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With two control skills can kill or be killed are anti-minority





  Heroes property

  Power: 19 + 1.6 Agility: 16 + 1.6 Intelligence: 21 + 3

  Speed: 285 initial attack: attack basic interval 47-54: 1.Base armor 47: 1 based Range: 500

  Heroes property evaluation:

  As a mage, Shadow Shaman without exception is a crackling, strength and agility of a miserable 1.6 growth, not high initial strength and agility, 25 full level also could not stand to set the fire; intellectual growth looks good, with growth of 3, can be ranked in the TOP10, but Shadow Shaman four active skills for consumption magic, still a little enough to see; the moving speed of 285 doomed is a small short-legged.

  Overall growth and property of law-abiding, not too abnormal, nor too much garbage.

  2.Skills introduced

   ?[A skill]: [Shock] firmament Shortcuts: R?

  The casting distance: 600

  Mana Cost: 95/105/135/160

  Cooldown: 8 seconds?

  Level 1 - up to attack a target, dealing damage 140 points.

  Level 2 - attack up to 3 targets, causing 200 damage.

  Level 3 - attack up to five goals, 260 points of damage.

  Level 4 - attack up to seven goals, 320 points of damage.

  The only small Y AOE skills, but also a pseudo-AOE.Damage is high, there is a 140, still vaguely remember when Bob R ACE league with a push back two people.Full level can hit seven units in the range of 200, while still very good.600 not long casting distance is not far, but far better than your normal attack.It can be used bowls, farm, output, and grab the head.8 seconds CD is basically a wave of small-scale fights can put 2-3.

  This skill has many tips, see the middle of a small SOLO Y each time you always want to play DOTA soldier electric powered me, then I want to Tucao, R is the only power you specify the range of the target of 200 units, when you power must pay attention to a good distance across hero and you are charged a target of 200; must make to maximize the effect electricity, give you an example, if the distance between the two heroes more than 200, you can not power, you can power the soldier between them, seek to maximize the effect of.

   ?[Two skills]: [witchcraft] Shortcuts: D?

  The enemy units into a small animal, he will not attack, use skills or items, with only part of the passive skills, and slow movement speed.?

  The casting distance: 500

  Cooling time: 13 seconds

  Mana: 110/140/170/200 point?

  Level 1 - for 1.25 seconds.

  Level 2 - 2 seconds.

  Level 3 - for 2.75 seconds.

  Level 4 - continued 3.5 seconds.?

  DOTA, there is a saying, no matter how high are also afraid of martial arts knives sheep, sheep knife skill is included with witchcraft, black magic is called DOTA in a big nirvana for 3.5 seconds, slow down, and the effect of the article is invalid, for example, butterfly dodge.God does not explain the skills, the bane of large DPS.

   ?Skills [three]: [shackles] Shortcuts: E?

  Use magic bind an enemy unit, resulting in 40 points / second injury, the target can not move, attack, use skills and items.?


  Cast Range: 400

  Cooling time: 16 seconds

  Mana: 110/130/155/185 point?

  Level 1 - for 2.5 seconds.

  Level 2 - for 3.25 seconds.

  Level 3 - 4 seconds.

  Level 4 - continued 4.75 seconds.?

  DOTA in addition to the most distant sky, the longest-control skills, but in the case of control also controls the opposite side of himself, and he can not move attack using skills and items.To pay attention to cast their walk, not too bold, or skills have not done and was second, and then more harm than good.Sometimes you pull people saw the enemy hero rushing, decisively give up, to keep their own, you have the Sheep God skills, as well as the role of.

   ?[Four Skills]: [guard] Qunyi shortcuts: W?

  When the value in brackets have the Scepter Aghanim) summon eight fixed guards to attack the snake around the attacking enemy units and buildings.?

  Guard immune to magic.

  The casting distance: 550 (600)

  Duration: 45 seconds

  Cooling time: 110 seconds

  Mana: 200/350/610 point?

  Level 1 - Each guard has a 39-43 (59) point of attack

  Level 2 - Each guard has a 54-58 (79) point of attack

  Level 3 - Each guard has a 69-73 (100) point of attack?

  IMBA very big move, to take the tower is called a metamorphosis of speed for very large tower threat.If only on the enemy, pre-snake stick slugger than the snake late, late equip the enemy, the snake does not move wreck.But for all the early post-tower is demolished fly.

  About inserted empty, D1 and D2 are different, D1 may be the use of wind stick inserted empty, and D2 is not, we can only rely on yourself more practice to master good feeling.In fact, I did not want to insert blank so IMBA, a phase shoes can run out.?

  In addition to the empty plug in fact be a snake stick inserted under the ground tied, then the Sheep electricity, it is not difficult to kill even good, snake stick must be inserted in the vicinity of the enemy.

  Have perverted snake stick in attack, while itself is very fragile, remote DPS 2-3 points on the death of one of the basic, but also dozens of blocks of income.So interpolated position is very particular about.

  3.Play Introduction

  Plus point: 13121412224111H4HHHHHHHHHHH

  Such plus points are more common plus point, why a skill rather than a point thirty skills, I consider a few points here, first, passers Well, there might SS can play SOLO position, and second, when a teammate did not help 2 grade 1 liter bundle take a blood basically impossible, as against a consumption of magic skills 90 level 1, there are 140 points of damage, the damage has been pretty good, used to harass people, or take a blood is a very good choice.After a primary skill is more convenient SS6 stage with the big move PUSH push to accelerate the speed of the tower, and the full level 320 damage, the unit can simultaneously within the range of 200, 8 seconds CD, grab the necessary skills to succeed.The Sheep is the second vice skill points, tied bundles person because others also limit myself, so I do not recommend such a hurry full, and full of class-like 3.5 seconds of control is also very IMBA.

  Out: Corn (auxiliary arranged) branches (Cock wire dedicated) eat small tree ointments purification (life-support) these are casual, nothing personal favorite - Recommended

  Equipment selection

  SS in the shoes of passers departure is more, there is a phase shoes, artificial leg ?, As well as the secret law . I think the most blind phase it is, without a phase property, and second, without magic, no use for small Y.False leg is better, for the relatively poor measurements SS, the artificial leg cut both intelligence and strength are good, there may be an artificial leg cut anger against killing.Arcane I think is best for the lack of magic in the SS is a very precious life is installed, it can make more use of R to push the line, which is more conducive to their own PUSH.The remaining pre-equipment can be considered the temple, although it back to the magic insignificant, but the aura is useful for PUSH, there is a large magic wand, to escape grab the head to kill anti-essential artifact.There are magic bottle, very good battery life equipment, well fitted to F can kill.Or it may also be a pendant, and some of these relatively smooth wrist equipment

  Here is the back of the equipment selection of drums higher cost of equipment, can be added at the moving speed, and good properties.

  Fuji''s dagger small Y is selected, you can control the upper hand, can run, just get control point of time longer than LION, but if it is wind Bureau, not the equipment so coquettish.Below this the right.

  Pushing rod ?Pushing rods can attack and defend, can escape, efficacy complete, the wind can be a headwind, still remembers pushing stick availability not remember so high, pushing the number GTV7 DC God Tucao ~ (front and the phrase Raiders unrelated, personal feelings)

  Flying shoes when you next road line troops, the other came for you, then you fly down the road snake stick, removed the Highlands, and think about what the other side face.

  A stick allows you to open the tower dismantled and then hurry up, hurry up again.

  A stick refresh refresh snake stick who can stop me push the tower.

  Ice Armor Master late artifact, powerful skills, plus armor, as well as a good aura, make you more meat, but also for the team to make a contribution

  Myth, large late DPS nemesis sheep knife double sheep, two sheep do not put your Gaosi, and has a high speed back to blue

  Necronomicon Master artifact, three Necronomicon with snake rod, to push the tower velocity Leverage.And good night to kill, pull output with the villain, soy sauce should not stop

  Black and yellow stick: SS control needs a good environment, if the opposite too much control, out of this, for him to provide the environment output

  Green rod to prevent the second output

  [Early online]

  Y may be mixed with a small line SOLO may be, but also to walk

  Road SOLO

  Small single Y SOLO not weak, not too strong.But certainly will not be playing the defenseless, can kill with two or anti-control skills to kill all minority.

  SOLO first single to do is to make a positive and anti-complement, if the opposite hero is vulnerable, then went to suppress him, pay attention to the anti-complement, not soldiers line has been deadlocked over there on the other side of the highlands, it has been the best in their side so kill or escape walk have some protection, there is a chance to find a single opportunity to kill, no chance to do their regular complement and countervailing.If SOLO is road rage these VIP 51 or ease it up a knife, mix level, priority to anti-up, control their own line of soldiers, but also from time to time with the blood R creeps and local consumption, but do not run out of their own magic, control skills to ensure at least 1-2. There is a river SOLO last guaranteed eye, a convenient control F, two can protect yourself, SS little short legs, but can not afford injuries ah, but the walk was also not panic, stay calm, with two control skills around the woods, around the vision to make a wonderful anti-kill.

  SOLO 600 should be the first one used to buy a bottle, a can return the equipment, two F can install a walk up and down the road, for example, to accelerate and the like, so that you can play the effect of surprise, most people thought would not SOLO hero 6 is not to the level of migration -

  Mixed lines SS

  SS line is generally mixed together, eat early attention countervailing experience like as a secondary and brother, quickly mingled 6 is your goal.If it is a disadvantage, then they do not make up a knife, not for little money, and take big risks.

  If a comparative advantage, then pulled aside the wild, squatting man, with his teammates high deceleration control the outbreak were to kill.

  Then your duty is to assist and single control, anti-complement, pull wild, grasping each other mistakes kill, and harassing.Anyway A soldier is not your thing.

  If you own a sauce like you are, then you do not mean, he was stealing money and enjoy it, you play a variety of SSSSSS up the knife, Y or very small require equipment.

  GANK flow

  Personally do not recommend this stream because it did not go well once the expense of SS level, this is a wise thing, SS is a very food grade hero.The genre is small enough to go out with a purge, and then find and controlled deceleration line to walk.

  [Mid-term] play?

  GANK SS is a hero, but he is a hero PUSH, do not overlook his ability to push the line to take the tower, especially small SOLO Y, must take the rhythm from advancing.

  Single small Y to 6 do not need so go and push the tower, go GANK wave and create conditions for promoting, GANK success began to push the tower in that way, this is the legendary rhythm of the murder Jia Nata.In fact, SS is dissolved GANK and PUSH in one of the hero, using the advantage of the success of GANK pick up the tower, even if the failure can still take advantage of group fights the big move.

  The SS remix line, there is no single level of advantage, no one to rely on all the way, go to the tower secretly turned down, or convene brothers, strong push rod inserted under the snake.

  Interim general outbreak of some small-scale team battles.SS can rely on two strong-con, with the output of his teammates, and then close out the poll with R, won, snake stick CD better social, but also to push the tower, and more how perfect rhythm ah ~ ~ ~ ~

  Of course, not only PUSH play, as well as GANK play, just get out of the jump knife control, with the control time teammate, 8 seconds, you have to simply kill the more simple ~

  [Post-war] group?

  There are two post-war SS group play.

  First, a jump knife BKB this, jump over the upper hand and pulled BKB seconds off a sheep, but SS is not as good as LION, LION skills 3,4 seconds can be done and then calmly withdrew the next wave such as CD, and small Y is different, he needs to stand there at least 4.5 seconds, too boring, so even if there is a given in front could stop BKB.

  The other play is A stick plus refresh.

  This play is a shameless stream demolition of the tower, and this equipment, the group fights to note that you do not need to be up front, put the skills zoom trick, electricity, and Sheep in the back, look at the situation put the bundle, then put the finished wave skills go out into the retreat, do not go that nostalgia a few, that a few number of output was not any, does not make sense, then a is still very easy to kill people, not worth the candle.Well anyway, it makes sense to live, then wait until the next skill CD, it is the other side''s nightmare, the other side can not parry ~

How do I quickly get back lost data ?

Step 1.Free download, and then Install Launch the Data Recovery software and then select lost data cause, and click the "Next" button

With two control skills can kill or be killed are anti-minority

Step 2. Select the location C D F drive, sd card or external drive storage devices where you lost your data and click the "Scan" button. The software will start to scan your to find all of your lost files or data

With two control skills can kill or be killed are anti-minority

Step 3. and then preview, you can click "Filter" or search the lost files after the scan, Click the "StartRecover" button to recover lost data.

With two control skills can kill or be killed are anti-minority

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