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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Love and Peace ★ Sulie



  [Positioning] hero

  This season Sulie very strong, open the group are strong, well-controlled group!!!


  [Introduction] skills


  ★ ★ passive

  A passive effect has resurrected makes this passive very rare, rapid resurrection lantern, can also increase blood teammates, this passive really good, later resurrection will be full of blood resurrection, strong!!!


  The third attack skills are important, have the effect of control, can be released when the enemy release skills, play a role in control.


  Can cause damage to buildings, but also to break the enemy release skills, the damage will be more wall!!!


  Big move is a vital skill Sulie control group, once came to more than one person, you can open the group, and can usually be flashed open big move, be sure to identify the timing can zoom trick

  [Recommended] equipment


  Sulie attire recommended: playing field, IAS playing field knife, end of the world, you can add IAS shoes or shoes can be cooled, companion meat, singled out strong, ice marks can get a good skill convergence, witch , unknown in doing it on a very strong.

  As a control group, the shadow well Tomahawk.

  [Development] skills

  Four former keeper, 12 skills, clear line, a first ready skills, two skills advance rapidly tower bowls, with his teammates after the four arrested people, do things late, lay with his teammates battle group, once the big move several of play, basically team battles win strategy!!!

  [Recommended] inscriptions

  Hunting, Hawkeye, fate, singled out for attack speed increase, fight broke out.

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Love and Peace ★ Sulie

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Love and Peace ★ Sulie

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[Osamu] classroom Arena of Valor Love and Peace ★ Sulie

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