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[King] the Arena of Valor Canyon house demolition of the tower strong?



  King of glory students, in our daily war game to push the tower is one of the main theme, but in the diamond Dan, players for the degree of attention has been increasingly strong towers, towers of the role is not only to help us to resist the enemy , towers more important is to build a line of defense, as the number of destroyed towers, we Crispy (especially shooters, Master) scope of action also will be squeezed, and towers to closely follow the situation in relations, especially in the highlands tower, the king after all, is a game to push the tower, there are few heroes in the game has a huge advantage in terms of pushing the tower, you may wish to consider when choosing a hero, today we talk about this a few push the tower hero how their advantage to lead it toward war!

  Demolitions no solution - Mi Laidi

  Brief: S14 rookie season Master Mi Laidi, Mi Laidi is the first person of the king deserved demolition of the tower, at a later stage (5 God installed around) Mi Laidi can not rely on military lines directly across from demolitions towers, reason is that in S14 strengthen the season big move Mi Laidi can be released to the tower, with no pressure in the latter part of her servants mechanical demolition, equipment problems early because the big move of the demolition of the tower plus mechanical servants effect is not very clear, this advantage only in the late obviously, the advantages of Mi Laidi big move in the demolition of the tower keeper enemy when the enemy can Forced out of the tower, because the enemy can not simultaneously hold the latter three towers, of course, everything is waiting for meters Leddy able to hang on until late, at least in the early monkey, Han Xin of these assassins are favored GANK this control weakness, poor flexibility, the late hero!

  Play Highlights

  Mi Laidi ability of demolition of the tower is no solution, but she needs the opportunity to dismantle the tower, because it is very easy to be against Mi Laidi, a separate demolition of the tower will magnify this risk many times, so in daily war situation, we do not sword easy road , with the big team battles like the demolition of the tower auxiliary troops, both to ensure their own survival, they can also play a demolition of the tower advantages, but with such a large force demolition of the tower will lose a great advantage, the enemy''s output will very mechanical servants quick death, demolition of the tower progress will be much slower, of course, there are some situations that can make Mi Laidi separate demolition of the tower, but the need to meet the specific case, 1.All the heroes fight the enemy focus group 2.No such Lan Ling Wang hero 3.Ensure teammate can delay the enemy for some time, so we can try to ensure peace of mind as much as possible on the Mi Laidi demolitions


  Fine fire to simmer - Zhou Yu

  Analysis: In fact, the easiest strong in the demolition of the tower is probably overlooked the Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu two skills can also cause damage to the towers, although he did not Mi Laidi ** demolitions capability, but Zhou Yu Riding ah, Zhou Yu two skills can emerge into a film, he can use two skills form a line of defense, or stepping on the enemy fire pit bowls, or let the soldier and the fire pit tower torn down, compared with the demolition of the tower ** Mi Laidi speed, Zhou Yu''s demolition of the tower are many ways obvious Bimilaidi stable, whether it is from the perspective of their own survival, or the team battles, Zhou Yu fire pit both the aspects, both causing widespread damage, can also return to the blood, the demolition of the tower is not the same weak (strong post-up method, fire pit with a line of soldiers, towers DOT is visible), so both want to open the tower but also a certain degree of survival, Zhou Yu is a very good choice!


  Play ideas

  Zhou Yu demolition Tasi path should be from the beginning of the line appears as Zhou Yu Qing Master line speed second to none, it can quickly use two skills the soldiers under enemy lines down to the tower, this time we can use the fire pit stew the towers, but the effect is not obvious early damage with strong law will gradually clear up late is this line of thought, the blue-consumption and strong law both a liberation, the number of fire pits Zhou Yu will be more, want to clear the enemy soldiers would harass the enemy with fire pit, fire pit by the fire from spreading to allow remote output harass the enemy, the enemy assassin of course be careful, try to run over together with his teammates, this is not good assassin cut!

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[King] the Arena of Valor Canyon house demolition of the tower strong?

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[King] the Arena of Valor Canyon house demolition of the tower strong?

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[King] the Arena of Valor Canyon house demolition of the tower strong?

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