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[Research Institute] Haoyue Arena of Valor Legend of Chu and Han Liu Bang of double-sided monarch



  Wind from Yunfei Yang.

  Within Weijia Hai Come to the hometown.

  Come Andhra warriors guard the four.

  Yes, the new study is the hero of the current double-sided monarch Liu Haoyue Institute to give us as a big move has transferred the man, Liu Bang is a very worthy of our hero to get started on points, following the bright moon dean we started thinking of it on points.

  First of Liu Bang appropriate tactics: Four push a point

  A sub push the introduction to four: a strong team can select a full view of a transfer, or push belt transmission line capacity, in the late four push a line, pushing one another.If you keep the other four people four people, then spread over the past five basic Wynn play four, five defense if it is consumed, so that another person pushes the line, is such a fundamental meaning.

  The points must be known:

  ① general selection mono- or auxiliary position.Liu pre-need wretched withdraw troops line, to ensure their own well-developed.Since early in the absence of equipment, a shield skills are easily break the enemy.The need to observe the small map at any time after reaching the four, the enemy''s attention to the dynamic and timely support is gank enemy teammate.

  ② from passive we know Liu''s third Pugong be additional spell damage.HL equipped with anti-armor or cloak of Liu with a soldier skills to clean up the line faster than the average tank.But because Liu three skills, he may at any time be transferred to the next teammate aid.At a time when this man and his line will continue with the line, so consumption is not Liu''s specialty.A proposal is anti-ice veins with the equipment, because the beat can run, have a slowing effect best.

  ③ Liu Bang''s big move is a transfer, but he provides a very good shield, sometimes big trick is to not necessarily support group play, can also be supported in order to protect their teammates.

  ④ Liu Bang shield when the explosion is a very substantial harm, and is the biggest advantage of the early, if you want to fight a wave of rhythm, there must be a wave of early injuries.


  Tips play:

  Start anti-wild: Take-Road Master and Blue keep buf, then there is enough time to hit the road closing line.A teammate assassin opposite a blue tank squatting buf, at the same time with another assassin adc accept the first wave of soldiers line the road.A tower directly next road after the confluence of the Blue Assassin and anti-tank and four under the road turned down a tower.

  Take speed dragon: When two points Zhong Xiaolong appear normal distribution experience across the five will be three, four and our two heroes, you can directly open the rhythm Long.Tyrant will not play slow, plus blood shield, playing the dragon is essentially no injuries.

  Alone development: priority opponents are generally upgrade, then go in their developmental stage.Liu does not need to always keep up with his teammates, his own good grasp of the rhythm of development, rapid prototyping to ensure that equipment can.It is worth mentioning that Liu needs to move to the big key figure in order to ensure the victory of team battles.Liu because of its passive presence, level A growing injury is relatively high, arriving late is not to be underestimated.

  details make a difference:

  ① Liu Bang after using a skill will have an accelerated effect, in the pursuit of enemy heroes, open a skill that can increase the probability to catch up with the enemy.

  ② Liu before opening the big move, you can open a skill, so at the moment of landing, you can create an effective output enemy Hero and restrictions.

  ③ Liu big move has the effect of protecting his teammates, but also can protect themselves.When the opportunity themselves in trouble, do not give up the use of the big move to escape.


  Recommended equipment:


  Is to accommodate ice veins Liu passive plus deceleration, HL relatively speaking, the amount may not tanks, but the push for partial route is striking a good.The remaining equipment is carried out with a line of Liu Bang normal.

  Recommended inscription:


  Relative to the path of pure meat, I still partial output, because of his high base armor magic resistance than ordinary people, as long as we grasp the rhythm in the early damage, it is easy for the opposite explosion.

  Best restraint: Mi month, old man.

  Because Liu is a very strong push capability hero points, there are few opponents online, but encountered the two heroes are very helpless, belongs to beat is not good to run hero.Pay more attention.

  [History] small classroom

  Han emperor Liu Bang (the first 256 ~ before 195) founding emperor of the Western Han Dynasty.Word quarter.Qin Surabaya County Pei County (now Jiangsu Pei County) people.Posthumous high and the emperor.Liu was born farm, worked as early Ting Zhang, and his Huodataidu, non-productive.Qin died due to release Criminals hide Mans, in Dangshan.Emperor Qin Dynasty (before 209) in September, Liu Pei mob in response to Chen Sheng and Wu Guang Uprising, said Liu Bang, Xiang Liang defected soon.206 BC October arrived on tyrants.Qin Wangzi infants surrender, Qin demise.Liu Qin Kefa waste, and off elders pledge: "the killer dead, wounding and theft punished for a crime."So be welcomed by the people of.After Qin Xiang Yu defeated the main force, also led his troops through customs.

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[Research Institute] Haoyue Arena of Valor Legend of Chu and Han Liu Bang of double-sided monarch

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[Research Institute] Haoyue Arena of Valor Legend of Chu and Han Liu Bang of double-sided monarch

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[Research Institute] Haoyue Arena of Valor Legend of Chu and Han Liu Bang of double-sided monarch

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