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[Original] wooden Liu Bei Raiders analyze the new Arena of Valor



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  ?Xiaobian something to say

  Hello!Hello everyone, I am wooden, we have not forgotten me.!(I think I will not forget the) good, wooden not gossip, and into today''s theme.

  In fact, when you first look to see Liu Bei, wooden is not react, read the "Three Kingdoms" friends of friends all know, Liu Bei weapons in the three countries where the male and female swords, and in the "glory of the King" actually became both a visual sense of gunpowder business, there is no.Next, to tell you there are wooden play Liu Bei!

  Out to mix, the most important thing is the sense of obligation!

  ?Positioning hero

  ADC, playing field, output

  ?Skills introduced

  Passive skill

  Strengthen shotgun

  Handguns emission canisters, each hit enemy projectiles will hero Bei superimposed double antibody, for 6 seconds, layer 20 can overlay

  A skill

  Double shooting

  Bei increase movement speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds, and firing twice at the next shooting

  Two skills


  Liu Bei special launch projectiles with handguns, were hit by the slowdown and hurt, Liu Bei will recoil slightly back

  Big move

  Crazy Barrage

  Liu Bei filled with large quantities of ammunition, the number of each projectile fired up to 6, and an additional increase attack power

  ?Summoner skills recommended

  Playing field: Retribution

  On line: Ghost or violent spanking

  ?Recommended equipment

  (for reference only)


  Lightning Blade, endless Blade, Blade Tears of Blood, broken arms, black Tomahawk, resistance Boots

  Playing field:

  Lightning Blade, endless blade, Tears of Blood Blade, greedy bite, black boots Tomahawk, the resistance

  ?Play Introduction

  On-line play

  Liu Bei is a hero of eating development, pre-development has laid a good output explosions late.So early on during development to insignificant bowls line, you can also clear finish line of soldiers line is beat from their more recent creeps, this will allow faster development of Liu Bei up.

  Do not pre-World War II enemy occur when playing the middle, always prevent you came across the playing field.Also with their own side of the playing field to be gank Road.

  There lay the road with his teammates, then you can play a little arrogant, positive creeps.

  And wild play

  Liu Bei need to first playing field playing field knife, that is, [greedy bite].In order to grab time with teammates gank.(In the best time to catch his teammates hair tips, or some of his teammates do not look at the small map, I do not know you to help him catch) the use of two short-range displacement and skills through the wall, with a speed up to improve skills of wild brush speed.(Wooden back to give us some can be worn wall)

  And wild sequence recommendation:

  First brush red buff → then swipe Nakano red and blue buff → → then swipe the blue side Nakano.

  Playing group games are played

  The main pre-fight group by teammates, themselves behind the output, not reckless, not to the late Liu Bei has no ability to roll up the fight.

  Liu Bei development is good late it is simply a fighting machine, lit violent, opened the big move, use skills and two skills a fight against the enemy, given the explosion damage.If a separation of the enemy assassin to hit you, you can walk to hide the use of skills, and counseling is not dry, the greater the chance of counseling, then dead.

  Liu Bei late development is not very good, and the whole situation on this side is not very favorable, then do not give up easily, I do not think will lose heart.Can make his teammates Qing developmental keep house, own opposition wild brush area, earn economy, Liu Bei up, have the opportunity to take off.

  Escape plan

  When the enemy pressed hard in the back, you can use two skills through the wall (the wall will have to get through some of the guarantees, because Liu Bei two skills can not wear thick walls), and then use a skill accelerated to escape.

  If you can not wear around the wall, then do not use two skills, skills to escape this short displacement.Can fight one, use two skills to slow down the enemy, and then use a skill to attack, do not keep a big move, we have to SHOPPING.

  ?Be able to wear the wall







  (Limited upload pictures, some small places not issued to, sorry)


  Friends of patience Xiexie You can read here, wooden thank you very much; hope will play Liu Bei have read my Raiders in any good ideas can also leave a message at the bottom, wooden actively adopt good advice, good, wooden in and here we said goodbye, goodbye next Saturday!

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[Original] wooden Liu Bei Raiders analyze the new Arena of Valor

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[Original] wooden Liu Bei Raiders analyze the new Arena of Valor

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[Original] wooden Liu Bei Raiders analyze the new Arena of Valor

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