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[King] Records: Brothers troubled times, two world brotherhood



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  Hi, everybody.I am the king of [Records] of small series - Saki Ya.Three of the most impressive brotherhood course, the number of Liu Guan Taoyuan worship, this life do not change.Reincarnation of man, let me see how three brothers adjourned to the edge of the pre-existence and common world .

  Ban blood beast - Zhang Yide

  King mainland wandering in the rain, unwilling to be enslaved demons kinds of crazy counterattack after awakening in the wisdom of trying to subvert human.Humans gradually produce a new career in magic kind of counterattack - the hunting magic, continue to erode the power of obsession species.

  Magic intermediate species can be awakened, there is a unique kind of magic, he is an organ of the division of kind of magic - Zhang Fei.

  "I do not think there is a sense of kind of magic is endless battle, there must be ways to make magic species coexist with humans," Zhang also believes such efforts to this end

  All kinds of visual magic of his enemies, the dark man can contend fear

  "Survival alone is the best state."

  Until one day, Zhang Fei with their own bodies passing through a village.I was suddenly stopped by a group of robbers path, when Zhang Fei legitimate rage, the village was surprised to find a group of people flapping in the wind came out, armed with simple tools, and the robbers confrontation

  Zhang blankly watching the scene, he was very clear that these are just ordinary farmers, not to rob these people walk all year round opponent.Positive thinking, academics if someone whispers "Are you still, so what in the ear?"


  Zhang Fei suddenly realized like laughing up, the farmer and the robbers looked around him unknown

  "Hero, is more than the average ** ** ah"

  Between laughter, but readily able to get a Zhangbashemao.Zhang did not think about, waving weapons will be robbers with a public battle over one another.

  But how can ordinary human beings is the top seed of magic opponents, they threw a few bodies quitting en masse little while

  After Zhang Fei want to get rid of the robbers returned to their owners, Stern pointed to the distant villagers around a lopsided figure, guam towel, and erratic.

  Zhang Fei looked at the distant figure, looked back at a self-proclaimed gray hair but Jingzhuang unusual old man "Yide Thanks grateful to help, to thank."

  Manmianhongguang old man, stroked his gray beard "brawny do not have to thank you, and so I did not have anything to do, I question this line brawny want to go ah?"

  Zhang looked at the old man''s face actually pan on dark red "Yide want to live here research institutes surgery, also requested the mayor to fulfill"

  Zhang Fei faint smile at the old man, "if the old man has not yet Laoyanhunhua Yide it should be a kind of magic?"

  Zhang Fei hearts of a sudden, nest in the hands of Zhangbashemao could not help but tightened, but release the "good old man said, Yide is a kind of magic."Zhang''s eyes widened bells like watching the old man," Yide may have been convinced that the human species possessed no different, there must be a way to let us live in harmony. "

  Old man and stroked his beard, laughed and said, "Yide Why so nervous, just ask the old man, so they stay Yide it."

  "It must be, I can and village they live in harmony, why other people can not do?"

  Since then, Zhang Fei will live here with their hard studying organ surgery, efforts to pay the kind of harmonious coexistence with humans can be magic

  Until one day, there are bandits passing through the village, robbery doubled.While awaiting the escape finally alerted Zhang Fei.Zhang Fei was furious to come forward

  "Some crime will not disappear, some things have to do it!"

  Zhang Fei will Zhangbashemao waving wind, independence war Qunfei, actually no way they strive


  But then, I do not know where they come in green Tahan, armed with machetes crotch BMW went so far as ten thousand do not block the trend rushing!Zhang Fei a reduced pupil, had spears wave of the hand, forced open the bandits, battled it in green Han

  But not the Zhang Fei to contain, with bandits who robbed money to want to run away.But I do not know where the man holding a huge double-barreled shotgun blocked the road.Although the man holding the weapon, but not like on the battlefield, is the leader of the bandits knife forced open, threatens to hack

  Zhang Fei, but I do not know why, my heart control can not live in anger and grief.The Green Han actually let go of attack, but also toward the vapid injured man was holding a shotgun, he was surprised to find the same side in green Han gave up his life for weapons toward the man

  Trio turned into rolling to hoist it really embarrassed, perhaps somewhere involved with three men, their hands on the arms of a man falling Tiexia above

  Cheng pulls back, like water between the three men walk through the heart.Things reincarnation, brotherhood remains unchanged

  "Brother, brother."

  "Brother, Third Brother"

  "Younger brother, third brother."

  [Articles] Zhao continued .


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[King] Records: Brothers troubled times, two world brotherhood

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