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You can select one of three routes before the start of each game



  ? ? ?With DOTA 2 Shanghai special Championships approaching, it contains interactive guide Shanghai super tournament players become warriors writ winter hottest topic.After the 2016 Winter Warriors writ will provide you with a variety of challenging tasks to complete the challenge you will also receive an exclusive set bonus.Meanwhile, the Warriors writ that amusing forecasting system will make each game was more passionate, and rich collection of exclusive and reward you deserve the gifts and awards.


  Surgery, specializing challenging road belongs to you

  ? ? ?2016 Winter Warriors writ provide you with a new challenge tasks, three different forces for the road you choose, you will be able to choose from three routes before the start of each game one and decided this game was to be accomplished mission target.Upon completion of the mission objectives and win the game, you will get some points warrior, and further in front of you the way of strength.


  ? ? ?Three routes Warriors writ task of representing the three positions in the DOTA: core, single and assist.Each route tasks are related to the other two routes of different tasks, and the suit finally obtained is different.Each task has a meaning different branch route, round task point is to use any hero can complete the task, and the task of diamond point said to be using a particular hero to complete the task.So in the choice of the task we must look at the object of his choice and its provisions.


  ? ? ?Asylum route three routes in the "Well do not go" task to be applied to control the effect on the enemy for a total of 90 seconds, a lot of players stuck in this line will do the task.Therefore, I recommend using this source of pain or shake the person to do this task, two long control skills can easily accomplish the objectives.

  ? ? ?The "champions" This task requires you to cause the enemy Hero 12500 and above pure magic or damage, or recommend the use of Lena Wrath Master and other law outbreak complete class hero."Auxiliary Rescue core" tasks, or you can use the Oracles Dai Ze to quickly accomplish the objectives."Murder accomplice" asylum route as the penultimate task also have greater difficulty, requires players to reach three assists in the first ten minutes of the purpose of completing the mission objectives, you can choose a strong early heroes such as the ability to walk or Si Lada It is a bounty hunter to complete the task.

  ? ? ?The Walker line in the "now you see me," kill the enemy hero three times as the route in the penultimate position within 15 seconds after entering the stealth requirement would seem very difficult, I recommend using the power of this magic pill or shadow like a hidden knife hero, of course, have a glimmer cloak witch doctor and find the hidden location perfect release the big move can easily accomplish this same task.

  ? ? ?"Supply lines saboteurs" This task requires you to kill 5 enemy couriers also have greater difficulty, recommended a prophet, or a bounty hunter to accomplish this difficult task."Tower defense game" very difficult to achieve the same goal, you need to kill within 15 seconds after transmitting the enemy hero to 2 times, I recommend using this queen has the ability to blink as pain or high-speed shifting werewolf heroes such as complete the task.

  ? ? ?Performer route tasks mostly positive complement requirements, players need to improve their basic skills in order to accomplish the objectives.In the "Requirements" This mission requires the player to 15,000 points and the enemy Hero cause more physical damage, I recommend using the Phantom Assassin or Warrior bear to accomplish this task.

  ? ? ?More mandate holders and complement route, so the players need to use more central location to complete the task, which is the more difficult task of "mystery shop mad rush to buy" requires players to 25 minutes before the total assets reached 11250.Recommended hero has the ability to violent brush alchemist or enemy mage, etc. to achieve mission objectives.


  ? ? ?When you come to the end of a route, you can get set bonuses.


  ? ? ?And when more warriors writ owner complete the course, the progress bar will fill community goals.Once filled with a progress bar, all players will complete the course get a new suit styles unlock tool.




  Warriors writ upgrade to unlock more rewards await

  ? ? ?Warriors writ of upgrade is very diverse, you can challenge not only to complete the task by way of strength to get the Warriors Points.You also can complete Everyday Heroes Challenge, a weekly challenge tasks get the Warriors to enhance the level of integration.

  ? ? ?After three routes to complete any task in the way of strength you will get points corresponding to the Warriors, if your game time is relatively small, then I suggest you complete each course in the first task, the first task Warriors 750 bonus points, and easy to complete.This enables you to easily rise to two warriors writ.

  ? ? ?In addition, the Warriors tokens to predict match results, can make you pay more in the game the greater the return.But if you are unfortunate defeat in the game, then your opponent will split the points you bet Warriors.Before the start of each game was within 30 seconds you can choose to bet tokens 100,150,250 Warriors, the Warriors bet more tokens you get back to winning will be more generous, and therefore trying to win and confidence to bet token, you will be a shortcut to quickly upgrade Warriors writ.


  ? ? ?In addition to the above way to upgrade the Warriors writ, you can also upgrade the Warriors writ level through the purchase of collection.You will have a chance to buy a collection of tools appear directly enhance the Warriors writ of 15.You can also cycle through the points to get the Warriors do not like suits.In addition, the completion of the Warriors warrant related achievements also enables you to quickly enhance the level of writ Warriors.

  Wheel of fortune treasure send non-stop

  ? ? ?When you reach a certain level of warrior writ level, Li Lai winter blessings that will open you play.In the wheel of fortune ice woman, players can fight a fight luck, stop the moment the turntable you will get the specified packages or items.Wheel of fortune not only contains the 2016 upgrade kit to unlock the tool, as well as all kinds of treasure waiting for you to come and collect.


  Quadruple collection of rare items in return intentions are no longer far away

  ? ? ?Warriors writ includes a total of four new collections, has launched two collections.When you buy a collection, each unblocking a collection will increase your chances to get rare items.Therefore, the kind of bad luck and lead to still can not get your favorite items will no longer appear, I hope you times and out of rare jewelry, step onto the pinnacle of life.


How do I quickly get back lost data ?

Step 1.Free download, and then Install Launch the Data Recovery software and then select lost data cause, and click the "Next" button

You can select one of three routes before the start of each game

Step 2. Select the location C D F drive, sd card or external drive storage devices where you lost your data and click the "Scan" button. The software will start to scan your to find all of your lost files or data

You can select one of three routes before the start of each game

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You can select one of three routes before the start of each game

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