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[Sympathy] on the ceremony dedicated to the aid of a supplementary basic training



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  On a secondary self-cultivation

  "King of glory" in


  All kinds of styles, different heroes then have different positioning,

  The auxiliary as an integral part of the team to the entire team is crucial.If you have a dream

  The aid can only rely on a mixture of lying to win on points, then what''s the difference and salted fish?In most Meng new eyes, to assist

  Gesha output of meat or no control, always gives a feeling of doing nothing; but in the high-end office in a

  Good secondary income brought absolutely no less than a good line and wild, will actually play a game auxiliary

  Down and not much easier than output.Like Sun Bin, white from such a group in turn can flip open sente auxiliary protection

  Often a skill will be able to reverse the situation, and for them, the team gain type of equipment is especially heavy

  To, Winter''s Bone and a legion glory is its choice, cost-effective and defense corps property with the level does not

  Continuously improve the passive icy heart of the warrior class hero of Assassin and particularly restraint, provided additional cooling down

  These skills by simply eating a hero of conscience.


  Assisted by definition, auxiliary output bits and development, to help the team win the existence of.A full-time secondary

  We can help the team get many advantages in different aspects.We know there are many types of assistance, not play

  Do the same, so the two sides lineup select the appropriate assistance is based on the first step towards success!The team may lack Master

  Sun Bin select and Bian, the team can select white from the lack of front Liu, lack of control from the white to the secondary and Mo

  Help; of course, can also be some special line-up against an opponent down when the enemy group control skills for a long time, or choose Zhuang

  Sun Bin who will make opponents miserable.The so-called "right" - Auxiliary Road!


  Summoner skills, there are many, and it really suitable for secondary treatment only Kankan, dizziness, flashed.take

  Recently debut increasing popularity of white up to say, many people will choose to use to collect beheaded on Summoner skills choice

  Cutting head, not knowing as a short hand flashed a hard group to control how much his help was.Unlike the Master and exit

  Hand selected to escape, since white is the choice to be close to the enemy, because the original short hand and the lack of displacement is difficult to close

  The enemy rear, in the flash help all this will become very easy; it is worth mentioning that a lot of time to flash people

  Hook or open a large group of people with diethyl skills may play a role not only absorb damage, break bootstrap class skills

  Is it a big surprise!


  When the game slowly began to highlight the importance of aid, on the start, in the playing field or start playing shooter Red Buff

  To advance to the river exploration vision, prevent over to grab the enemy and wild red.After a single security on the red finish line in accordance with the enemy

  To push the line of soldiers upgrade two habits (in the game, one-way road that is under the enemy on our side), get with the hero of red buff

  The success rate is very high kill them, get a blood.Of course, in co-ordination which it requires a good understanding, here

  We recommend open game voice dialogue, which comparable keep typing and signaling stronger and more.


  When on-line, as far as possible the opportunity to give up the soldier shooter; more attention to see a small map, probably infer what the other wild

  Place, and the most likely place, with particular attention to the movements of the dragons, from time to time to look at the interface onto the dragons

  Whether someone is stealing the Dragon.Once teammates in danger, they will not lose himself in the way of the towers of the situation immediately and Double

  Road ran a combination of support, bear damage when fighting for teammates multi-purpose protection skills, control skills aside as much as possible, in shooting

  The way teachers and other output bit of a control for the time being can make them perfect escape.Assisted in many cases can be strong

  Line "sell" themselves, such as team-mate in the grass ambush pretend to make soldiers out, instantly can cause to play little more than the situation; the tower

  For his teammates when the next storm to maximize the anti-harm towers, calculate their own blood, the withdrawal of defense in bad time

  Towers attack range to create a good environment for the teammates output.

  The group fights to pinpoint their own position according to their own location, or choose to protect his teammates limit according to the field situation

  System enemy.Handle the Sun Bin, the shield open and then thrown into the crowd a big move after the manipulation start enemy battle group Silent

  The enemy can not use skills, it also means then use a skill hit rate will be greatly enhanced, then we can continue to add

  Shields and stun enemies.However, in some cases, the big move can not be easily thrown away, such as the enemy''s front and rear far away

  Or when very scattered, an imperfect big move is often a battle group under the fuse, I am afraid that the enemy will not easily let go of this

  Chance of.In addition, in some narrow field area, Sun Bin can use the big move forced road closures, the enemy was forced to split into two sets,

  Then one by one break.


  In short, a qualified first aid assistance have a heart, do not try to steal the head, do not try to steal the economy, with the efforts of the group

  The team behind teammate cast for the state, for the enemy to cast a negative state of skills, play groups cover of his teammates first withdrawal, these are a good

  Auxiliary to do.Of course, sometimes you may have as a secondary road for the next fight because a little mistake in the opposite double play, or in case

  To the poor quality and level of his teammates feel very helpless, clearly has done everything but still powerless - please do not upset,

  This is because the process of the game, you click on the time of entry is tantamount to acceptance of all the rules of the game.So even reverse

  Wind, and be assured of his teammates, give them a little confidence, with faith in victory to fight it to the last minute!


  Easy to squeeze, easy auxiliary base faithful 且行且珍惜!

  If you have or what is a secondary, welcome to share your tears secondary road (or secondary skills)

  We will select three outstanding selfless assistance unknown 30 yuan prepaid card sent condolences to King

  As long as everyone contributes a little love, assisted there will be sunny (

   n (* ≧ ▽ ≦ *) n


  way of participation

  Direct reply to your story or auxiliary aid to fight their experience, but also open new topic Reply to address new posts


  Excellence Award: $ 30 prepaid card * 3

  Participation Award: Arena of Valor forum exclusive Medal of Honor * 30

  Award rules

  Reply from rich, sincere, humorous or creative


  Elect three

  Send 30 yuan prepaid card, reply in the form of unlimited.

  rule of activity

  1, the same can not open multiple ip participate trumpet.

  2, winners will be announced three working days after the event

  Incentive payment within 5 working days after the publication of the list of.

  3, an IP is only one winning places

  4, the final interpretation Nine travel all the glory of the King Group Forum.

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[Sympathy] on the ceremony dedicated to the aid of a supplementary basic training

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[Sympathy] on the ceremony dedicated to the aid of a supplementary basic training

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[Sympathy] on the ceremony dedicated to the aid of a supplementary basic training

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