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[Technology] posted glory of the King of offensive depth analysis equipment



  As the saying goes "a thousand miles begins with one step."."Thousand miles" is a game of crystal tear down the enemy, and "the first step" is the choice of equipment.Across the line-up for the flexibility to choose the right equipment rather than each game are out stereotyped better equipped to suppress opponents to win the race victory.

  This issue brings physical depth analysis equipment for everyone.

  A long article, but should be read carefully to help our small partners.

  1, eschatological (synthetic price: 2160)


  Analysis: The end of the world is a very comprehensive, cost is also very high equipment.Among them, 30% and 10% attack speed and run-down passive physical vampire can only be triggered by a normal attack, the output of the normal attack is very big upgrade.It should be noted that the percentage of physical damage that comes with run-down passive, with the goal of gradual decay of the value of life, so for an attack on ordinary shooter first thing out, to enhance the combat capability of the early.And dilapidated passive collateral damage can be armor reduction, so as the number of soldiers half the meat, after a preliminary one end of the world, it should be added at a later stage to enhance the output of a bow armor tanks.Recommended by the output of the shooter and Poor''s attack some of the soldiers first two.

  For the crowd: everything needs to be an ordinary attack as the main output means hero, such as the shooter, and a few by ordinary attacks soldier (tank), such as the old man, Cao Cao, pure meat tanks (such as Liu Bang) in the late if you want to add a output means member, the end of the world also suggested.

  For the crowd: the enemy tanks and some of the front half meat fighters.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: speed hit the gun, vampire sickle, thunder edge.

  Analysis: Synthesis smoother last days.One of the three small pieces are terrific damage increase, which is the first thing a shooter Pugong eschatological reasons.Speed hit the gun precision passive S10 had a season to strengthen and enhance the damage, and 25% attack speed bonus, so the first thing for a striker.8% sickle vampire physical vampire provide some early life, and finally the edge thunder.

  2, QiXie Blade (Price Synthesis: 1740)


  Analysis: Tears of Blood Blade is a more conventional equipment, providing 100 points of physical attacks and 25% of physical endurance vampire.One thing to note is the 25% of the physical vampire is not the only passive, meaning that in exceptional situations may be two Tears of Blood Blade of up to 50% of the physical vampire, it recommended the third or fourth piece out piece.

  For the crowd: the pure skill and output device itself and without a vampire attributes and output means depends assassin or warrior (Li Bai, Barry Yuen policy, Han Xin, Liu Bei, etc.) ordinary attacks, can be used in certain situations sanctions Blade Instead of Tears of Blood Blade.Skill itself is not suitable for life heroes out (Bodhidharma, Warrior Lan Ling, Ah Ke, etc.), they also do not recommend half a meat Warrior.

  For the crowd: this piece of equipment in order to provide life, not directed against any crowd.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: the vampire sickle, Storm Sword.

  Analysis: After a sickle vampire will have a certain life, the situation in the next upwind or inscriptions case with vampire attribute (wins and Crafts), you can directly do a vampire sickle, then do behind the output equipment , the core output after the completion of the loading of the blade do QiXie.

  3. Endless War Edge (synthetic price: 2140)


  Analysis: Endless War Edge is one of crit molding system of core equipment.It should be noted that the molding crit system requires two to three crit equipment support to molding (master of power, lightning daggers, Shadowblade, etc.), and the amount of damage after molding is very high, it is recommended as the first piece the second piece of equipment or an.

  For the crowd: go crit output stream pure shooter (Shangxiang, Genghis Khan, etc.) and the Assassin (Ah Ke, the Monkey King) is not recommended semi-meat soldiers and tanks to add this piece of equipment installed in the complementary output.

  For the crowd: too many enemy tanks in the front row, or generally high across Armor.Yuji example, the conventional apparatus is generally penetrating flow shadow ax + breaking the military and the like, the effect of a play assassin.And if the opposite front tank too, is likely to cause the latter set of skills could not move across the tank.This time we should take away crit stream instead of penetrating the flow path, and specifically how the equipment will be talked about in detail when I wrote the Raiders when Concubine.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority order: red glove can, iron swords, Storm Sword.

  Analysis: Synthesis of endless war relatively eschatological edge is not smooth, the highest price can only punch glove relatively speaking, for Shangxiang, Genghis Khan and other bare a punch can start glove, rather than the iron sword.

  4, master the power of (synthetic price: 2100)


  Analysis: Master of the force is another core equipment crit system is half the soldiers complement meat output of a piece of equipment, brought property is very comprehensive and provides 8% of the moving speed can effectively chase the enemy or escape.We recommend half a piece of meat fourth soldier.Recommended shooter, e.g. Shangxiang, the third member or the fourth member.

  For the crowd: crit pure output stream shooter (Shangxiang, Genghis Khan, etc.) and the Assassin (Ah Ke, the Monkey King, etc.) of core equipment, and everything after use skills can strengthen the normal attack hero (the Monkey King, armor, Zhao Yun, Shangxiang, etc.), recommend supplementary force master of half the meat in the middle of the soldiers complement an output equipment.

  For the crowd: pure power output crit system for the front row of enemy tanks, soldiers and assassins half meat supplement guru for the rear output.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: punch can glove / Zohar sword brilliant Sword / Charge glove, knife thunder.

  Analysis: go crit output stream of pure shooters and assassins and other recommended first-out punch glove can provide crit rate, crit allow faster molding system.And take half the meat line soldiers, since crit is not the core, should be first out of the shining sword, then it can be considered a master of force or grip the ice marks, and finally thunderous knife.

  5, lightning daggers (synthetic price: 1840)


  Analysis: Lightning dagger is a system of core equipment crit.Before lifting a passive version of the update in the arc of lightning damage, making this piece of equipment is more cost-effective than Shadowblade high for ordinary attack as the main hero of the output means.Generally take shooter crit attack rate of flow can be in the second, three out of this piece of equipment, pre-clear after a line has improved so much capacity.

  For the crowd: IAS crit flow shooter (Di Renjie, Hou Yi, etc.) is not recommended complement output when installed semi-meat soldiers, tanks and other out.

  For people: for small-scale team battles, because the arc damage in a small-scale team battles dagger lightning can hit multiple targets, resulting in high injury.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: the double-edged violent, fighting glove.

  6, breaking Tin (synthetic price: 2000)


  Analysis: Tin breaking this piece of equipment cost is not particularly high, magic defense and physical attack to get positive correlation.Generally speaking, unless the opposite team is three or more Master and drag big late very strong Master (Wu, Ying Zheng, etc.), the output device''s own pure shooter, assassins, soldiers and equipment have all been formed, it may be considered a.

  For the crowd: pure shooter output device, assassins, soldiers, etc., are not suitable for semi-meat soldiers, tanks out.Half meat soldiers and tanks out witch cloak more cost-effective.

  For the crowd: three methods and above lineup.

  7, Mito · Siming (synthetic price: 1760)


  Analysis: life-saving equipment, core equipment.General output bit late in the big six God can sell shoes fitted into Mito for life insurance, but also enhance the number of physical attacks and cooling down.By skills instead to kill the vampire warrior hero can be out in the mid third or fourth piece of equipment (Orange right Beijing, Yang Jian, etc.).

  For the crowd: archer, warrior heroes of some, even the Master, most of the time on later life insurance can be a hero.

  8, Shadowblade (Price Synthesis: 2070)


  Analysis: This piece of equipment in a cost-effective than the current version of lightning daggers, usually by ordinary attacks,

  Go crit attack speed streams can be a shooter after the late great molding equipment (Huang, Di Renjie, etc.), in general, not as good as lightning damage dagger, life insurance less able than pure sky, generally do not recommend that, as far as possible with the time of attack speed or crit IAS inscriptions and other equipment, the proposed fourth piece or pieces of the fifth

  For the crowd: a particular hero of core equipment (Huang), high attack speed bonus.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: the double-edged violent, dagger.

  9, Shadow Tomahawk (synthetic price: 2090)


  Analysis: Shadow Tomahawk is a very comprehensive, composite curve relatively smooth, cost is also very high equipment.Where cooling down is very important for a number of soldiers, assassins, soldiers will be some semi-meat out of the core equipment, cutting of Crispy have a strong lethal, crippled passive Crispy is also helpful for the chase.Compared with armor bow, this piece of equipment aimed at the enemy''s rear Crispy, crispy Sunder to Sunder significant than the bow, and Sunder on the front tank is not significant Sunder bow, on the recommendation assassin single soldiers and the first two, the striker fifth member.

  The crowd: a single soldier first half meat piece core output device, one of the core equipment pure output assassin, when there are many across the crackling, the shooter may be considered instead of armor ax bow with shadow on Crispy more threatening.

  For the crowd: the enemy archer, assassin, mage.

  Small pieces of priority: meteorite, Corona.

  Analysis: The first reason is that after the meteorite will have a certain amount of armor capability, you can do first the back of the equipment, and then after selecting a bow or armor Shadow Tomahawk (Tomahawk Crispy multi-shadow, tanks, soldiers and more Sunder bow).

  10, breaking the military (synthetic price: 2950)


  Analysis: breaking the military attack inside a single piece of equipment to attack the Arena of Valor as the maximum bonus of physical equipment, has both a huge threat to the enemy front or rear.Which composite curve is not smooth, the middle gap of about 1000 economy, it is generally suitable for a physical output device out last hero.If the former mid-1000 before it did not lead to a weak economy, but with a sudden strong after the 1000 economic phenomenon.Go for penetrating flow of Heroes (Li Bai, Lan Ling Wang, Yuji, etc.).Penetrating flow system compared to crit flow, the more independent, after each piece of equipment (Shadow ax, bow armor, breaking the military) the hero has greatly improved, and crit flow in all was formed after the finish, but crit flow system once formed (endless, master, electric knife (clean sky), etc.), the benefits are unmatched penetration flow.

  For the crowd: any pure output device can be a hero, half meat Warrior (Zhao, Lan Ling Wang, etc.) can also take a penetrating flow, passive income for a larger harvest Class Hero (A Ke).

  For the crowd: all enemy heroes.

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: recommendations can complement other equipment after two synthetic Sword storm, do a complete breaking the military.

  11, Sunder bow (synthetic price: 2100)


  Analysis: In the Shadow had talked about in Tomahawk, not repeat them here.Not recommended before the mid-term, because this time the opposite tank armor is not high enough, the damage may be calculated as a percentage of Sunder no good shadow Tomahawk, recommendations fifth piece or pieces of the sixth.

  For the crowd: shooter, some of the soldiers hit the front of the semi-meat, pure output assassin.

  For the crowd: the enemy front tank.

  12, sanctions Blade (synthetic price: 1800)


  Analysis: This piece of equipment is for the equipment, with the Tears of Blood vampire Blade in addition to the effect of substantially the same proportion.For the hero strong ability to reply attire.

  For the crowd: shooter skill or no net effect vampire assassin output.

  For the crowd: a strong reply hero (Yaojin, Bian Que, Diao Chan, Mi month, Yang Jian, Ukyo Tachibana, etc.)

  Small pieces of the same priority and Tears of the blade, is not repeated here.

  13, pure sky (synthetic price: 2230)

  Analysis: Marco Polo''s core equipment, but also take life-saving equipment of God crit attack speed flow shooter (Di Renjie, Hou Yi, etc.) out of this piece of equipment as the situation might be more of a headwind opposite assassin escaped fatal injuries in team battles to perform escape or kill instead.Where the attack speed and crit rate are fit to take shooter attributes crit attack speed flow, can be life-saving when used pure sky late in Mito cd state.

  For the crowd: All shooters except Concubine.

  For the crowd: Outbreak Assassin or Mage (Li Bai, Mai Shiranui, Warrior Lan Ling, etc.).

  Small synthetic sequence: No, the system in the last days of the speed of attack of the gun shooter to the system for the endless flow crit glove can punch out the shooter.

  14, daily bow (synthetic price: 2100)

  Analysis: The daily bow and pure sky there are similarities, and both enhance the precision passive once at the beginning of the season S10, suitable for some long hand, hit by normal attacks hurt the shooter out, see the location of others were hurt output.

  For the crowd: All shooters except Concubine.

  For the crowd: assassin or enemy soldiers or multiple segments displacement control, the situation itself is not the solution or displacement control skills (Genghis Khan, Luban VII, Hou Yi, etc.)

  Synthesis of small pieces of priority: no, the system in the last days of the speed of attack of the gun shooter to the system for the endless flow crit glove can punch out the shooter.

  Summary: physical attack is equipped with several system.

  1, the end of the world Sunder flow system (Common Representative: the old man, half meat Luban, Cao Cao, Hou Yi half meat, etc.)

  Common attire: resistant shoes → → unknown eschatological sign (anti-armor stab wound) → → witch cloak of armor Bow → A violent

  2, crit system master endless stream of (Common Representative: Shangxiang, Genghis Khan, Huang, etc.)

  Common attire :( force IAS Endless War Edge shoes → → → master of lightning dagger (Shadowblade,) → → Tears of Blood Blade armor bow)

  3, mixed system eschatology armor and crit flow (Common Representative: Marco Polo, Di Renjie, Hou Yi, Luban VII, etc.)

  Common attire :( IAS eschatological shoes → → → Endless Tears of Blood Blade Glaive → Lightning dagger (Shadowblade, pure sky) → Sunder bow)

  4, penetrating flow system (Common Representative: Lan Ling Wang, Na can Lulu, Yuji, etc.)

  Attire core (Shadow ax, bow armor, breaking the military) and some non-life heroes skills alternative Tears of Blood Blade, if want to increase the output power capability of the optional master.

  5, half of the soldiers of meat cut back half the meat system (Common Representative: Mulan, armor, Yang Jian, etc.)

  Common attire (Boots of resistance → → Shadow Tomahawk ominous sign (ice grip marks, the master of the force) → violent Armor (anti-armor stab wound) → → witch cloak Bazhe heavy (armor bow)).

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[Technology] posted glory of the King of offensive depth analysis equipment

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