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With this skill so many heroes have sustained life



  Crystal Maiden (CM) is commonly known as the Ice Queen, is one of the few DOTA 2 in a normal human sister, she has a glamorous appearance, graceful movement, raising his hand, and strong field control and hegemony hard team reply skills.It will issue Raiders lead the overall unveiled ice queen adults from the following aspects.


  1.Ice Queen, property development and location analysis

  2.Ice Queen comprehensive analytical skills and tips

  3.Ice female attire ideas

  4.Summary resolve subsidiary awareness


  1.Ice Queen, property development and location analysis


  As shown in the figure is a growth advantage 3d crystal chamber woman and screenshots, models do quite satisfactory, low strength and agility, property development, intellectual growth is relatively good, ensure sufficient amount of blue, it should be said that this growth can be considered a good remote soy sauce constitution.


  FIG angle is the basis of the properties of some of FIG ice woman and the exact numerical analysis can be obtained from FIG ice woman having an excellent super attack range, and may be the armor initial attack, magic relatively abundant, which put together, a strong ability to suppress the early line of soy sauce was born, using its own ultra-long-range ballistic enough magic, can protect big brother or weaknesses in the way the early advantage in the three-way just to play a great advantage, even the opposite of hero forced out experience area.



  As shown in the figure is a set of in-game screenshots, the game''s pre-ice woman bought a set of eyes and under the eyes of the advantages of doing day-tower road, for better Windrunner pressing day-inferiority of single road, then use a good range of skills and kept pressing Windrunner, can be seen from Figure 5 in nearly four minutes Windrunner experience turned out to be 0, so the ability to suppress the line horrible, most of the players likely use ice woman may have less time to pay attention to such details, suppress blood volume control and experience is not really attract soldier hatred can often play a role in the pre-game about the game situation, so that the latter easier development, thus to decide trend of the game.

  2.Ice Queen comprehensive analytical skills and tips

  As soy sauce, ice attribute a strong woman has been good enough, the actual application of the following further analysis we combine the skills of ice woman.

  Skills I:



  Frost Nova is the first skill the ice woman, is a range of skills aoe nature, mana cost increase, harm increase, cooling is fixed at 15 seconds, and comes with a duration of 3.5/4/4.Movement and attack speed reduced 5/5.This aoe skills is very valuable in today''s battle group DOTA 2 high rhythm, damage and slow the area is very willing to bring a kill or assist in one''s own hero escape, but in the late soldier line speed push to push the tower also plays an important role of.

  ?  Meanwhile skill of FIG. 7 also shows the casting distance skill relatively good, can be consumed in the enemy tug of war, if necessary, the kill.


  The use of actual combat skills are more meticulous, slow down and take full advantage of the effect to kill or hurt consumption, so there is a gap of skills or the use of a flat opposite the deceleration walk up a card, you can not waste any time or normal attack speed difference.Figure 8 is the use of the Ice Queen v plus regular attacks brutal repression Windrunner, let him leave the area of experience and consumed its blood.



  The two figures we can clearly see the scope and effect v deceleration across hero defending their own hero, consumption towers across the line to protect one''s own soldiers, regardless of pre-post-v are very practical and relatively short time cd.

  Skills II:



  Ice woman second skill is a point of control - Frostbite, with ice surrounded by an enemy unit, prohibiting movement and attack, while dealing 70 damage per second, duration 1.5/2/2.5/3, magic consumption 115/125/140/150, 12 from the casting, the casting distance skill because it is off-limits, nearly significantly much skill than the first distance, and the duration is shorter, but in this time within the control skills, can not move and attack enemy units, which gives a lot of the early red face strong physical melee hero brings trouble, the full level of control for up to three seconds looks quite deadly.


  The figure is the same game at the time of presentation skills in a screenshot, women find opportunity in ice after the suppression of the popularity of those were released several rounds of e skills in their blood and not much about the loss of vision, the Windrunner open at this time wind step (Note: e can cause dizziness silent like most skills, there is no pre-casting skills can still shake release, such as the Queen''s big move f, Tau, etc..Therefore the ice after the woman e can release skills, but can not move and attack), but still can not stop him was to kill.


  e skills also play a good counter to keep people skills, as shown, small-scale team battles after days-loss of 2 people, high and low on the night nightmare opportunity, this time line is not good soldiers, arrived at one''s own Hasi Ka , women use ice to keep each other''s e Manta cd''s Phantom Lancer, the small house opposite the core of Hasi Ka rushed to kill and with precious stones, to complete a wonderful counter-play.

  Of course, still have to use the skills of a good fit with the vision and teammates, once the ice woman alone kill or difficult.We must keep up with his teammates do a good job.

  Skills III:


  Arcane Aura is the third woman ice skills, but also the only woman ice a passive skill, the trigger for the whole range map, mana regeneration increased by 1/1.5/2/2.5, the supreme skills in team battles today can be described as a nirvana, with this skill so many heroes have sustained life, do not always spring back with a birdie or transporting small purification effect is evident that the team return.When the Ice Queen upgrade the skills alive as long as the Ice Queen, all members of the bar will have a passive aura buf buf, while magic is worth to reply, as shown below, respectively buf buf low grade and high-grade.A few preliminary points Arcane aura blue line can ensure the amount of the late reply, but also make their skills to release more fluid, more pronounced suppression of the opposite.



  Skill Four:



  Freezing Field as ice woman ultimate skill has cast range of 685 yards, the enemy within that range will be sustained injuries 7 seconds, each time the bombing would cause harm 105/170/250 ice crystals, and can be A & upgrade, IAS moving slowed down by 30% raised to 50%, and a substantial increase significantly the damage to 170/250/310.Big move as ice woman outbreaks output requirements of almost demanding environments: Ice Queen requires continuous caster does not move, or walk by dizziness skills to stop casting.So the operation is quite particular about, but once the ice to release a complete success female big move and hit most enemies will cause a ton of spell damage.Unfortunately, this skill can not affect bkb hero, so there bkb hero with stun skills is released when the Ice Queen want to see the skills.


  Ice woman image above the big move release is a problem, it misjudged the scope and intent of cast opposite big move, but hero across the Highlands and not to kill too deep in the demolition of the tower, so the big move only to jump in the pom caused a lot of damage.


  The figure of the Ice Queen hide a high-slope vision enlarged, but the opposite heroes are out to bkb, embarrassed no output, if the opposite is not turned bkb the second amplification should play good results.


  Although the ice woman found the right opportunity and time to enlarge and small with a big move Naga, but did not keep up with one''s own control skills, opposite the hero escape safely under cover of pom big move.

  These few examples can be found in conjunction with the big move to release the ice woman environmental requirements are relatively high, difficult to release the full effect, so some players in order to amplify the power of the ice woman, before 10 without increasing the trick, giving priority to fill the first three skills, their desirability, which to some extent.

  Plus points:


  When a plus point v favor to help his teammates get a line of blood and repression, then there are two frozen can better control the output or suppress, the right time to kill, and then Gao surgery aura, excellent team ice women in seven full time income aura brings to the team is quite large, cost is also higher in early, arcane shoes increased recently in the latter part of the skills it is not particularly important, and the two control points which take precedence over skill it depends on the specific form of the field, one is still very early points necessary.

  3.Ice female attire ideas

  Out the attire of choice:


  Generally the best female ice go out to buy a messenger to help the middle, which is in line with the role of women in the team of ice.


  If you go to a disadvantage just 2 or 3 way just to bring a group of wild seals right eye, which make you a more robust way of disadvantage rather than collapse out.


  How much money have enough money to buy a lot of branches after eating and drinking, as long as 53 dollars, is definitely the most cost-effective pre-props, but also as an auxiliary, the latter can be converted into branches Macon, magic wand.So affordable props why not buy?



  If passers-by, and you do not need couriers and eye position, property loaded walk up, fists and rings absolutely right choice, but the latter can turn wrist and drums.Now on the line in intense period can live more robust, increasing the difficulty opposite kill you, let them see your equipment will lose the desire to kill you.


  If their technology enough self-confidence to shoes it, kill, escape, walk, more calm and more relaxed.

  Medium-term choice of equipment:



  Mid-term for the choice of shoes I was very recommendation phase and arcane, because two pairs of shoes provide enough high movement speed is female ice to facilitate ice woman to walk and escape, and arcane shoes team attributes make him more cost-effective, As artificial leg, very personally I do not recommend, after all, if the main output of the opposite die you want to cut, not a fake leg of properties can be withstood.


  Urn made out of mean return and gank will be more smooth, life and property is also quite good.


  Drums can make your movement speed to escape to kill more smooth, and enhance team performance and 9:00 all the properties can not be ignored.


  What remember the early branches?This time they had a role in the 25 minutes prior to the Macon, playing group what the absolute opposite is true, improve the viability of his teammates at the same time provide a strong endurance to hold together to push the tower.


  Walk and escape hair stick as a sign to keep people and props, is quite suitable for ice woman, but also to enhance the speed of movement can be better.



  Dagger pushing, show up, cut into the escape, I recommend pushing more stick, after all, can escape when hurt.And make it more foot property.

  Late God installed:

  I believe that women are not suitable for ice late too many beautiful equipment, because the positioning is an auxiliary, control, and output as much as possible, and immortality is king, so the latter God installed only recommend two, I think that these two drag race to increase the presence of female ice late to make sense of absolute artifact:



  A stick and bkb, two pieces of equipment to ensure the stability of the ice woman can just get more lethal and release the big move, with a female ice two pieces of equipment can be quite brutal, when the team battles the upper hand or whether it is before long bkb not flip out to be seconds away, it can play a big role.

  4.Summary resolve subsidiary awareness

  Ice female hero in use should pay attention to communicate with teammates, and will do a good job in the field of view gank high incidence of, and try to help the team to report miss situation across, the team will gather together, so as to play the role of ice woman, do not want to light with the ability to promote their own personal team, although there female ice control outbreaks and general physique but after all, can not carry the game.When using ice woman have the right bigger picture, supporting his teammates to victory, and this is very rewarding.Finally, I wish to have a refreshing feeling in the heat of summer, with a happy mood to play DOTA 2, to enjoy the summer, enjoy the game.

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With this skill so many heroes have sustained life

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With this skill so many heroes have sustained life

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With this skill so many heroes have sustained life

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