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You are the electric light you are you are the only myth!Razor Raiders _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



  Well, today we want to tell you a razor, we look at this unique three-blade architecture, S shaped curve.


  emmmm.Wait, take the wrong manuscript.Today we introduce a razor DOTA 2.


  [] DOTA 2 electric soul, oh so long (with accessories)


  [Razor] DOTA1 so long oh ~

  [---------- initial property / background setting DESCRIPTION ----------

  Lightning Ghost - razor (Razor) (referred to as: electric batons, electric soul,) set the background electrical work in the soul of the dead souls of eternal maze of Market, the use of full lightning whip to drive the soul choose bright or dark hell exports.

  (There aristocratic dress of breath.)

  22 + 2 [force].6 (electric soul, although the main agile hero, but not low initial strength, especially in the growth of each level)

  [Agility] 22 + 1.8 (electric soul is agile hero, but not quick growth of high-strength properties, ice frog is so set a certain reason, you can look at later mix of skills)

  21 + 1 [intelligence].8 (law-abiding intelligence)

  [Attack] 45-47 (slightly lower initial attack)

  Attack frequency [1].7 (1.27/1.33s)

  [Attack] from 475 (as a remote hero, attack distance slightly shorter)

  [2000] ballistic flight speed

  [3] Armor.4 (fairly substantial armor)

  [] 25% magic resistance (initial magic resistance most of the heroes, not calculate the strength properties increase magic resistance)

  [285] moving speed (moving slightly slower speed)

  [0] turn rate.5

  [Day / night] 1800/800

  [Health] 596 + 1.6 (because of the high strength to grow, so the upper limit of the amount of blood has been improved)

  [Mana] 327 + 1.3 (not low intelligence give bonus magic cap)

  ---------- [skill details / application description] ----------


  [Field] plasma (shortcut key F), after clicking skills to hero as the focal point release, damage type magic, can not ignore the skills immunity.

  Skill in the use of aperture spread out to touch the enemy will suffer an injury, according to the distance and razor farther, the greater the damage to the aperture after reaching the maximum contraction came back again will trigger damage, injury.

  Minimum damage 30/50/70/90

  The highest damage 160/230/300/370

  Scope 700

  Cooling time 14 seconds, 125 mana

  A secondary damage to a back, depending on the distance of the distance, different injuries.

  (Such as a residual blood enemy escape, within reach of our range, we can control let him walk as far away from us, but can eat the greatest damage skills, to achieve maximum output)

  (Of course, is the distance and the range of skills and enemies of residual blood volume calculated that it calculates a bad player, or try to close it more than a physical attack)



  (ALT key to hide explanation)

  [Static] connection (shortcut C), the skills required to use click goals can only act on the enemy hero, able to ignore the magic-free, and can not be dispelled.

  Electrostatic connection between the razor and an enemy hero, learn to attack targets razor.

  Connection for 8 seconds

  Attack power bonus duration of 18 seconds.

  ATK draw 7/14/21/28 per second of aggregate draw. [8] 56/112/168/224 attack

  Cooling time 65 40/35/30/25 mana

  No matter how much the opponent''s attack, as long as you can not disconnect the attack continued extraction until the current drawn cap.

  (Extracted attack the enemy, regardless of the use of black and yellow props or other means, we can not return the attack in the electric soul skills effective duration)

  (Only connected by more than a certain distance in order to pull off electricity to extract the soul of attack)

  (Electric soul Why agility is relatively low and relatively low attack, because the attack this skill can greatly improved electric soul, it is necessary to make certain changes in the balance.Each hero can form their own characteristics, ice frog is really very hard)

  Whether or dizziness skills control skills can not dodge electrostatic soul connection extraction attack, if the extraction, reuse empty big move is very difficult to want to output, then the (attack are being drained)

  (Static connections in the void Tali still pumping attack, will not move to stop the big void)

  Only by pulling off soul props or skills to sufficient displacement distance of static electricity connection, and then further select attack or retreat, is the sensible way.



  (ALT key to hide explanation)

  [Current] instability passive skills, damage type magic, can not ignore the magic-free, can be dispelled.

  Movement speed of the razor, and randomly selecting about every 5 seconds a current is applied to a unit.Current damage and slow down and disperse the buff.

  Movement speed of 4% / 8% / 12% / 16%

  Discharge interval 5 seconds

  Deceleration duration 0.5/1/1.5/2

  Slowing effect 40%

  60/100/140/180 damage

  Scope 350

  Because cooling time of 5 seconds is passive, so no mana.

  It can be seen empty blue fat to increase the BUFF effect, the soul of electric current unstable after hitting the void, BUFF instantly dissipated, and causing injury.

  This skill often give you cause unexpected results, such as an enemy and you''re A, calculated by the naked eye, need to attack the enemy once you''re dead, and electric soul needs two times, you can rest assured with the enemy continues to go on A when,

  He found he was dead, in fact, the soul of electric power passive put him to death, the enemy often do not pay attention to these small details, like the result of miscalculation of the amount of blood.

  This skill is one of the capital and close Razor person A, more than a damage every 5 seconds, but also to get rid of BUFF.

  (But to make up the knife, it will not be too close to the soldier, and not easy to control blood line soldier.)

  (Electricity will be relatively uncomfortable in line to take the initiative to attack during the electric soul, then, in particular the slowing effect of the moment, turned particularly uncomfortable.)

  The initial movement speed (electric soul bottom but also because this will increase the movement speed of the balance.)


  [Eye of the Storm] (shortcut E), directly to themselves as the center point of the release of the skills, the type of injury is physical, because it is physical, so ignore the magic-free, and can not be dispelled.

  After use in the formation of a thundercloud Razor head, they will attack the surrounding, and weakens the armor.

  Scepter can upgrade.

  Every hit will be the lowest amount of blood within the range of the enemy target, and received a hero against static electricity connection priority action.

  Scope 500

  Duration 30 seconds

  Blow interval 0.7/0.6/0.5

  Armor weakened 1

  Hurt 40/55/70

  Cooldown mana 100/150/200 80/70/60

  We can see that in the multi-target thundercloud is immediately attacked, when the electrostatic connection, a void has been attacked, and attack at every Thundercloud 1, will void the armor-1 (no upper limit)

  Open after the big move with static electricity connection (do not forget the passive output oh), almost no melee dare cheek and electric soul battle line and bar.

  (A comparison of meat and just climbed back might be a battle armor!)

  ---------- [talent / plus point selection] ----------


  [10] need to increase output talent, moving speed, armor +15 Agility can choose.Disadvantage or need to hold the top front of the meat you can choose the value of life +200

  [15] talent necessary to increase the moving speed chase / escape + 4% may select the moving speed of the current instability.Fighting you need to increase the output of the selection +7 electrostatic force to draw connections attack

  [20] talent you need to choose the big move to improve the output of -0.1 Eye of the Storm blow interval.Weaknesses or needs in front of you when choosing anti-armor MT of +10.

  [25] talent you need to slow down or increase the output of the current instability in selected 3 sec intervals.IAS genre play like mechanism of selection +100 attack speed.


  [1] usually after learning level static connection pumping attack, after all, pre-smoked attack, a lot of heroes are afraid to talk to you just the front (can kite deceleration / physical attacks except MISS), easy to grab money rune / control with teammates blood kill 1.

  [Level 2] Some like learning plasma field to improve the range of the output of AOE, some like the current instability passive learning, based on this style of play fighting and personal choice, nothing to say.

  [3] Class 1 can learn a multi-stage electrostatic connection increasing the maximum extraction force to pressure the enemy attack, you can learn each have 1-3 more balanced level 1.

  [4] mainly depends on the individual level and style of play fighting and the top, under the premise of skills are 1-3, selectivity to add personal style of play.

  [5] mainly depends on individual play and fighting and the top, under the premise of skills are 1-3, selectivity to add personal style of play.

  [6] Of course there is a big move large school recruit friends ~ ~

  ---------- [prop] with the skills to use ----------


  The choice of shoes, green shoes after the attack will reduce the effect, to rule out.

  Followed by Arcane, electric soul very lack of blue, and if the team needs you to do Macon, you can consider out, and then turn Guard Greaves, but generally do not play that game.

  Next is usually late or team battles such a frequent flying shoes, nor a priority.

  The rest is fake legs and shoes phase, this depends on personal style to choose, the shoes have to chase people and escape the phase speed boost advantage.

  Artificial leg has been improved physical attacks and attack speed advantage, but also three attributes switch.

  Therefore, in accordance with the personal style of play selection in the middle of an artificial leg and phase bar shoes!


  Can improve the mid Dragonlance magic attack Razor distance slightly and some of the meat stays.

  Pole again and again again and again the movement speed of the various properties, but also very suitable for the electric soul.

  Macon look at the situation or need you out.

  If you need anti teammate before or out of a pioneer Dayton better, after all, it is agile hero, not quite enough meat.

  Drums This cost-effective thing, a better.

  Razor less afraid of physical A, comparative law trouble broke out across legal systems outbreak is high, can be a challenge headscarf (hijab challenges version now has a personal absorb 325 magic damage insulation skills, and remember to use)


  Pushing rods can increase their kill / chance to escape.

  Athos (control software can control two seconds, and hold some of the meat) and hair can attack with more static connection to draw enemy.

  First electrostatic extraction connection attack, so when the enemy is about to depart from the scope of the hair up to the enemy, the enemy was during the hair of static electricity snapped open as long as no connection, it is still able to get ATK!

  (2.5 seconds of blowing time, sufficient electric soul pumping a lot of attack!)

  (And the lack of control for the electric soul, the hair is also a good to keep people props, hair can interrupt the channeling of TP.)

  (For example, after you smoke a lot of attack, the enemy dependent on sufficient blood, in front of your face TP (3 seconds) to go home, but you do not have any control skills, which would be very embarrassing)


  The need for anti-electric soul in the first line, the support of some meat is necessary.

  A physically carry the redness / anti-law insight pipe broke

  Long heart stays high output, improved armor Assault

  Three attributes of ice eyes and increase the physical attacks sticky deceleration

  A prop prop climbed use and resistance and high blood enemies just hard, harder than anyone else head!


  Butterflies and Satan lift chain lightning AOE after their brother and enemy of physical capital A, a large hammer can increase the physical attack triggered

  Dagger flexibility to cut back, breaking the enemy''s armband after the show burst opponent''s operation, large hidden knife attack rogue steal passive!

  Still able to get during stealth attack, as long as the distance is not exceeded pulled off static electricity connection.

  (Pumping full force after the attack to break the enemy''s passive, enjoy the right to beat the enemy!)

  [] To output black and yellow Scepter, first stand firm, untenable output is simply not output!



  Here we look at the A battle focus, equipped with electric soul A battle after the big move can cause damage to the towers, barracks, sites, buildings, and to enhance the fight against interval 0.6/0.5/0.4


  Delicate heart can increase the cooldown of skills and big strokes back after causing damage to the blood results.


  Refresh the ball CD refresh time for the electric soul really quite cost-effective!


  First BKB the shorter the elapsed time from the initial 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

  When the black and yellow Scepter takes five seconds, the refresh ball refresh time, and then once BKB, 5 + 5 = 10 (corresponding to a new Black King Bar)

  First electrostatic connection to extract an enemy attack, then you can apply again and again a refresh oh!

  Extraction attack becomes twice the upper limit of the original ceiling!

  (Level 4, then the electrostatic connection 280 + 280 = 560 attack, two from falling Sword!)

  Another point worth noting is that the use of the Eye of the Storm is refreshed by it, while the presence of two big move!

  Refresh Black King Bar on with the invincible 10 seconds, A battle to strengthen the demolition of buildings, demolitions you all the way to high ground, no problems!

  ---------- [current version] ---------- actual data analysis


  From pioneer to the extraordinary victory of winning [43].8% -34.8%, showing that electric soul in the low-end fish ponds Bureau still in very good, but after the high-end office, will be considerable for, so winning percentage decline!

  Extraordinary victory from the vanguard of the battle [43].88% -1.73% in the low-end electric soul ponds was often a player choose to use, to high-end office after more than likely to be for, and do not choose to use it.

  From pioneer to extraordinary victory rate of [banned] 0.62% -0.28% in the low-end electric soul Bureau or fish pond has a chance to be disabled (off the hook too will play electric soul / sick over it, so the disabled), and to high-end office, because they were much more against generally not take the initiative to choose electric soul, so the chance of dropped disabled.

  (Now, however Leveling basically a werewolf, UHF, spiders choose three heroes, enemies and use their understanding of the level of the hero and difficult for the points.)

  Razor generally red front row, fierce dash, much to kill, die and more, so the amount is between 8-10, naturally assists followed more.

  On natural selection are more like physical IAS genre on select Properties.


  A few days before winning a slight increase in electric soul of this week, a few days after a significant decline, then there are little to enhance the trend.


  The choice of shoes is the phase most of the shoes, choose a variety of props A battle is the highest of pole this price props also have a lot of people like to use.


  Razor most restraint is so dependent pat bear attack hero.

  Razor is the most restrained and meat and hard to kill the evil master


  Most likely with electric soul is advancing with such a hero Chen.

  ----------【Life-long learning】----------

  [1]: to share these Raiders, not just to those who I will, I know, I play left veterans of the Great God see.

  [2]: to share these Raiders, who are newcomers to the newly added, had not yet learned to understand these tips, advanced players would like to see efforts.

  [3]: see posts, replies, comments look complete, do not put out of context some of their own did not see full meaning to magnify regional jet of spray to spray, do not ignore those at the most important advantages and unique insight into the!

  [4]: only if we work together, to share, to learn more techniques and skills, if you have a better, more 666 tips and posture may wish to share with you, so that we can learn you a unique insight into a variety of heroes place ~

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You are the electric light you are you are the only myth!Razor Raiders _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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You are the electric light you are you are the only myth!Razor Raiders _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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You are the electric light you are you are the only myth!Razor Raiders _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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