her bear?"Desperate mother wearing leg irons and handcuffs screaming loudly below, as if the people were torn in general, the sound of grief sky, crying themselves hoarse.

  In deathbed, the girl''s eyes still clarity, she knew that the next estimate will not have to bear the pain, but for the world she knew nothing about the dirty and ugly.Ignorant she only know that he is probably going to leave this world.But she did not know, why, why deprive yourself of the right to life?She still small, can not figure out, we have to bear all the sins.

  "Mother, I could not bear to you ." With the last sound trained, enjoin, executioner leash, spent the scaffold sin willfully blossoming, bright red everywhere.Brief and innocent girl''s life, this abrupt end.

  The girl''s mother heard the sky and Zhang Hao, head bared all split gave up the ghost and died.

  Kind of magic who witnessed the whole process, different expressions, will still go their own way, without any surprising move.Yes, they have been numb.No matter how compassion, what can change it?If they resist, this girl must be the same in general, Victors.

  And he could bear finally clenched his fists, repressed anger instantly gushing heart.He wants to fight!

  He picked up the iron bar to work with, and jumped a few feet high, straight jump Shangxing Taiwan, according to the head executioner is a blow, then darting out of the plasma, looked outcry, kind of magic they have stopped the hands of the action, hope to him.They do not know, make such acts of "otherness" is their new leader, is still the same as before, it will be the end of human.

  "kill him!"Inquiries came a large number of human beings who shouted toward the kind of magic they can not tolerate their slaves have an independent personality, but can not tolerate the kind of magic has always been docile stiff killing" master ".In their view, this is simply outrageous!

  Only reveal the bud, so it should be stifled yet?

  No, far from!


  (To be continued)


  Thank you read this issue, "King Records", the Monkey King''s story is not over Oh, look how he has an amazing feat it?Stay tuned for the next issue of it!

  In this part yet if you feel good, what trouble the following reply, your support is my greatest motivation!If you have any suggestions or pointing also be raised, my work may therefore also write more stick Oh!


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[King] Records seventh >>> Monkey: Magic planted Leader · (Pacific Magic papers)

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[King] Records seventh >>> Monkey: Magic planted Leader · (Pacific Magic papers)

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[King] Records seventh >>> Monkey: Magic planted Leader · (Pacific Magic papers)

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