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[King] topic Arena of Valor, Who do you think the canyon is singled out Wang?





  ? Lead ?

  King of glory will always encounter a lot of deceptive teammates, he said a few words, began to play a solo about his son bureau, today gave you singled out the strongest hero, father and son bureau dedicated!



  ? text ?

  TOP5: Cao Cao


  Cao Cao as a fighter, a skill that comes with displacement of three sections, run play.Coupled with the slowing effect two skills, was caught basically not run, turned vampire effect after the big move, to bring their own life effect, no blood went playing field, do not go home down the basic audience.There have control meat output, especially team battles is to kill your party back output, mad onrush, very few people can stay!

  TOP: 4 Riboud


  This is the history of the Riboud extremely brave general in the Arena of Valor, the real damage triggered a panic-stricken people skills, especially the Zhang Fei is like playing a simple cut melon vegetable in general, especially the real damage can also be crit, after the core equipment of lightning dagger is encountered God kill God, kill the Buddha Yufo.

  TOP: 3 armor


  Wong singled armor is the official definition of the United States, armor passive skills he singled king is defined as the most important factor

  Armor skills will Pugong and two hits, dealing 50% additional damage, so the armor on the other heroes singled out completely false, blood effect is a skill for themselves adds more life, can be a big move itself increase the attack power, movement speed, damage parry.Especially the big move caused when opening or spell damage, armor can be regarded as a matter of law alike hero.

  TOP2: Mi month


  Mi months after redo directly into the popular hero, the king Bureau basically in a state of non-mandatory ban, comes with vampire effect, the skills of a long shift, coupled with the big move can not be checked, people do nothing.Coupled with the bite of the book, even if you are out of the decision of the blade teeth nightmare, she still come and go, beat away.Two skills can also reduce physical attack and method strong enemy, set on enemies that no one may in fact not been singled.

  TOP1: Luna


  Luna singled out Wang is still in doubt: unlimited skills even move, you can hit the enemy die happy, simply head harvester.Two shield skills, plus the big move of displacement, but also the viability of Leverage.Even the half-blood Luna, the other full of blood heroes are often met against killing.In a recent Champions Cup glory in 15 games is disabled, disabled rate reached a staggering 83.3%.



  ? Discussion Point ?

  Do you agree with the above ranking?

  Who are you singled out the king''s heart is?

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[King] topic Arena of Valor, Who do you think the canyon is singled out Wang?

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[King] topic Arena of Valor, Who do you think the canyon is singled out Wang?

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[King] topic Arena of Valor, Who do you think the canyon is singled out Wang?

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