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[Resolved] Athena depth analysis skills and play Detailed




  Athena positioning soldiers and tanks, so choose half-half output of meat, such as Athena will be more reasonable, not only can absorb some damage, but also can play enough output, and blessing himself with a shield in terms of attire, Athena like this are hard to kill.

  Out the attire: dress out choose onyx or cloth, to improve their survival rate, the same as the synthesis of the mid-HL cloak in preparation.

  Mid attire: GM mid-first synthetic tank fitted - HL cloak, attributes the growth of this piece of equipment is very good, burning effect may indirectly increase the output of Athena, and has made ninja footwear shoes, because Athena itself is immune control, doing ninja footwear earnings will be higher.

  Late attire: the latter can be the first to catch some pieces of equipment to attack, so to make armor bow, with her second three-ring effect skills, can play decent damage, and then make the revitalization of the armor, reducing their CD as well as to improve their viability, select the last two pieces of equipment, to be chosen according to one''s own team and the other team, if one''s own lack of front row, then Athena would abandon the attack mounted directly select two meat containers, used to make the team front row, and if one''s own front enough meat like: Dian Wei, Bai Qi, Liu Bang kind of hero, you can choose to do one output device - the power of Trinity, a meat dress - heavy Bazhe dress.

  Recommended inscription: inscriptions Athena aspect recommend to go half soldiers half a tank line.Red inscription select fate improve their health and armor, runes choose empty green to improve their output and reduce their own CD, select blue inscription occult improve their moving speed and attack power, this set of inscriptions Athena It provides health, cooling down, moving speed and attack speed, so when using very Athena more to get started.

  Team battles Tips: Athena had two ideas in team battles, first as Athena teams open group hand, choose to do more meat equipment, relying on their own skills to direct two face suddenly open group in terms of equipment, then turn big move to absorb a portion of the damage (shield generally will be broken) with a skill to control it, and then as a team battles stir feces stick, constantly sticking others; while the other does, it is as a Athena " Assassin, "which is derived from the percentage of damage fragile health onrush of Athena and two skills, Athena half half meat output is back chasing play, so Athena pay more attention to team battles the enemy''s rear, rather than to open group, Athena, as long as the output bit off the enemy, so that they can not be in a position output in the large group fights on the line, this role will be higher than Athena the former, but the operational requirements will be higher, requires players to accurately grasp the skills of Athena and cut into the grasp of timing, so before is not completely familiar with Athena, Athena or as recommended by a group open hand.

  Practical ideas:


  Athena is the need for a sound economic development of the hero, so Athena is best to do single line, it is best to eat in the early experience with the economy like Athena, not very concerned about catching people, a skill Athena the distance is relatively short, so Athena was by himself in the early development, early to rise to four, then he can be with his teammates to fight small groups, by virtue of its big move shield can stand in the battle group does not fall, but in the medium term, pushing into the rhythm of the general trend will be presented, which may also play a greater advantage Athena team battles, to follow one''s own Baotuan go to achieve the audience snowball; in the latter, as Athena is an open group people used to absorb damage and control each other, Athena is from a later period control each other, nausea and other side effects.

  Tip: Athena is the second main output skills skills, so be sure to release Athena two good skills, first open two skills, but do not worry sprint past, but wait about three seconds in the sprint the past, this time two skills cooling time has been reduced by three seconds, then pick out of two in the skills required to reduce two seconds two skills using a CD skills to hit the enemy, so that you can quickly hit three-ring, and instantly play high damage.

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[Resolved] Athena depth analysis skills and play Detailed

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[Resolved] Athena depth analysis skills and play Detailed

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[Resolved] Athena depth analysis skills and play Detailed

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