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Yen value that is justice, not to mention you still so strong _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



  Windrunner Windrunner popular treasure "breeze Huanpei" The launch, originally wearing a green cloak of archer Ranger turned to be slippery white silk princess shovel, enhance the value of the Yen after - with TI10 Warriors writ 575 class bonus become more fiery than before, disabled and selectivity at passers bureau also will rise.

  Windrunner As one of the turrets of the earliest popular hero, raising his hand to rely on its smooth, excellent ballistic attack and decent online capabilities, as well as Smart and elegant feel of operation, regardless of the version change of change, both by Windrunner Members favorite players.

  Black and white double bow

  In the ancient version of the turret, black and white double bow is very popular passers Bureau duo, skill mix Windrunner and Drow Ranger two sisters with them very strong.That time is small drow ranger aura skills, to increase the attack power to remote units and friendly hero based on a percentage of the value of the drow ranger agility, with concentrating Windrunner big move, again in black and white double bow hard human shields It will be instantly melted under the combined output.

  While it is within the halo effect drow ranger added to the Marksmanship big move, the halo effect is changed to increase agility for his teammates, black and white double bow has gradually been replaced by black Medusa''s snake double bow portfolio.But black and white double bow let passers Windrunner shine in office, but also for her to be able to board the CW stage, laid the foundation.

  "If the No. 3 online undead potential energy, it is a qualified No. 3, No. 3 if the potential energy of immortality also mingled experience, it is an excellent No. 3, No. 3 if eating experience may also pressing opposite brother to play, it is YYF "

  Windrunner first to inferior status of single CW took to the stage in the all-powerful version of Maple man, the inferior road can be described as a true "martyr Road", was popular shunt 311 to play III position is extremely demanding, to online play 3 1.III position five minutes Level 1 is the game can often be seen in the picture, even a single player to be able to eat bad experience, intentionally die to marauders line, but YYF can be used not only popular at the time were at a disadvantage Road 1 hit 3 experience to eat in the case, pressing each other and even playing Big brother.TI2 on the lower bracket finals, YYF popular on the surgeon who led the iG beat LGD, comeback in the final and beat NaVi, get the Second International Invitational Championship. He uses a phase in the game, Macon, pushing attire route also became the standard after a single bad popular attire.

  DOTA 2 charm and style of play that version of the hero diversity of ever-changing, with YYF retired, Windrunner gradually embarked on the road disadvantage from a single location.

  Windrunner as a strong-to-wire capability in a single, can often be used as a game Jones in the face of some of the single line tyrants, such as Viper, Hasi Ka, have very good results, but Because of its popularity are too fragile physique, and features extremely restrained Monkey King Bar, is extremely unstable in the latter part of the play, non-popular brother learned the hard to master .

  Foreign players also have a popular hit performance against the unique skills, he is single now Nigma of --w33.

  w33 Fame Championships in Shanghai special, as was the single secret clan, Secret team can win the Winter Championship, w33 contributed, in the last final, w33 popular resorted to their own unique skills, the audience repeatedly use hit a stunning double bundle bound to lead secret big devil attitude won the special Championships title.

  In the first contest after 2019 to replace MATUMBAMAN added Liquid (Nigma) - the epicenter Cup Major, Liquid it won the runner-up results.w33 used on the Cup the epicenter of the 8 Windrunner, after three losses, phase 5 wins javelin naked directly play BKB gradually phased out a small hammer loaded line before, you are learning to use popular players.

  Windrunner is not only loved by the players in the game, outside the game, but also a popular hero cosplay.

  DOTA 2 of female hero model looks very different, you coser for DOTA 2 hero''s performance is each with charm, corps commander of the valiant; Templar Assassin glamorous; dragon fruit cute little fairy.Windrunner its mysterious playful style, but also by coser everybody''s favorite, we are looking forward to after coser whether there will be able to treasure interpretation of the version of the Windrunner.

  2018 perfect herb festival Windrunner coser-

  Finally, the players are also welcome to reply to his own opinion about the popularity of those unique area in the comments, tips, or wear on Windrunner take treasure recommendation.

  Also remind you, the Warriors will now be TI10 writ upgrade to 575, you can receive include Windrunner treasure - treasure, including three Huanpei breeze, both physically and mentally and massive monumental collection of awards, after the Warriors writ, and treasure body and mind will be permanently out of print and no longer available, you have not yet reached the level, this is not the last chance to seize, as a wave of white silk bound feet of a princess sprint.

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Yen value that is justice, not to mention you still so strong _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Yen value that is justice, not to mention you still so strong _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Yen value that is justice, not to mention you still so strong _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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