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[] Legend of Chu and Han Haoyue Institute of dancing girls Concubine



  Heartbroken Wuzhui night Xiaofeng, Yu Xi Youhen to re-pupil.

  Qing Pang muscle in his years of minced meat, drink sword Ru Chu tent.Today is the last series Legend of Chu and Han Haoyue Institute a hero you, look at verse should be able to see it, is that it Concubine Xiang Yu''s wife!Haoyue next will take you carefully study the hero!

  At first said that the king of the bright moon in the valley of the feeling of playing a hero is his friends, as well as her sister, let me take off countless, most often the most heroic heroes, bright moon it is necessary to tell how we should play to achieve great God level!

  Heroes: Positioning is a shooter, but the ability to rely on a level is not strong, has a very strong ability to poke, burst capacity, in archer hero, singled out the strongest is not an exaggeration.

  Then directly into the subject matter, because we know the hero skills should be good, directly at the points go up!

  Yuji advantages:

  1.the ability to poke line is extremely strong, as a shooter remote consumption can harm surprise break out.

  2.Two skills of physical injury-free effect, the physical assassin and enemy attack speed shooter, this skill is to represent the invincible Concubine since the late hit hurt, all crackling heroes can be in that time Concubine Yuji killed.

  3 high outbreak, shooter heroes, Yuji outbreak can even race with Shangxiang.Sunder late guru with broken arms, a flat can be a big move, you can add a second person.


  ① 2 Yuji skills have is immune physical damage, so the battle must pay attention to avoid enemy control skills, once charged to, then it may be directly set fire to kill enemies.Two skills are not at liberty to release a skill.

  The same can not just release Concubine ② skills there is a big move in the battle who onrush, we use the big move to control who, just itself but also backward displacement, both to control the enemy, but also to distance, fully staffed.


  ③ Concubine 1 magic skills delayed, requires players to have a certain amount of anticipation, anticipation is a cumulative experience, you can guess from the heart, but also from their peacetime battle simulation, in short, take a long time to practice.

  Even strokes way: two passive skills + skills + + Third + a general attack skills, simple violence this operation, you can instantly play a high damage, do not give the enemy time to react.But be careful not to put this in even strokes across the front of the infinite body, team battles when the attention of the opposite c heroes.You can quickly end the fighting.

  Team battles play:

  Yuji is a strong medium-term period, in the middle of words, Yuji as possible to take advantage of the characteristics of their skills consume unlimited remote enemy blood, the opportunity to open the group''s own manufacturing.As a shooter, still has not changed its basic play, to walk separate ways, look for opportunities to push the tower, outside the tower will be turned down after a strong ability to control the enemy''s Nakano, Nakano scored more enemy resources, restrictions enemy development.Will play a lot of the early group, not been developed, to take her as an assassin, caught the enemy off single hero.Only play when pressing the medium term, to make her more rapid development, the core of the medium-term is to arrest people and to push the tower,


  Post-molding equipment, Yuji damage is very high, more attention is the accuracy of a skill, a skill group when the war can not be blind sweep, should always observe the position of the enemy archer or mage, the kind of shooting skills hero, consuming their blood, to create one''s own hero assassin to kill their chances of victory helpful for this group fights.Some players like to ambush late in the grass, Yuji''s a skill you can also choose to explore the bushes, let the enemy no place to hide, do not give people opportunities across the yin.And no enemy shooter for A, 2 retention skills, Yuji survival is very strong.Opposite assassin waiting to cut, and then Japan 2 skill distance, Pugong output.

  Yuji new version changes: in the original Concubine, often feel after the release of the skills IAS that is not enough, because the attack rate in the outbreak Yuji installed will be insufficient, but also the dawn of the new equipment fully compensate this shortcoming, as IAS crit was wearing one of the equipment for Yuji is a great improvement.The disadvantage is the price is relatively high, a little drag rhythm

  Recommended equipment


  Yuji used equipment prices are high, so be sure to hold their own on-line development, compared to other shooters, the bowls and the money to fight not dominant, grasp small-scale team battles, to consume the enemy c main.

  Recommended inscriptions


  Yuji is wearing one hundred standard with a remote consumed hero nothing more than for him to penetrate the blue shift speed in the vampire choice, because the equipment did not choose to drink blood, vampire completely blue all to provide Concubine battery life.However, hunting can better early advantage

  [History] small classroom

  Yuji, the late Qin Yu (now Jiangsu Wuxian) people, King of Western Chu Xiang Yu''s favorite concubine, good sword.Concubine Xiang Yu love the brave, married and Xiang Yu concubine.Xiang Yu after entry, self-reliance King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu and Yu Ji inseparable, very deep feelings.

  Dynasty perished, Xiang Yu and Liu Bang compete for the world, BC twenty years, Liu Xiang Yu was trapped in Gaixia (now Anhui Lingbi), lone soldiers to make food, smell the embattled night, I thought lost Chu.He was drinking tent,

  Yuji against sang tragic "Gaixia Song", Yuji dance, sing tearful "and Gaixia song," Song says: "Han Bing has slightly, the four songs of Chu, King emotional to do, how to talk to students Jianqie!"Song of strike, Bajianziwen.

  Qing Dynasty poet Ho Pu "Beautiful Lady Yu" poem: "Jiang should grudge disappeared, Fanghun any messy crosses eight thousand children with Gui Han, live Junen is a thin waist (refer Concubine).

  Haoyue Institute Chuhan legendary series ended this way it hoped to small partners to bring the learning experience, your support is the driving force Haoyue friends, the next series is also in preparation, little friends a lot of attention Oh

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[] Legend of Chu and Han Haoyue Institute of dancing girls Concubine

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[] Legend of Chu and Han Haoyue Institute of dancing girls Concubine

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[] Legend of Chu and Han Haoyue Institute of dancing girls Concubine

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