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[Topic] Arena of Valor which singled powerful hero



  [Lead] Arena of Valor witness the strength of battle 1V1, satisfied to SOLO.So 1V1 singled out which hero more powerful it?Today, nine tour left cold ☆ recommended for everyone under the glory of the King singled hero.


  Tank: White, the Mo



  Since white is definitely a leader in the tank, although not the most thick skin, but the control is absolutely first class, once they are pulled under the tower, then a taunt, simply can not escape.

  Warrior: the old man, Cao Cao, Arthur, Monkey King


  The old man is definitely one of the best heads-up, the soldiers in harm Pugong be strong, coupled with dual anti-big move and attack speed, coupled with a displacement of skills, wanted to run are not run.

  Cao Cao big move to ensure the survival of output, blood banks often can be empty for a long time, and now almost every field can see Cao Cao.

  Monkey last updated pushed him to the forefront, super sudden increase anti-double, the tower can be Dunzou, versatile battlefield.

  Arthur super run play, empty blood beheaded, not afraid of blood back to the passive consumption.

  Assassin: Miyamoto Musashi


  Miyamoto Musashi coming singled experts, not only high Pugong damage, displacement effects are great, but you can hit run, another big move Miyamoto Musashi also with vertigo, a good assassin now we complete human shields, super control Unfortunately, improper human shields, and now the house explosion comprehensive home, resistant controllability can run and chase, but also output.

  Archer: Di Renjie


  Di Renjie despite being weakened, but still very hanging, flat A can kill human shields, not to mention people under A3 might even stun you, you wanted to run, but also weaken the guy next to weaken the chances of vertigo.

  [Discuss] see point above the powerful hero may not have liked the hero, and express their views on it, reply below and reply to the charm and experience players get reward

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[Topic] Arena of Valor which singled powerful hero

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[Topic] Arena of Valor which singled powerful hero

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[Topic] Arena of Valor which singled powerful hero

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