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[Topic] King Arena of Valor What time of day is best on points?





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  On flying long, out of the pit moment, it comes on points, each player has a tragic history, but most people will throw the pot pit teammates.In fact, the minute this thing, it is the opportunity to speak, you can pick a good time, you can do more with less, following Li Mu gave you analyze what time of day most easily on points.



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  Morning Recommendation: ★★ ☆☆☆

  Many people like to get up in the morning after a line and, not knowing that this time of the function of the human body has not been restored, the brain comes debuff, it is easy to become pit goods.And when the morning is the most active bear a child, this time playing the game, the most vulnerable students with lively, with female students get gas and have opened all night night train, comes debuff overnight dog, so to play the game in the morning Do be careful.

  Noon Recommendation: ★★★ ☆☆

  Noon human function has long been fully restored to the summit, but the midday time is too precious, regardless of school or go to work at noon to have two hours freetime been thankful, but also to deduct a nap and lunch time, so doing , play two games on the good.Falls in may, the points, then it is time to find another.

  Afternoon Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆

  Three to five o''clock every afternoon, prime time is a function of the body, energetic, but unfortunately most people at this time to go to school, work, in the event of bladder pecking chicken dish Bureau, will be severely fried.In fact this time to hang up the chance to meet his teammates, significantly higher than other time periods, so, if not the weekend, this time it is secure in work.

  Night Recommendation: ★★★★★

  The day''s work is over, whether it is a dog or moving bricks monk party, the evening had plenty of time to roll up a few, a huge population base can dilute the pupils and female students of these two types of traditional pit proportion of the population.This is the prime time to open the black group of.But the problem is, after a day of work, hard work, the human brain has been in a state of exhaustion, this time forced to drive a car, it is easy to become delivery points boy.Mu Li River more than once, leaving four teammates to force ignorant and Duke dating.



  ? Discussion Point ?

  What is your favorite time points on?

  What do you think the most painful time points?

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[Topic] King Arena of Valor What time of day is best on points?

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[Topic] King Arena of Valor What time of day is best on points?

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[Topic] King Arena of Valor What time of day is best on points?

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