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[Topic] King Arena of Valor which most meat tank?



  ★ ★ REVIEW

  Human shields

  What most needs to do is tank?It is absorbed by a large wave damage in the front row!The better!For their team

  Create a stable output environment.Then we give inventory of those tanks was launched into the meat.

  ★ ★ text


  "The most brutal

  Beast, you and I do not?"Organ division stature continues to expand, cast a huge shadow."Heart Tigers!"

  As a front tank and Zhang Fei

  Auxiliary, we are no stranger to high-ranking bureau can always see his shadow.Zhang and his teammates need to always protect the brightest jamming enemy, we can continue to release two

  Skill superimposed rage value and give himself and his teammates shield, credits some damage.When not go berserk, you can use a skill harassment and defeat the enemy, not to let the enemy close to his teammates.And after opening the big move, Zhang Fei completely different, into a boulder human shields.When you

  Attack him when your heart is collapse: "My hands are by how sore he deducted a trace of blood?"

  Human shields index: *****


  Everyone has the young,

  Get the lead is no exception. Integrity, loyalty, bravery . is that people give him words of praise.His speech, behavior and achievements are beyond reproach in line with the standard model of noble soldiers, are

  Family and regarded as the pride of the motherland.

  Get the lead is very meat, team battles his main task is to punch each other''s formation chaos, and get back on defense to protect our back, constantly play control skills, to provide one''s own teammates

  Output safe environment.Continue to absorb the damage caused by the enemy in front, do not be afraid to be consumed, meat Lian yet!When you face him, he did not hit a group of people, is a collection of no less than his head.

  Human shields index: *****


  Magic cow sitting on the hot throne, cozy drink a full cup of wine.Human blood lead, delicious, fun.Desert entrenched dominant party."Bullish!Pure man child!"

  One high-ranking bureau magic cow is the most common human shields, their skills as well as the effect of reducing injuries have hit the fly, making him one of the hottest players in mind auxiliary meat.Use magic cow will be one or two skills combined with the use, in order to play high damage.

  The best choice is to protect our cattle devil still output, and walk with his teammates to be more than GANK.One, two skills weaken the enemy''s damage, knock the enemy and the enemy at the same time

  Hero slowing effects..Magic cow huge body is resistant to at no small damage!

  Human shields index: ****


  With his muscular physique bodybuilding disproportionate, with tears of blood man motionless feelings, and rapidly

  Explosion clothes dressing small habit, muscle and sweat shining, but also to shine a. "One word: dry!"

  Yaojin with his big move blood back ability is known, the more he hit him more blood, flesh it has been unable to imagine the extent of the.Yaojin meat as a front Tanzania, not only can carry also play.The wartime use of a skills up to absorb a wave of injuries, and then release the big move, do not re-open until the residual blood.If the residual blood and then open often can not wait for the return of blood have the effect will be to kill, so it should be open earlier.Then just quietly waiting for the enemy by hand until the acid, and then a wave of anti-teammates to kill!When you face Yaojin, you must go to turn around turn around, got tired of looking like him, because there could not move ah!

  Human shields index: ****

  ★ ★ discussions

  Who is the king of the tanks it???

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[Topic] King Arena of Valor which most meat tank?

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[Topic] King Arena of Valor which most meat tank?

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[Topic] King Arena of Valor which most meat tank?

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