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[Players] Submission Arena of Valor Ma Chao Raiders resolve shift crash on high damage




  Today to the depth of analysis Hero: Ma Chao

  Chao is above T2 echelon fighter / assassin same appearance rate bleak, with only 5.30%, ban of 10.60% effect.


  The first is the skill

  Passive: the specter raid

  Ma Chao each release skills will increase movement speed, it can stack up to three times for 3 seconds.Ma Chao every 5 seconds Hui will get a cold gun (only cold Hui gun disappear from the map when entering the acquiring state).Ma Chao increments of time to pick up their own cold Hui gun moving speed and strengthen the next Pugong, causing additional physical damage (additional damage based on the current shift-speed computing).Will restore their health when hit enemy and reduces cooldown.1 point for each additional shift speed increased by 1.2 ~ 5.5:00 base damage (with the hero level growth) hit the enemy will recover 5% of their maximum life plus 30 hit points reduce all cooldown 1 second.


  A skills: desolate Blade

  Ma Chao toward the specified direction Hui throwing a cold gun, damage (speed is calculated based on the current shift additional damage) to touch the enemy.And inserted into position behind the enemy.If the attack directly targets defeat, will continue to fly a fixed distance, and cause more damage subsequent target (based on the current shift speed is calculated extra damage) after the end of the flight to stay on the ground.Hui gun cold ground for up to 10 seconds.When Ma Chao Hui close the cold gun when the gun will pick up cold Hui


  Two skills: Sunset lone gun

  Ma Chao summon a specified location javelin attack, causing physical damage and slow effect on the scope of the enemy; javelin on the ground will continue for some time; when Ma Chao when approaching the javelin, javelin will pick up


  Three skills: Wan edge return sheath

  Ma Chao Hui cold call gun flew back to his side, every time a call is released from the Chao Hui gun recent cold, cold Hui gun during flight, enemies on the path will result in 240 (+ 60% physical bonus) physical damage (based on the current moving speed computing additional damage) and the accompanying targets have been damaged additional damage the value of life.The whole process of the call for 10 seconds (up to 4 times a call can).After Ma Chao Hui gun to catch cold, get strengthening effect next Pugong cause high physical damage, and return the value of life itself


  Ma Chao is a hero extremely difficult to get started, the current Mustang hit the wing and ultra-Ma Chao is very popular, although the pre-Ma Chao growth slow, difficult to shape, but in the late Ma Chao can have intermittent high-speed and high injury shift.

  First introduced is the inscription:


  Blue: 10 hidden

  Green: 10 Hawkeye

  Red: 10 mutation

  This inscription is the official recommended a set of inscriptions, we can set their own set of their favorite inscription, because a small series play Ma Chao inscriptions are official, so this inscription official recommendation should be very comprehensive, high damage high-speed shift.

  Next is a loaded train of thought:

  Ma Chao it out with a variety of appropriate own is the most important.

  The main core of black cut Guru.

  Of course, Ma Chao also be to your liking meat, can the unknown, Phoenix, unknown may be in pursuit of the enemy when you have temporary slowdown after the other hit you, Phoenix is back to the blood may be more passive.

  Next introduce some restraint Ma Chao hero: Chang E, Daji, Miyamoto, Pangu.

  Chang E: a skill can be controlled Ma Chao, Ma Chao is the most taboo and control, because you are a single passive, which means you harm reduction, and it is not good for the novice to play Ma Chao, you may be very nervous, so very restrained Ma Chao Chang-e

  Daji: the hero everyone is familiar with, everyone has, also played everyone, no brain, the latter is set up, all kinds of seconds, so that Ma Chao also fear that high outbreak hero.

  Miyamoto: That is super soldiers, ha ha ha, why Ma Chao afraid Miyamoto, Miyamoto has two advantages for Ma Chao, first, Miyamoto two small displacements with good skills, you can hide the hurt Ma Chao, second, Palace this big move has the effect of control, which is afraid of my control, it is worse Ma Chao.

  Pangea: Pangea Needless to say, it will play all know that Pangu Pangu always been on a level playing hurt nemesis of the hero, and Ma Chao core lies in the direction of a distance from your flat, so that Pangu could be Ma Chao predators.

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[Players] Submission Arena of Valor Ma Chao Raiders resolve shift crash on high damage

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[Players] Submission Arena of Valor Ma Chao Raiders resolve shift crash on high damage

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[Players] Submission Arena of Valor Ma Chao Raiders resolve shift crash on high damage

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