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Why DOTA 2 is a very difficult game?_ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



  In fact, many people would say DOTA 2 is a very difficult game, including novices, but also play a lot of old players.For starters, this game really started up relatively difficult compared to other games, and for the older players, many people will feel the level reached a bottleneck can not progress.Then this article on and we talk about, DOTA 2 in the end is how to play?


  One. hero

  As we all know, DOTA 2 there are more than one hundred heroes, each hero has a location of each hero, attire, play and rhythm.Although the same may be single, but every single rhythm is not the same, when the line is busy, when gank, are all luxurious.

  1.Hero basic skills and attire.

  Want to play a good hero, skills and attire are the most basic things, each hero will have his regular plus points as well as conventional attire, which I think most players are more familiar with, such as the Anti-Mage fighting mad avatar , shadow magic hidden knife BKB.

  (Which we are all learning and understanding can go through the Raiders, including the hero''s tips)

  2.Hero rhythm

  Hero rhythm DOTA 2 years, is one measure of the level of a player the most important factor.The hero can not just rhythm completely into the secondary, single, single-column, four kinds of Big Brother, but every hero has his own rhythm, for example, the same as the big brother, who will be a single fish after the catch rhythm hidden knife keep pressing force of the opposite sauce; Antimage constantly proficient with a line of containment; void, determined according to the big move of the CD time farm and gank.

  two. "Big Ju view"

  I believe we would not be strange for the word "big chrysanthemum concept" popular point that you want to know what time what to do, the rhythm will be regarded as a hero of the bigger picture.

  It may also include:

  Control of the vision: what kind of situation the eye position interpolation, choose offensive and defensive eye eye

  The timing of the use of fog trick: understanding the strong lineup of heroes and, possibly including key skills or key equipment.

  Ability to fight money: Many people complain that no money will actually play, on a map money is limited, how to hit more money than others is a kind of ability, maybe your heart safety line could easily be caught, you think of In fact, the danger line can reach a lot of money.

  Equipment selection: Each hero has his regular attire, but often the final three innings choice of equipment each will be different, to deepen understanding of the equipment, to figure out what you are missing output, or lack of output environments, or missing escape life insurance.

  Push Tower: DOTA 2 is a game to push the tower, all the actions are ultimately all aim to push the tower, most gank must be carried out around the tower.

  Anti-gank ability: DOTA 2 died this game will be out of money, and in the latter part of the resurrection of a long time, for fallen hero pace will cause great damage, by observing the exposed wire case minimap enemy heroes, and we should consider the case of the enemy towers or altar TP support.

  gank choice: when the team decided to go gank, which way is the best choice or say where gank the greatest chance of success, these have a significant impact.

  Play group ideas: it plays to the success of the group fights the decisive factor, every person every team must know exactly what you main task is, who is going to protect the formation, who is going to cut the enemy''s rear, there must be prior communication, passers-by often occur Bureau, two full brother to chase the enemy aid, then our front defeat.As the output bit, avoid deep chase!

  Roshan: For roshan of the control after the group off the enemy choose to fight or push the tower shield, this really depends on the speed of the shield to fight a certain extent, the other is to combine the situation to determine the priority shield and tower.It is emphasized that there is a particular hero to steal shield, whether one''s own or the enemy, we should pay attention.

  (These can only really play more, to deepen understanding of the game, just look at the Raiders not learn, and why many people feel that their level to the bottleneck, often lacking a lot here)

  three. On line

  As all know, this version of the line for the ability to see the heavy line situation often directly affect the success or failure of a game.Similarly, if a little thin can be said that every hero on the line are not the same, the middle of the line there will be dozens of cases, strong lines are vulnerable to possible.As for the advantages of road, with a variety of heroes, many species would happen, so the most important is that you should have an understanding of each hero, how to kill the opposite, the opposite can kill you, you the mind must have expected a.

  (Which we can look at the Raiders, look for more than the next video line, and then combined with exercise, can improve quickly.)

  four. line-up

  Now DOTA 2 fact generally higher level players a lot, especially at about the same high level of branch or both cases, the outcome of the lineup will play a big factor in the decision.

  What a good team needs?

  Control (guaranteed to keep people have the skills, the team has the ability to arrest people, including point control and group control)

  Outbreak (output quickly enough to kill the opposite)

  FLAC upper hand

  Promoting and high capacity (perfect kill to push the tower is the most critical, and the demolition of the tower speed is a very crucial point)

  Online capability (as much as possible to ensure the team has a strong hero online 1-2)

  It would also understand the strength of a lineup, so a strong grasp of the lineup, played advantage.

  But many people may say, what would you choose the game which often uncontrolled lineup for cw is excellent implementation team has been a large degree of lack of communication can make up the lineup, but it is difficult to do so in passers Bureau.We see more of the game, I am sure the team will deepen the understanding of many.

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Why DOTA 2 is a very difficult game?_ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Why DOTA 2 is a very difficult game?_ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Why DOTA 2 is a very difficult game?_ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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