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You can also point he crossed the line of soldiers



  background story:

  Tinker Bausch short races with their unique wisdom, cunning and magic is known for hostility.For pride, complete with their own wisdom to survive through rational scientific method only to the rational use of natural forces.However, even magic so strictly prohibited, but also gives them a lot of trouble, which is fully understood Baus.As a former principal investigator of the laws of nature, Tinker Pausch legendary misty violet plateau established an underground laboratory, where the leadership of a number of studies on the operation of the law of nature.Out of contempt for the magician who brought to the world of hurt, Bausch and his assistant tinker with pride, opened a portal, the other end of the door is a country beyond the cognitive ability of mere mortals, so they disastrous.Black mist rising from the cave violet plateau, the plateau cover constantly emitting a horrible sound of eternal darkness.Pausch with his wit organs means to escape, became the sole survivor of the accident violet plateau tinker.

  Basis of property (intellectual hero)

  Life 473

  Magic 351

  Power 17 (+2 per level)

  Agility 13 (+1 per level.2)

  Intelligence 27 (+2 per level.2)

  49 to 55 initial attack

  Initial Armor 3.82

  550 attack range

  View (day / night) 1800/800

  The moving speed of 305

  900 ballistic speed

  Front caster roll / rear roll 0.53/0.5

  After the attack before the shake / shake 0.35/0.65

  TINKER the hero can be said to be a veteran of the CW hero, is in addition to the law, such as silence ball, outside Blackbird late hero has a strong capability of late.We all know that general intelligence heroes are early and late by eating skills have inevitably reduced soy sauce.Because there is no strong physical output, and power armor poor and low growth in the late team fights hard to ensure the survival.And Tinker belong to an intellectual hero in the unique.Early outbreak of a strong legal system, relying on the mid-flying shoes and has a strong ability to support the battlefield, with the latter four lines, equipment is also very easy to lead across one or two large.But want to play the hero still has some difficulty.Here we introduce his skills.

  Property index

  DPS Index: 7.2

  Push Index: 9.9

  Gank Index: 7.1

  Auxiliary Index: 6.0

  Human shields Index: 4.9

  Group fights Index: 6.0



  Shortcuts E

  Active skills

  A laser transmitter unit to the target, dealing damage and blinding him and around him 3 seconds. 3 seconds attack fails 100%

  Casting distance: 550 Cooling time: 14 seconds Level 1: causing 80 damage, magic. 95 Level 2: causing 160 damage, manacost 120 points Level 3: causing 240 damage, manacost 145 point scale 4: causing 320 damage, mana cost 170 points

  Tinker pre-primary damage skills, but also on the line nirvana, in time to fight with people is very easy to use, can not help but considerable damage, and the blinding effect of the additional 3 seconds, Duron SF kind of hero, pre-fill mainly by knife to eat, give him a laser after he had gone with you to the point of capital can only wretched.SF so do not make up a knife attack no hero, you can also cross the line point of his soldiers, and then point to his laser, to suppress his blood, so he can not come up the knife.Laser recommend pre-primary plus.

   Thermal conductivity missile

  Shortcuts: T

  Active skills

  Tinker thermal conductivity launch missiles, attack the nearest hero.Heroes must be within one''s own field of vision, range 2500.

  Cooling time: 25 seconds Level 1: Attack a hero, causing 100 damage.Mana cost 120 points Level 2: attack a hero, causing 175 points of damage.Mana cost 140 points Level 3: Attack two heroes, each hero deals 250 damage.Mana cost 160 points Level 4: Attack two heroes, each hero deals 325 damage.Mana cost 180 points

  Within the range of 2500, as long as they can be hit in their own field of vision, level 4 can attack two heroes, opposite late if you wear high ground, you can stand back your life brush missile consume blood.Tinker is also a pre-main damage skills.Coupled with missiles and laser damage Pugong itself, in the early still relatively easy to take away some of anemia and mental agility hero heroes.Plus a recommended pre-primary.8 points over.

   Robot to enter

  Shortcuts C

  Active skills

  Summoned a large group of robot causing damage to nearby enemy units.This ability to ignore magic immunity.

  Cooling time: 35 seconds Level 1 - 16 points for each robot causing damage, the magic point consumed 135 Level 2 - 24 points each robot causing damage manacost 150 3- point scale for each robot 32 points of damage caused, magic consumption of 165 points level 4 - each robot causing 40 points of damage, mana cost 190 points

  This skill is a small robot in the latter part of major repair proficient skills, AOE damage, and to ignore or physical damage BKB.When using the best place twice, the release angle 90 degree angle.The route is a little robot hero facing toward you, so long as adjust the angle on the list released.2 wave small robots can be basically perfect closing out a wave of soldier.The recommended time to start plus 10.


  Shortcuts: R

  Active skills

  Tinker refill his weapon, immediately refresh the cooldown of all skills and items.

  Cooling time: 0 Level 1 - filling time of 3 seconds, the magic point consumed 150 Level 2 - loading time of 2 seconds, the magic point consumed 250 Level 3 - filling time of 1 second, the magic point consumed 350

  Reloading this skill is the essence of the hero repair where the source of all his outbreaks are from the times, you can refresh all the skills and cooling items.In addition to the ball and refresh BKB.In a version of TINKER be refreshed version of BKB, a patch is simply invincible, he came across someone directly open BKB fly away, only to have to ignore the election Beastmaster this magic free of vertigo skills of the hero can, then followed again the next version, the patch will not be able to refresh BKB, but I think this does not prevent his powerful.Niubi place this skill we would say in a presentation''s equipment.

  Skills plus points

  Basically all of the pre-ET TINKER are to the point, when the nine plus one refill, and then supplemented over after the big move to fill C.The reason not to fill the big move because three large consumption of magic trick is too high, in the absence of pre-equipment support situation, TINKER it is easy to brush the two sets of skills is no magic.Now had a kind of pre-primary primary C E Cock silk shoes mixed TINKER play weaknesses of the road, but I think this play will lose the essence of the hero of repair, not very recommended in this.

  On-line skills and attire

  At first we talked, TINKER hero of this line is not difficult, as long as attention is not like people walk.Early can rely on laser repression across hero up the knife and ballistic shot TINKER are very good, the initial attack or, with a little practice you can make a good, TINK I recommend pre-high property and low supplies out, a group of tree branches hanging to eat tree, and then hold the shoe bottle.Hopefully about four minutes shoe bottles of respect there, a lot of people like to play TINK 6 began to walk, I do not agree with this play TINKER early and still have to play the money line is busy, it is best not to blindly walk, who at any time with TP, enough support from various quarters.All for TINKER core equipment - flying shoes.Subject to the normal two heads up the knife, then generally TINKER9 level when you can get on the flying shoes, and this time is the most powerful TINKER start full-class laser guided missile, has stepped bottles flying shoes 1 again filling, can support battlefield at any time, the tug of war is not afraid.Missiles can brush under the direct station tower, if it is to push the tower after the meeting I recommend a tower or one eye highlands eye, so you can brush missile certainly not in vain, so that the opposite off guard.After longer have these things, I suggest a ring of the soul, the soul quit this thing is really the best TINKER. 9 flying shoes hanging bottle is 700 TINKER a general magic, but if they can quit the soul can have double the amount of magic, saving armor recharge time.

  After re-equipment must be selected according to the situation, and want to play the mysterious can choose to jump knife Rouge.Specific play is so opposite hero making money, flying shoes flying soldier of the shadows while SHITF jump, jump missile robot + + + red laser stick has passed, and then eat the bottle to refresh the soul to jump past the ring laser Rouge missiles, Blood 1200 the following basic hero can spike.Of course, this is the style of play under the relatively smooth situation.

  If not ring true, then choose BKB, pushing the route to enhance their ability to survive and battlefield roundabout, after all, you can always go home TINKER supply, as long as the die can have output.An output kick pushed away again a refresh, recharge and then fly back home to call a wave.

  Late TINKER optional equipment is also very much, I have the following these recommendations, the first sheep knife TINKER I think it is necessary, 2.5 seconds point control, but the big move only Level 3 needs to be refreshed a second time, can do infinitely sheep, sheep knife and bring back the magic of ultrahigh also very good.

  Secondly, I recommend Ice Armor, DPS is well known that the latter is the physical world, in spite of the late TINKER have the ability, but growing too quickly led to his armor is too small, so the ice armor either a deceleration armor and skills as well as high AOE it is the perfect choice TINKER.

  The third I recommend Manta, TINKER have equipment on the basis of certain equipment under normal attack is also very good.And further enhanced with the ability to push the tower TINKER line, and points behind can also relieve the body of DEBUFF, when you can wear across the Highlands decentralization little robot across the tower and then use up spare mill tower, opposite the bowls you brush up missile.

  I recommend the fourth Necronomicon.After the opposite if anything BH, people fish, SA stealth hero, I generally Necronomicon soul in the ring began to do, there is a real Necronomicon, attack well, with line effect is first-rate, but also increase the movement speed , under equal conditions with the big move on perennial with a real gem, the only drawback is the operating requirements of the players a bit high.

  In my opinion God installed TINK is flying shoes sheep knife Ice Armor Dagger Necronomicon Manta avatar can also be replaced by BKB Rouge.This control is equipped with a living have had outbreaks reply.

  to sum up

  Another point to note is that the players play TINKER sometimes very easy to get all the money to his teammates brushing his teammates have no money to play, so I play TINKER half is more dangerous brush line, the soldiers line the better TP shadows give directly after their late to collect, gather in a dangerous line, but a lot of people know now TINKER this play, it will choose some enemies squatting next to come online just waiting for you TINKER brush, then go up meal call away, so play TINKER always pay attention to the small map, whether to support or brush line.

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You can also point he crossed the line of soldiers

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You can also point he crossed the line of soldiers

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You can also point he crossed the line of soldiers

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