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[Osamu] routine routine duo (a)



  Osamu every day from now on I will introduce some of the Arena of Valor routine

  Today, we will introduce for the routine:

  ★ ★ professional duo

  ① Cai Wenji large flow of milk and the milk flow Que

  Cai Wenji back to the blood, strengthen back to the blood Que, plus Que poison, I believe that most people are unable to kill two of them now, little more than bullying unless it can!!!In particular, to the late, more and more pain Que poison.Que will be more powerful!!!


  ② Huang Zhongqiang split stream flow and sticking Wang Zhaojun

  Slowly development is not pre-fight group, after the mid-drag, Huang Zhong force regiment, Wang Zhaojun keep the big move, close to Huang, Huang turn up forced demolition of the tower, estimated that even if there are opposite Riboud does not work, Wang Zhaojun, a large all frozen!!!This lineup is still hard to believe it was broken!!!


  ③ Sun Bin and Big Joe silence stream

  As the two auxiliary Sun Bin big move and a big Joe skills are presented with silencing effect, the timing of release of key skills, output can spike the back, spike crispy estimated output when the opposite is always silent, estimated to have the mentality fried it, then this board basically win!!!


  ④ Mo dizziness and Barry compliance stream flow end

  As a long-range attack hero, with more long-range output, Mo skills of a stun enemies live, Barry compliance and then shot to the head, and instantly disappeared in the crowd, you do not say terrible!!!After hiding in the tower?Useless, nor in the spring!!!


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[Osamu] routine routine duo (a)

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[Osamu] routine routine duo (a)

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[Osamu] routine routine duo (a)

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