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[Osamu] army servants classroom ★ Mi Laidi



  [Hero] Mi Laidi is a remote positioning consuming Master, early consumption, use of post-army offensive hero.


  [Recommended] equipment



  [Introduction] skills

  ★ ★ passive

  Kill enemy units will have servants, there is a maximum of eight seconds servants, automatically attack the enemy, there is a maximum of five at the same time, when generate more than five, will detonate the earliest servants, explosion injuries, minions attack, life, moving speed with the strong increase in France.

  ?How to use the passive?

  The use of passive, kill enemy units (hero or soldier) to produce more servants, increased damage.

  ★ ★ Air Support a skill

  Missile launch in the specified direction, can be split, causing damage to the enemy before the split, the second injury enhancement, can slow down the enemy after the split, the damage is higher.Have some control effect.

  ★ ★ invasion forced two skills

  Call at the specified location servants, storing up to three, there are eight seconds

  ★ ★ big move catastrophe magnetic field

  Mark and briefly stun target, causing damage over before the end, causing damage to nearby enemies explode the end, if you kill the marked target generate three servants.

  [Recommended] skills plus points

  A pre-primary two, the latter two a master, you have a bigger big.

  A skill has good spells, excessive pre, post-army as the main output.

  [Show] skill effect

  [Size = 30.3333px] Mi Laidi showcase the skills

  [Summoner skills]

  Recommended flash

  [Recommended] inscriptions

  Reincarnation, sacrifice, nightmares


  Attention control skills a split position, at the same time try to make the two aircraft hit the enemy, causing slowdown, higher injury.

  At the same time with the servants, aircraft, large strokes can play high damage.

  [Fight] Tips

  Try to avoid triggering a passive Mi Laidi in team fights

  [Thinking] team battles

  Mi Laidi triggered by passive line soldiers, his teammates try to beat around the Mi Laidi

  [Hero] is restrained

  Mulan, Guan Yu and other heroes

  [Eggs] credits

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[Osamu] army servants classroom ★ Mi Laidi

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[Osamu] army servants classroom ★ Mi Laidi

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[Osamu] army servants classroom ★ Mi Laidi

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