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Xiao Fei talk about the transfer: Monet with white scientists spent a total of 11 million _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



  Since the government announced the line-up, the rhythm on Team Aster increased rather than decreased, last night, team owner Xiao Fei tea appeared live among Burning.In the two-hour live broadcast, the Xiao Fei some recent rhythm of a detailed reply.And from the boss''s point of view, it describes the history of the formation of the club''s bitterness.Because the content of information overload, the intelligence community will be summed up in two phases Xiao Fei live chat to the information.

  This issue featured:

  Aq thought about fishing, but acknowledged the crackdown Aq game, no way.

  Stake in the dispute is over

  B play God BP, understandable

  What is the cornerstone of the construction team?The special status Xxs and Boboka

  The worst thing is that there 4am this year Galacticos

  Last year, LGD If the AME buy sensible point to us this year, perhaps they can renew fy and Maybe



  1. Aq thought about fishing, but acknowledged the crackdown Aq game, that would not work.


  Before everyone spray zhili, spray fishing Aq he wants it, I said.Aq it, zhili never talked.This process, we have absolutely no call to report Aq (teammate).At that time, I was given the bulk of this, we are told Aq is that you make sure that they have not played (false match).He told us that he did not play (false match).I say, if you do not fight, we can use all options to ensure your safety, but everything on the premise that you do not have to play (false match).

  I can help you out quickly by police over there can help you to record, must prove that you did not participate.So, in addition to this, we hope Aq they can write a letter of commitment, then in the form of a lawyer''s letter to the announcement.At that time, he promised us.But the next day, he suddenly admitted that he hit (false match).Then this process, and I are ignorant of the whole bulk of the force.The next day, the results of the league this side of the penalty out.We felt, I was listening to the players side of the story.

  At that time, NB 1.6 million to open a bar, open to Aq 160.In fact, you can see the transfer fee on the market this year, the 160, we are sure we will not hesitate to affirm the!I do not know why, anyway, later NB wealthy do not, people will not release me, finally mess like this now, we are embarrassed.But I think, our luck is quite good.I just want to be honest, if we bought Aq, then he was suspended, I do not know how to solve.

  2. Stake in the dispute is over


  Race teachers that contracts and equity, the idea was, if we talk of it, how to solve this thing?In fact, Xu Lei was finally told me that no matter what, he felt he was a teacher and race between two people is good.Including the specific amount, including specific programs, he was all finalized, according to Xu Lei is in accordance with his approach to the operation.

  As of today, can be considered complete, the shares were given to.But in here, I still have to explain.Tell the truth, in some places tournament teacher to say, in his understanding that no problem; but my understanding, I also talk about.

  We were given these players signed a three-year contract, what is the first idea?Hope to have a long-term team, then here to the stake, professional term called ESOP employee stock ownership plan, then at least you have to finish a three-year contract, the Baidu, you know.The plan was, so after a three-year contract, which is how much to give.If you do not finish, how to do it?It would have been difficult to deal with.Reasonable in the circumstances is difficult to deal with, I do not want him Bust, but he did not finish.

  Finally, a compromise figure, I feel okay.I saw water lovers say, the issue is race teacher salaries, then I look at it now.Race teacher when we signed the contract, he felt too cheap, is a second-tier players are not countersigned contract.

  Now, I''m going to ask why he went this year in the studio EHOME he also said, race is a great teacher morale of the players, I do not pay too willing to play in this year EHOME.Then the reason is very simple, because EHOME spent 200 million to buy him.Spent 200 million transfer fee, then the game will certainly have to give up their part of the teacher''s income.

  That question came, as if we had spent 300 million transfer fee to buy the tournament teacher.So why do we get no compensation?We pay no less hair, less than any team bar?

  3. B play God BP, understandable


  I will give you talk about 1988 on the issue of 1988 is an immature boss, but from last year to this year, whether in peacetime or explanation, he was in fact a lot of attention.I tell you that one of the most uncomfortable, in fact, the first year when a lot of times, I think our team game in the studio, looking at could not stand, very hard to accept, very disappointed.

  At that time I felt, sons of thunder really fast hardware, this game is so sad, he will have finished solution.I can put the studio closed, but he can not, he has to read, but must also be in accordance with his understanding to explain.I was convinced that his mental capacity was really good.So, I hope you can give us a little bit of tolerance two bosses.

  You say Xu Lei BP out of the game will not work, then I would say that the president is not also a play on?If BP is a lack of respect for the players, I do not know all the players LPL is how not respected.

  Out of the money, play with, or as I understand it a try, okay it?We are ordinary people, he will live a year that income, spend so much money every year in the team, is not it?I think from a different perspective, Race teachers feel that this matter is very lame, but I do not know what they see nothing being done That President Wang shots, do not know how they think.

  You ask me how 1988 character?I''m sitting here, it shows no problem character 1988.I''m not a fool, and a character people who have problems of cooperation.A lot of people see things from a point of view, he thought he saw was the truth tournament teacher from the perspective of the players, the club from the club''s point of view, the perspective from the boss boss.Everyone is different point of view, to understand each other.

  4. What is the cornerstone of the construction team?The special status Xxs and Boboka


  Many people say that our team why they might, the election of the two players (XXS & Boboka) made a cornerstone of the construction team.

  In fact, I would say, the construction team this matter, so how cornerstone?If our five players are willing to stay and fight, then there are five cornerstones?Why is there a cornerstone of the construction team, not because it was not going to play that to leave it?

  Why do you ask me X and Ka brother brother in this we have a special status?The reason is simple, in your most difficult and bitter, they stay with you.They did not want to team, is not no power, but they did not spade.Such people, the cornerstone of the construction team to do it too?

  I do not know if you understand how a professional player, I''ll give you an example.At that time, we go first to Ka brother, how about next year, do not go back to playing four ah?.Looking at playing four or five will do, look at your needs, it is Ka brother''s position.

  Chun brother was not the renewal of a problem, not a particularly good opportunities in the market, I let go and zhili brother talked X, X brother, or you turn one-year.My idea is, X brother fundamentals and strong, and hard on the line, cut into the mystery of the mammoth big move, make a One bit no problem.Let X let a brother play, is no way to approach.(Now) with Monet, how is it possible to make X brother turn?

  At that time X brother told me that a transfer can not turn two.To be able to demand a team player, to adjust their position, what insatiable?What good spray?

  4. The worst thing is that there 4am this year Galacticos, xiao8 is the strongest coach


  357 Besides, he is a very, very powerful coach.Before him, our players know about him is very limited, but a few months down the fight, the player said he was a very, very powerful coaches, they coach in a selected position.But 357 himself said, there is no line game, lack of motivation, he is not in a good working condition.

  Land told me that he wants to have a very competitive team to challenge (TI) this year.At that time he wrote me, the most satisfying single white scientists, is the most promising One bit Monet.We do not say how strong this team, but to meet the requirements of land.

  What is the worst this year?There is Galacticos 4AM.You think about it, if there is no 4AM, we is not had the opportunity to chat and FyGod May Wong?Including those who refuse and shoes, I have talked.But I have to say, in the transfer market, the boss Well what count!You talk to the players to train with you?Can you tell the players do coexist 24H?The boss is something, but the man is a fat contract.This year things sorry, no player nor coach along with me to talk to people.

  So now I say in advance, I would like to be able to play this year''s achievement.What if next year, I hope land, Monet, white scientists, X and Ka brother brother band with me to talk to people.We can do two first team, no budget constraints, I say.I want you to talk to people for me, the boss in the transfer market so weak, and I do not know what''s the use.

  In fact, I personally do not care rhythm.Online that I did not spend money, I do not care.4AM here I''m going to say a word, people a year four players freedom to spend less yet?2000 not a universal player you get four?

  Said, very simple, do you think the players on the cheap white whore it?Nothing more than that there is no transfer fee.I said, then I advocate clubs and players to sign long.Because the players signed to guaranteed long career, the club is about to sign in favor of the construction of the club''s lineup.

  Now all free players to sign to sign, in fact, the club needs long-term investment.If you just want this is what the lineup, I do not think you can produce good results.I think a team, a team needs at least three years to adjust.

  I suggest that you have signed long, the worst the worst players you can sell me.Now between the club, the whole transaction and move very little.I always thought that the strongest Chinese master coach was eight, because eight years to master the first EHOME, go talk to lobby their own Monet.This year also, four players and eight-pack master.I also want such a coach, what you want lineup, I can support you.But this team is you think you do, do not let me.Transfer, the boss really useless.

  5. Last year, LGD If the AME buy sensible point to us this year, perhaps they can renew fy and Maybe


  The idea is that (if) Monet able to casually kill you offer, then I.So we basically have no counter-offer, probably talking about 20 minutes to talk over.Really, I am grateful for the opportunity this RNG.

  In fact, our team, there is no money, no business logic, pure power with love.I saw these two days, some people say we bought Monet and white when scientists did not spend 11 million, 11 million with a contract and salary.

  No such thing, 11 million excluding tax, tax more expensive.Then comes the question?Do you really?I tell you one of the most simple logic.Monet accounted for 9 million contract as a whole, two million white scientists, we sent a stone.

  Have you ever thought, we have prepared a 20 million last year to buy AME, if LGD sensibly, the AME sell us, they may renew Maybe, Fy, but also buy a Monet.

  Sometimes, we all should sensibly possible our offer is not rational, but I am a very committed person of great importance, we buy AME is really, no kidding a little bit of meaning.Our cash in the account, you want a chance to become strong, we build team policy may not be the same as it.

  RNG money yet?Make money!We slaughtered yet?Fleeced!The problem is, he wants to make money, I want slaughtered, do a good achievement.RNG and we learn, is not a regular club terrier, really, to learn their philosophy.

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Xiao Fei talk about the transfer: Monet with white scientists spent a total of 11 million _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Xiao Fei talk about the transfer: Monet with white scientists spent a total of 11 million _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Xiao Fei talk about the transfer: Monet with white scientists spent a total of 11 million _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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