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[Osamu] mobile classroom resurrection armor ★ Taiyizhenren



  [Hero] Taiyizhenren positioning as a big move can resurrect the hero, and the control effect skills, he laid the foundation is a good aid.


  [Recommended] equipment



  [Introduction] skills

  ★ ★ passive

  Within a certain range nearby creeps or if the soldier has been killed, his teammates and you receive an additional 35% gold

  ?Auxiliary playing field is a good choice?

  ★ ★ a skill accident

  Use skills, start refining immortality, for up to five seconds, automatically explode after five years, the disease dizziness, and move quicker when not burst, bombed hero is cooling down.

  ★ ★ two third hand skills

  Out third hand, and to the enemy side, causing damage and stun.

  ★ ★ big move greatly changed the living

  Before dying release, can be resurrected after death and then killed, and cause damage and slow the enemy.

  [Recommended] skills plus points

  The main one two, we have a bigger big.

  [Show] skill effect

  [Size = 30.3333px] showcase the skills Taiyizhenren

  [Summoner skills]

  Recommended flash

  [Recommended] inscriptions

  Nightmare, reconcile, sacrifice


  And his teammates, protecting teammates output.

  [Fight] Tips

  ① attention to avoid Taiyizhenren two skills, so as not to be controlled

  ② Note resurrection effect of Taiyizhenren

  [Thinking] team battles

  Teammates needed, the upper hand which controls output bit kill enemies, the assassin to when, to protect his teammates.

  [Eggs] credits

  Five spiritual battle group have skin on line

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[Osamu] mobile classroom resurrection armor ★ Taiyizhenren

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[Osamu] mobile classroom resurrection armor ★ Taiyizhenren

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[Osamu] mobile classroom resurrection armor ★ Taiyizhenren

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