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Wuhan 430 home life: to rely on fast food to survive _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



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  After Luo non-pool 430 in Shanghai completed his commentary work after TI9, returned home in Wuhan.For 2020, 430 is a new beginning, he opened his broadcast career in eye teeth at the end of last year.But the face of the sudden epidemic, the former world champion DOTA 2 had not gone smoothly.

  In the game can "control lightning," but life gave Luo nonpooled brought greater difficulties."People Gaming" also interviewed been staying non-epidemic center of Luo pool, listen to his chat epidemic changes brought to his life, from the following non-oral Luo pool:

  We can only rely on fast food to survive

  I returned to Wuhan from the finish after the solution TI9, know this from pneumonia, he said at the time the disease is "preventable and controllable" when.At first not particularly worried, because the message is read the news on dozens of cases, few in number, not person to person, so I think that might not be a very serious disease, no special attention.

  Chinese New Year approaching, when suddenly news reports this disease will produce human transmission case I was alarmed, then on every day to see a long epidemic of news, especially anxious.Really is a little scared to see the closed city of Wuhan, news, at that time completely afraid to go out.

  My body has been not healthy.Having been a professional player who rarely live very regular, very healthy.In the winter I always will be some cough sometimes live when coughing or two, fans will take me a joke, but most people are very concerned about my health, I also want to tell them that I am very healthy, including my family and friends are healthy, do not worry.

  The outbreak gave me the biggest impact is to eat.The previous time it was to play professional team will arrange three meals a day.After retiring I also specifically requested aunt cleaning and cooking.

  I was in Wuhan has always been a person to live, because the closed city of Wuhan, the aunt did not dare to come back back.While it is still someone food delivery, but the delivery guy can not get into the cell, nor safe to get out, I can only store a refrigerator dumplings with noodles, is now basically eat these every day.

  I rarely into the kitchen, and I will not wash the dishes Xiguo.Even before their own cook instant noodles do not backboard, and now get up first thing every day is to take yesterday''s pot brush, then what you want to eat a headache every day, really very collapse.

  In fact, the pros have this wrong, lack of basic life skills.I think now is a good opportunity to exercise their own.

  But all rely on voice and video contact with the family in Wuhan

  My mother was in Wuhan, she came to see me once before the outbreak, I eat very prepared, but later because district have closed, she also hesitant to go out.

  She is still very worried about me, but only via video link with me every day, and once in a while let me body temperature, indeed very tense family in Wuhan.I just do not worry, they themselves will be more nervous, afraid of being infected.Especially now that so many channels to obtain information, many articles written especially iffy looked really scary.

  But now indeed more frequent contact with the family, and before might meet once a week, every day now video phones have said for a long time.We are also concerned about the outbreak of various media reports every day, many Yizhenyijia news I can also help identify what family.

  DOTA 2 will not be particularly affected

  DOTA 2 is certain influential.Now the status of all gaming line under the game will certainly be delayed, it might turn into future there will be a lot of games to play online.We wave of online game players is from the beginning, it really hit online game, I think professional athletes should be very happy, without makeup, without tiring.For gaming, it should not lead to a beating, but the low tide will certainly have to continue for some time.

  As I understand it, DOTA 2 now most professional teams do not have a collection, the New Year when teams are on holiday, after that closed city, which directly led to a lot of players to go home but can not get out.So the next thing affecting most influential player is training, training can only rely on the line, the quality of training is after the game depends on what they know.But certainly no good to train with five people sitting in effect, so the results of the national team will certainly affect.

  But compared with other projects, the impact of the epidemic on the system DOTA 2 entire event should be relatively smaller, domestic line game would have been less this year, the domestic Major just kick.And generally contest the sea election race and qualifying would have been all done online.So long as the future of the epidemic can be brought under control, not to spread abroad, I think it should be DOTA 2 the possible spread fairly small.


  ANCHOR is most affected occupations

  I myself is a very "home" of the people, even without the epidemic, and I rarely go out.Playing a habit, and anchor this work is indeed quite right for me.

  I think that is the most affected anchor job itself is working at home, you can have a network computer at work.I am more worried about the possible future network problems occur.If you do not go to work, network and server going to protect it?Fortunately, however, can now maintain normal live.

  At this point in time would have their own New Year''s wish is to make their breakthrough in the broadcast industry, but now it seems, still hope to outbreaks quickly in the past, is the best thing you perfectly healthy.

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Wuhan 430 home life: to rely on fast food to survive _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Wuhan 430 home life: to rely on fast food to survive _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Wuhan 430 home life: to rely on fast food to survive _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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