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[] Uninhibited style formal dress Jaap Raiders [amended]



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  After companion guide, I perfected the Raiders, to thank them!The Raiders are written all over the place, and if the wrong place!Please also contact a small law, I will listen to our views properly modify Raiders!Sorry to trouble caused!The new hero out not long after, I was serving in the experience of playing for a long time to play the official service, I feel that the meat can also work!Not lying win (lose)!Hope that helps!

  Uninhibited style - Jaap:


  Uninhibited style - elegant Jaap is a handsome soldier, resistant to play, and each Jaap skills, are open group weapon, give opponents bring strong pressure in.When he threw the sword, it means the beginning of a battle.Jaap and his sword once reached the enemy, the enemy will be a devastating blow to the.Even Jaap suffered in the siege of the enemy positions, he can shield against all harm.Note that, Jaap 1 skills pride must be cut when hit enemy hero, to be able to trigger the second stage attacks (knock the enemy), only to seize the opportunity, accurate hits to destroy the enemy''s formation.


  Skill Description:

  Passive: When Jaap life is lower than 50%, every ordinary skill or attack hit the target will reply to their health.Eight seconds duration (the effect of the cooling once every 60 seconds).

  Use: This passive layer can be said Jaap source of life, but to have a say so passive Jaap either as soldiers or tanks have no doubt.Anti kill residual blood is not a fantasy but a nightmare opposite!

  Pride cut: Jaap waving machetes, launch a forward edge of the wind.Causing the blade to the wind hit the enemy physical damage and slow down, the wind blade after hitting hero can release pride cut again, to knock the enemy in front of a certain area.

  Use: a short cooldown CD, and the second can be released, while the damage is high.As the upper hand open group skills can slow down the enemy first release, release again to knock the opponent, whether it is to kill or auxiliary outputs teammates have unparalleled advantages.

  Tornado Flash: Jaap get an additional maximum health shield, spell damage caused to nearby enemies and slowing.Jaap under three times the normal attack in eight seconds to obtain additional real damage.Each normal attack hits reduce the cooling time of 1 second edge uninhibited.

  Use: the release of two skills Jaap has a powerful shield like beat to death Xiaoqiang, matched normal attack caused both within 8 seconds spell damage and injury to play real.Two skills are decelerating Jaap can continue to kill the enemy, until they die.Such an enemy he could not move, they can not escape being targeted to go, are you afraid to ask?

  Boogie Blade: Jaap after his throw pulled the chain blade to the designated location, causing physical damage to the enemy within the scope of a collision and the first enemy to coma one second, Jaap arrived in the target area will be an additional physical damage.Jaap release three skills will hit the enemy twice in a row attack.

  Use: Compared to other tanks, the three Jaap skills both quickly cut into the battlefield, but also timely evacuation.After Pugong with two skills can rapidly reduce the cooling time.Whether single kill or open group, all you need to fear Jaap hero.

  Summoner Skills Recommended: beheaded and treatment

  Jaap already beheaded for high damage amounts to icing on the cake.

  Treatment was Jaap viability have added on chip.Jaap silk and treatment of blood using passive skills become more difficult to kill.

  Rune Recommended:

  Four inscriptions Recommended:

  Blue Justice: Maximum Life + 36 / physical attack +0.6

  Green wild: maximum life +13.5 / physical armor penetration +3.8

  Red violent: maximum life +13.5 / physical attack +1.5

  Total Properties: Physical Attack + 21 / + 630 largest life / Physical Armor Penetration +38

  Grade 5 Recommended inscription:

  Blue = hidden: maximum life +75

  Green Hawkeye: physical attacks +0.9 / physical armor penetration +6.4

  Red mutation: physical attack + 2 / + 3 Physical Armor Penetration.6

  Total Properties: Maximum Life + 750 / + 29 physical attacks / Physical Armor Penetration +100

  Inscription Recommended reason: Zhan Zhuang output but Jaap champions!High level of health bonus not only brought him a thick blood, but also to strengthen their skills 2, in the face like a roaring output, Zhan Zhuang simply had no pressure; it has a high pre-physical damage bonus, It can be very smoothly through the pre-stage equipment unshaped, to a hack a!

  Impact on the situation arising:

  1.Early development, a large move for Jaap belong to the core group of open technology, as soon as possible into the four Jaap is to play, so he needs to support his wave of high blood at four powerful open group.

  2.Leader of the war, as the saying goes, good deed goes unpunished, Jaap as the only angry birds should be Can Go harm, or has not been shot down on take-off.

  3.Persistent strong, Jaap 2 additional skills are relying on the value of life to enhance the value of the shield, the inscription that it could rely on frequent blood addition a lot of value to maintain their state shield.

  Recommended equipment:


  ① Tears of Blood Blade: increased pre-output capability, combined with the effect of the combat capability of passive excellent

  ② HL cloak: the ability to enhance the generation line early and enhance the value of certain life

  ③ shadow forbearance enough: a small amount of movement speed and armor

  ④ Bazhe heavy equipment: life insurance to enhance their ability to face the physical output, and can continue to fight

  ⑤ revitalization of the armor: magic resistance equipment, good blood results back, life can continue

  ⑥ violent Armor: to ensure flatness, equipped with passive effect to some extent enhance the viscosity and the ability to output

  Operating tips:

  1.A remote control skills solo enemy, using the three skill Teleport to the enemy side, slow down the release of two skills, perfect harvesting head, encountered the enemy support the use of three skills to evacuate again.

  2.Jaap Chun skills are all forward and attack, retreat and life insurance.Release skills while consumption opponents, while retreat, perfect to escape the pursuit of the enemy, even against killing.

  3.When open group in the late Jaap skills can be cut using a three battlefield, releasing two skills to ensure their own survival, three consecutive Pugong reduce cooldown time, and then release the skills to keep a delusion to escape enemies, with teammates to annihilate each other.


  When you use Jaap

  ① blood at 50% or less rational use of blood back to the passive effect

  ②1 skills only when hit enemy heroes in order to trigger the second paragraph of skills

  ③ big move need to predict the opponent''s movements, and can be pulled by wild or strange building to displacement.

  Jaap opponent

  ① residual blood on both sides of the case to think Jaap fight back to the blood passive effect, this is very passive shameless!

  ② can escape a big move Jaap skills and walk through, walk to the left

  ③ Jaap mobility is not strong, you can hide while his kite skills by walk, do not be caught big move, Crispy be close to see your teammates!

  Best partner: Han Xin, Mulan, Warrior Lan Ling

  The selected heroes are controlled, because after control, with Jaap control skills, can kill the enemy strength.

  Repression: poor Di Renjie, Wang Zhaojun and other mobility crispy output hero, hero if such a slowdown, with Jaap big move, almost can not escape, and Jaap real damage can also make Crispy no love.

  Suppressed: Shangxiang, Diao Chan, such a hero, displacement skills quickly, almost kite Jaap and Jaap skills can be almost dodge each other.

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[] Uninhibited style formal dress Jaap Raiders [amended]

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[] Uninhibited style formal dress Jaap Raiders [amended]

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[] Uninhibited style formal dress Jaap Raiders [amended]

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