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[Routine] Collection Arena of Valor ① demolition brigade



  Hello everyone, I''m Haoyue friends, today we bring some of the routines lineup.

  moba type of game, after all, is a game to push the tower, the tower will be putting out win.Today we bring a few bright moon quickly push the tower of Heroes.

  Lift the demolition of the tower, Arena of Valor in your first thought is that the hero, loud tell me!!!

  Yes, Liu Shan.

  In the early days, if you want to quickly push the tower and put pressure on the enemy, only by bolus pre tower shooter, with their assistance, then emptied Nakano enemy, reducing the enemy''s economy, and then by tyrants to dominate into the storm.

  The basic combination is carried out with around Liu Shan.


  The first choice for a hero Li Yuanfang!

  Li Yuanfang passive know everything, hit hurt not say, the key to push the tower is also fast.This is more uncomfortable, and interference with Liu Shan, Li Yuanfang in the future to get the red, the more direct the tower strong kill, if the opposite is not flashed on a single hero, it is to be dead!

  Ideally this: the second wave of soldiers did not meet the time-membered aromatic quickly push the tower before the tower, and then, when about to meet the soldiers, has been unable to consume the blood of his own party soldiers.Then soldiers line into the tower, the hero Liu Chan directly.Then when the tower attack, interference, Yuan Fang should bring flash, there are two skills, with red deceleration, a skill can burst, the dead should not be a problem!Liu Shan soldiers and then the third wave off the line, soldiers rely on their own side of the line, a complete attack on the tower!Then go to the middle, to expand the road harassment!

  The second hero Luban!

  Luban strong striker is strong in rapid clearing of soldiers line, which is the other shooters can not be compared.His ability to push the tower is strong in passive fire machine guns.

  Li Yuanfang and the like, but also with Liu Chan, get broken after the second wave of a red direct line of soldiers!Then attack.But a little different, Luban does not move, he did the opposite is not going to kill the hero, but keep enemy heroes by playing passive, passive skills, then 1,2.Tower of attack!Then same as above.



  Recommended it followed: the late push a strong tower.



  Monkeys and Missy are generally high post-injury bizarre hero!Basically all of a sudden the latter half of the tower, there is no blood!Monkey routine part of forty-one points steal the tower lineup push, when Missy was not out at the enemy tower, then use a skill eldest onrush of blood consumed across the tower, usually a master of a two eldest skills They can break the tower.Of course, aid should be able to have a strong ability to protect.For example Guiguzi, when the enemy to attack, the use of a large move quickly to help the eldest flee!

  And also a combination of: Huang Xiang Yu and!


  The hero is the late Huang rack fort!However, in order to prevent the assassin across the onrush, the general choice of Xiang Yu pushed away!Usually rack fort.Then the protection of one''s own hero he can not play the hero, push the tower directly!There was no brain.Huang recommended an ominous (witch), you may have a stronger output

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[Routine] Collection Arena of Valor ① demolition brigade

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[Routine] Collection Arena of Valor ① demolition brigade

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[Routine] Collection Arena of Valor ① demolition brigade

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