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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Changshan Zhao Zilong



  [Positioning] hero Zhao playing field, strong sudden ability, has a displacement of skills, the ability to support strong!!!

  [Introduction] skills


  Simply put, the less life, the lower the damage.


  ★ ★ Thunder Dragon

  It has a certain onrush capacity to ensure Zhao mobility and strong output capability, the late Zhao''s ability to kill and escape ability is very good, so that a good use of the skills is very important!!!


  ★ ★ broken cloud dragon

  Considerable damage, attack the enemy as well as blood results back, play a role in life


  ★ ★ Dragon Tianxiang

  This is Zhao''s core skills, post-cooling time is very short, team battles a wave of energy release many times the big move against the rear useful, remember to carefully release the big move, oh.

  [Recommended] skills plus points

  The main one two, we have a bigger big.

  [Recommended] inscriptions

  Hunting, Hawkeye, mutation

  Main push attack speed, physical attack, physical penetration

  [Recommended] equipment


  Pre-buy a small playing field knife, make up a large playing field mid knife, tomahawk out before the shadow group to avoid war, and before that, Zhao has not been output, not strong.For starters, it is recommended not to break out of the military, the unknown signs, after breaking the military with proficiency in the.

  [Tips] on line

  First of all let yourself quickly rose to four, four former do not arrest people, after four teammates can arrest people, and then continue to develop until after the shadow Tomahawk out with his teammates to play team battles.

  Note that in the latter group fights do not easily zoom trick, if you can be seconds off the back, otherwise try to take advantage of the big move to protect our output.

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Changshan Zhao Zilong

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Changshan Zhao Zilong

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Changshan Zhao Zilong

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