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You can not stop the creeps refresh




  One.background story

  La Naya, Templar Assassin, has been walking on the road in search of all things.She has a thirst for knowledge of the heart, very early on to focus on the study of natural law - books on magic and alchemy of very fascinated, trying to reproduce the experimental Jiguangpianyu she found in the archives described in violet and back down file custodians of the experimental observations.Because of her quiet and secretive nature, coupled with these things get difficult, La Naya''s stealth technique has been further strengthened.If she is not a little low-key, she may become a Master Thief Thieves Guild which everyone admired the.But her research she will step by step into a more bizarre dead.Just when she will be his secret talent is completely dedicated to exploring the secrets of the universe, has unwittingly opened another door: hidden entrance of the church.Entrance on the other side of life wisdom has long been waiting for her, and they told La Naya they found many secrets, but when they told La Naya she can be a church service, these secrets are what a lot of money.She vowed to guard these secrets, but more importantly, for the church service to meet her thirst for knowledge endless.In the eyes of the enemy to kill her, she gradually saw the secrets have been looking for.

   two. Hero basis of property

  Life: 492

  Magic: 260

  Armor: 4

  Attack: 53-59

  Speed: 305

  Field of view: 1800/800

  Attack Distance: 140

  Ballistic speed: 900

  Before the attack after shaking / rock: 0.3 + 0.5

  Shake before casting / post-rock: 0.3 + 0.51

  Base Attack interval: 1.7


  Heroes growth in the following figure:


  three. Hero skills introduced and analysis


  1 Skills: Refractive

  Clever use of her psionic veil, Templar Assassin become very elusive, dodge attacks while achieving a certain number of bonus damage.Addition of these effects are independent and have a certain number of uses of.

  Skills: No Target

  Damage type: Physical

  Refractive: 3/4/5/6

  Additional damage: 20/40/60/80

  Duration: 17/17/17/17

  Mana: 100

  Cooldown: 17

  Skill details: ① remove class life without harm to disregard refraction (refraction will not reduce the number of times).② Only five or more damage will trigger refractive


  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Refraction is the Templar Assassin save your life, the more towers to fend off hurt, powerful skills increase attack power.Note that although the refractive effect is very strong, but the disadvantages of the refractive also very clear, particularly in such a hero with the Queen on the timeline, continue to hurt the girl''s poison dart is very easy to get rid of refraction, as well as acidity alchemist spray skills, etc., are very restrained refractive effect.Need to pay attention when the turn-on timing refractive therefore that these heroes on the line.


  2 Skill: Occult

  Templar assassin will hide himself in stationary when in stealth.The next attack reduce the enemy''s armor, gains any bonus.

  Skills: No Target

  Impact: Physical

  Additional damage: 50/100/150/200

  Armor weakening: 2/4/6/8

  Mana: 50/50/50/5

  Cooling time: 7

  Skill details: ① In addition to stay still, all the action will break the occult.② The towers invalid

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Templar Assassin ultra-high damage skills, the effect not only can play a lot of damage, but also can reduce the other armor.Note that hidden when it is hidden in place, so the enemy can be informed of your location in order to use aoe skills hurt.Or directly using a developing dust so using hidden need to grasp the opportunity, can not long stay in place.


  3 Skill: Psi Blade

  Psionic Blades Templar Assassin can be sharp shuttling between the enemy, splash damage on the enemy directly behind the enemy, while increasing the range of attack.

  Skills: Passive

  Damage type: pure

  Attack lifting distance: 60/120/180/240

  Skill details: ① splash damage can hurt invisible units ② attack effects, and hit only valid for the main target.③ attack on the illusion does not sputter.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Psionic Blades Templar Assassin lets transformed from a melee assassin, assassin to be a remote type.And it can cause splash damage on the enemy directly behind, attention is directly behind the enemy.Must be out of a straight line, while the sputtering effect can be triggered by the attack had Fang Xiaobing.


  4 skills: Psionic Trap

  Templar Assassin will be a mysterious invisible trap down to monitor the movements of the enemy, when she started trap, regional enemy''s movement speed will be reduced by 5% per second, up to 50% reduction.

  Skills: point target

  The maximum number of pitfalls: 5/8/11

  Mana: 15/15/15

  Cooldown: 11/9/7

  Skill details: ① trap is no time limit.2 seconds after placing ② gradually enter stealth, immune to magic, with 100 hit points.Traps have 400/400 vision ③, can not stop the creeps refresh.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Templar Assassin slow down the other side when the spirit can not be used to trap gank.A more important role is used to control the character, and therefore when the stage 6 can be immediately put spirit traps to channel.Psionic Trap''s mana cost is very low, so it does not consonance, in a number of key junctions placed on a spiritual energy trap is likely to provide perspective for you at a critical time, or at the time of deceleration can kill each other.

  four.Hero positioning Templar Assassin

  Lanaya positioned in the team are pseudo-core, ganker, strong exporter.Players often need to be online to walk, drive the overall rhythm of the field.Under his teammates, kill each other, Templar Assassin does not have a hard-control skills, so it is necessary to control one''s own teammates skills.Lanaya has a very strong ability to control character, so that when eating or double damage rapidly break character, go online gank decisive.

   Fives. Lanaya add and attire

  Templar Assassin primary refraction can have a better ability to make soldiers of the line and the ability to give each other a lot on the line pressure.With the occult can easily blow the other crippled home.


  Templar Assassin out the attire is recommended:

  (1). Random selection, Money 825

  Branch * 3 (53x3) + Sacrificial tree (125) + messenger animals (150) = 434

  (2). After the random selection of exchange, money 725

  Branch * 3 (53x3) + Sacrificial tree (125) + messenger animals (150) = 434

  (3). Manual selection, Money 625

  Branch * 3 (53x3) + Sacrificial tree (125) + messenger animals (150) = 434

  (4). Re-select, money 475

  Branch * 3 (53x3) + Sacrificial tree (125) + messenger animals (150) = 434

  Equipment selection before mid Templar Assassin:

  Templar Assassin need first thing in the middle of a magic bottle which is why only go out loaded with tree branches and sacrifice, so you can quickly make magic bottle, followed by a phase shoe increase attack power and machine power, can in this period Incidentally, the big magic wand to do it.Followed by a tough drum or jump knife, with dagger Templar Assassin can show them in a small operation, with hidden heavy blow, and strong ability to kill, is the weapon of the wind Bureau.Then dark off, very powerful output equipment.

  Templar Assassin late attire recommended:

  By the late Templar Assassin need a piece of equipment may be the first Black King Bar, after all, less blood thin Templar Assassin itself, even if it is very difficult to have a refractive well survive on the battlefield, so it is necessary to prevent the accused bkb live, resulting in output can not be.Finally, butterfly or Manta.

  six. Templar Assassin Tips:

  1.Templar Assassin need to go online with rhythm, which requires the help of his teammates Templar Assassin people will leave, or under control.

  2.As in the single Lanaya, TP need to carry, easy to carry out online support.

  3.Templar Assassin and Ogre Magi and Swain have such a hard-control skills of a hero can be a very good fit.

  4.When the church met Sila Da Assassin, Templar Assassin lighting will make the Si Lada occult only as damage skills, but no stealth capabilities, and Si Lada has a very strong ability to kill and control, which is very headache thing.

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You can not stop the creeps refresh

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You can not stop the creeps refresh

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You can not stop the creeps refresh

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