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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor death rock ★ Gao Jianli



  [Hero] positioning as a mage, groups can be hurt, the operation is relatively simple!!!

  [Recommended attire]


  According to a preliminary squad of enemy resistance shoes or cloth shoes, then a mask of pain, and then a little of vampire books, make up a large vampire book to be out after month-hui, according to the enemy''s line-up could be considered teething nightmare, meat more wear-out, and finally make a hat or resurrection armor

  [Recommended] inscriptions

  Hunting blue, red eye, wearing a green law

  [Development] skills

  Keep clear line before two towers, cleared her after the two support lines can go on the road, or under way to arrest people, if his teammates do not need to take the red can be red, you can also take a blue, blue Gao Jianli is very needed, there is no in Gao Jianli when the big move on basic not hard, grasping time machine zoom, spike the enemy crispy Master or auxiliary, which beat brittle which can also be assassins attack the enemy with the main output.

  After the mid-term (about 12) to pay attention to dominate, to avoid dominate stolen.

  [Introduction] skills

  After Gao Jianli very passive, as well as a large move (may be exempt from certain injuries) as big trick plus 12 skills can think about being out of the battlefield, after the good with the skills to use the skills to enter the battlefield in harvest

  [Hero] is restrained high outbreak assassin, from Kung, monkeys, avoid clearance catch enough

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor death rock ★ Gao Jianli

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor death rock ★ Gao Jianli

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor death rock ★ Gao Jianli

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