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Yin and yang of the line: Maybe Inflame Lianmai live text excerpts _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



  Yesterday at 20:00 of time, long live Maybe not reopened, and even with what little brother wheat commentary Ehome-CDEC game, explain the process can be said to be a master contest of strength, yin and yang to each other.The following is an excerpt of our taped commentary Maybe & Inflame finishing ~

  About flash game teacher and personal strength

  Inflame: Do you think this teacher and the game hanging ah who AME?

  Maybe: both are hanging hanging, both sides have a chance to win.

  Inflame: I just live commentary, there was a barrage of quite right to say.He said a commentary under the judge should have the courage.

  Maybe: right ah, so I was playing ah, ah brother you''re talking about, so I was playing in the above, you are looking at the following ah.

  Inflame: Now you''re optimistic about it, you have to look to the side by Well.

  Maybe: No, I like to play, do not like to see.Certainly not you know.What do you think, look at the players, there of winning bigger?

  Inflame: I think there Ehome to be a little worse.

  Maybe: it is this terrible Naga than this monkey?

  Inflame: I think people Ehome worse than the opposite.

  Maybe: Ehome''s personal strength worse than the opposite or what?

  Inflame: I think that.Ehome powerful team logo.

  Maybe: Your reason is to see the team logo?

  Inflame: Yes Man!No, if you replaced the CDEC team logo, team logo that is CDEC hanging ah.

  Maybe: Well, to say, you blow me?You blow PSG.LGD right?You mean now which hang PSG.LGD team logo on the side wins, mean it is?

  Inflame: this is the meaning of it!

  Inflame world champion

  Maybe: Inflame world champion thanks to send aircraft!

  Inflame: Hey, thanks for Inflame world champion sent the aircraft wailing May Wong.

  Maybe: Hey, you TI7 win that would feel who hit the hardest?

  Inflame: Yeah the old godfather!

  Maybe: when we dish, brothers.

  Inflame: If you come up on the winning way!

  Inflame: You win when TI8 which opponents feel good to play?

  Maybe: Well, you Ti8 in which team was it?

  Inflame: I did not change the team ah Ti8.

  Maybe: ah?Ti8 you did not change the team ah?

  Inflame: you just say what you fight the mentality of chanting Ti8.

  Maybe: right ah, ah you help me recall from your Ti8 in which the team began to recall ah.

  Inflame: Haha, certainly something to do with me.

  Maybe: right ah, you come to a team in which?

  Inflame: As far as we are with other teams to win it together, and then you die championship fight OG.Is how to win OG, concrete would you say it.

  Maybe: uh.Tut. Other forgot, anyway, you do not match the impression not so deep ah.

  Speaking sniper Dragon

  Maybe :( explain the game) Fortunately, a small Presbyterian kill.

  Inflame: A few days ago, you have been to kill Lao Chen ah.

  Maybe: uh.Hey, yeah.

  Inflame: quality so low it?The beginning that came out feeling not many people believe ah.

  Maybe: uh.

  Inflame: Now you feel it less and less fun.

  Maybe: No, you know that day Presbyterian birthday?I was over to Presbyterian birthday ah.I greeted him in advance ah, I''m not very sinister surprise attack.I''m honest.

  Inflame: You tell him that I stay with you play?

  Maybe: right ah, I said I come to you to play tomorrow, are you single.then!Then, the key point here you know it, then a single day this B did not play, then all Dragon came in, and then the next day or the third day, the Dragon off the air.

  Inflame: They are the little team you play directly crashes?

  Maybe: uh.Brothers, Dragon is really miserable, it was accidental injury to you know it?

  Inflame: Dragon 30-year-old man, hit hard a professional player, I feel tired heart.

  Maybe: brother.I forgot to brush that the Dragon.

  Shoes call you

  Maybe: Well, that.Shoes call you!

  Inflame: He called me doing?

  Maybe: I do not know, anyway, he yells at you.He called you by my side.

  Inflame: I think the quality of shoes not so low ah, he is not scold you, you tell me.If he yells at you I absolutely help you fight back.

  Maybe: no no.

  Inflame: He called me, I do not care ah, I do not hit a career.I scolded scolded me chant.

  Maybe: is the case, he said dish B, then I think certainly not call me.

  Inflame: so that he had any brains.

  Maybe: he scold you and I put him closed, accustomed!

  Inflame: ah, as long as he say one, he sealed.

  Maybe: may be.

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Yin and yang of the line: Maybe Inflame Lianmai live text excerpts _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Yin and yang of the line: Maybe Inflame Lianmai live text excerpts _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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Yin and yang of the line: Maybe Inflame Lianmai live text excerpts _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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