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[Loss of] teaching singing hero Arena of Valor the demolition team T1 assist Tansu Lie



  Hello everyone!I sing is lost, the Raiders brought this figure is revised hero -

  Sulie.The man of few words, immediately start, how to play well, I''ll tell you now.


  Ⅰ.People direction


  Auxiliary Tan


  Backhand, high strength and controlled multi-frequency, high base damage

  ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ dividing line


  Survival strong:

  1.Self-control and multi-displacement comes with good skills.

  2.A high degree of durability under the passive presence of.

  3.Big move accelerated effects and cancel the return of a large number of cast CD let Sulie have very good mobility at the time of escape

  High damage:

  1.Sulie is one of the tanks in highly pre-hero singled out the ability

  2.Pugong a skill enhancement effect can be crit response, the wind can take half the meat course.

  Extremely heavy:

  1.Second, before shaking time three skills are very long, especially 2 skills, and shake before casting time requires a lot of practice to grasp the accuracy

  2.Easily limit poke soft control of the hero, let the moving speed of the loss of the role of Sulie in combat support and divergent extremely reduced.


  Teacher something to say

  General ideas:

  1.Team battles can not just get backhand, can play a positive not negative people.

  2.Think about how to consume online, do not easily passers Bureau of the tower.

  3.After four long down the road is not fried on stocking AD with the rhythm of playing field.

  Highland consumption routines:

  1.AD confirmed the presence of the auxiliary installation CD is completed, passive CD is completed, the soldiers line the tower across from 2 to open at the beginning of the big move, the top of the tower hurt unseated rival, cancel leave the big move.


  Observation towers blood, can be destroyed in the open group, then choose open group, go to the highlands flanking attract hatred, to ensure that we made the next 2 skills can put people against the wall.

  Even move the hands ideas 1 - A - 2 - A - A.

  Then consider other situations we may encounter

  - [opponents ignore Sulie]

  And other opponents in the front row close to each other highland towers, 2 skill rushed to the battlefield, the best place to hit opponents want to cut back a little bit attached to the back of a body, ensure that they can punch in the front row in the ranks to form a retreat trend.


  The retreat, back to leave, to ensure that they can bring up the rear for teammates.


  ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ dividing line

  Skill details

  1.3 lantern at passively respond to death while his teammates stepped on a certain percentage of blood himself and lights.

  Under Sulie open group the upper hand in one''s own soldiers have enough ability to protect themselves and rear of the case better, they have to sell their passive capital, absorb damage, provide an opportunity for the soldiers approach.(Players will be paid a single displacement hero pulled more hatred.)

  Hands even strokes: 2 - A - 1 - A - A - A.

  Be sure to keep the big move across the first wave control will definitely kick, but you whether it is your big move and then stand up and continue the anti-death fight or escape, or continue to pursue further, are relatively good to keep people skills.

  2.A skill able to return to life, reset Pugong, and has the effect of onrush.

  Take advantage of this in, we can choose equipment, ice marks a grip with the skills to use, maimed or even kill opponents.

  About 300 yards from the attack after Sulie a skill enhancement Pugong, in some bushes when anti-squatting people, even strokes can be used as follows

  Hands with strokes: A - 1--2 - A - A.

  Ice grip marks the deceleration time + average player''s reaction time can be canceled shake time before Sulie 2 skills, so he likes to put organic wall, and after two rounds of strengthening Pugong can play a skill just let Sulie a strengthening of the third level down.Play and control their outbreaks.

  3.Two and three-building skills collision passive skills can cause damage to buildings.

  Under the new generation of road demolition team representatives, although will have hurt, but I am here to give you a wake

  Never use the line time top tower 2 skills, but you can use 2 skills when given the strong kill the tower stun.

  All hit the tower means to play a skill-based tower.

  4.Cast the big move to cancel the anti-off 80% CD, and does not belong to the body of state hegemony, knock target of injury, damage sputtering target landing.

  Without belt cd, there is a large gap on the move limit 7s, and the veins of ice, there is a limit big move 6.3s neutral period, and the Bing Xin, there are 5 big move.6s neutral period.We have to force the group swashbuckling action.Passive and rely on their own, in the viability of a strong guarantee.Refer to the previous use.

  Hurt revenue and earnings in a small control group fights wild area in the big move will reflect very obvious, but their ability to escape death and their own position may be a case of lamps less than teammate stepped on, there is a disadvantage on the viability of.

  ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ dividing line


  Skills plus points

  A primary, vice Second, we have a bigger big

  ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ dividing line


  Red Rune - [curse]

  Blue Rune - [harmonic]

  Green Rune - [empty]

  PS: I''m here to talk about crit gains, Sulie 1 skill bonus is fixed to enjoy crit income, that is, you at every high crit damage than Pugong roughly 150-300 points, 5 300 point, click the late start of the base damage 300 points.

  He could not beat Crispy count Armor shoes and other protective equipment, to the resistance there at about 220 injuries, playing crispy term, crit inscriptions income is very good.






  And Equipment

  We still have to fight aid-based, biased in favor of aggressive play is not recommended attire, honest to supplement their flatness, and then observe the merits of the situation, choose attire

  - <+ Endless electric knife>

  Downwind, the own flatness enough, the lack of output, or a little to the opponents back row threatening situations.


  Opponents action, team battles in order to maintain C as the main core, and there is a good upgrade in the anti-squatting on the grass and the ability to keep people.


  When the opponent''s legal system output is too large for their own threat, used to supplement flatness and the ability to reply.

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Step 1.Free download, and then Install Launch the Data Recovery software and then select lost data cause, and click the "Next" button

[Loss of] teaching singing hero Arena of Valor the demolition team T1 assist Tansu Lie

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[Loss of] teaching singing hero Arena of Valor the demolition team T1 assist Tansu Lie

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[Loss of] teaching singing hero Arena of Valor the demolition team T1 assist Tansu Lie

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