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You see he must have used this skill icy paths do not think you missed and immediately went on animation



  First, Heroes


  Double Dragon The Twin Head Dragon (THD)

  Jie Qiluo Jakiro

  Even in those strange magical creatures, the two-headed dragon can be considered a monster.Addict also has the power, cunning and rabid, two-headed dragon is known as Jie Qiluo over the battlefield of wanton burning earth, frozen enemies, and will dare anything against it to rubble.Dragon''s nest burning cream always have two young dragon.Innate ferocity to make them famous, the race, the newly hatched young dragon will try to kill their brothers and sisters born in the beginning.The strong survive.This is the burning frost dragon maintain its strong strength of way.In an accident, a freak Jieqi Luo dragon eggs hatch from inside out, with all the power at the head of the Maronite burning frost Drake''s body.It was in the thick of Interfax, contains Addict force, in the face of such power, may be killed at any time.

  Initial data:


  Life: 606 speed: 290

  Magic: 364 Physical Damage Resistance: 12%

  Physical Armor: 2 Magic Damage Resistance: 25%

  Attack Power: 46-54 Attack Range: 400

  The initial attack interval: 1.55s? Shake before casting 0.65s

  After casting shake: 0.3 s? Shake before the attack 0.4s

  After the attack Shake: 0.5s

  Advantages: High blood Lagoon, and the power of magic and growth are good ~ aoe Disadvantages: Low armor, there is a word "slow"!(DOTA 2 not turn the screen 1 so slow, but various delays or in the front and rear roll caster, the moving speed .Keke)

  Second, analysis skills



  Dual Breath is caused sustained damage to magic damage, it has ejected ice and flame, Ice Breath can slow down the enemy, the enemy fire Breath.Distal range: 200, the end of range: 250, combustion injury: 5/10/15/20 /, the movement speed slowed by 30%, duration: 4, damage 35/70/105/140 /, cooling: 10 seconds, mana : 135/140/155/170.

  Dual Breath is a very good AOE skills, we can say it is the main source of damage early two-headed dragon.Wide range of injuries, conical range and maximum distance of 500.Cooling time is shorter, and the effect of slowing.Two-headed dragon itself a range of only 400, which is generally used as an auxiliary, the two-headed dragon is our common attitude in the late emergence of the advantages of road security.400 range than those standing in the woods A person can range remote 600-headed dragon hero is obviously not suitable for A, will be back every time more than A few, not to interfere with remote hero opposite, given cause themselves and are late pressure situation.Well, this comes in handy AOE.First, the case is more prone to road 311, with two teammates, level 1 Dual Breath Although damage is not high, but bringing slowing effect, but very impressive, early skills with teammates plus deceleration, basically A dead other side.Here to tell a novice detail, when the other person is controlled or retarded, Ni per A complete look, you can quickly put the hero escape to the other side of the direction of pull a little, do not wait to shake before and after the attack in place.

  DOTA 2 this game, need to know to maximize damage.Two-headed dragon magic relatively high, but I suggest to Level 3 skills and then consumption of blood, when the pair of lines, if the other melee hero to go very up front in the knife, or the case of Fang Xiaobing quickly died under me I believe most opponents have chosen to pull back, and then use the other effect of slowing up with a few a, we will have very good results.Not only upset the rhythm up a knife each other, but also played a role in consumption of blood.But pay attention to his blue, do not put herself to look a little blue is not left, so if the middle to gank it is difficult to fit, and it was time to leave gank skill survivors may also be larger, consumption of blood is not a waste of skills must be careful.More importantly, do not make up a knife to disrupt the rhythm of your teammates, teammates interference control line more harm than good.After the skill point at least, the damage is 360 points, can receive direct long-range forces out, and the process will be the few remaining soldiers blood, remember to make up a knife carefully, because at this time is very easy to be robbed of their soldier.This is a two-headed dragon complement economic nirvana.It can also play a role in the promotion!


  Frozen path can reach all straight to the front of the touch stun and damage enemy units.Freeze delay 0.5s, Duration: 1/1.4/1.8/2.2, casting distance: 1100, radius of action: 150, Cooling time: 12/11/10/9 /, Mana: 90, damage: 25/50/75/100, freeze delay: 0.5s

  Frozen rectilinear path control skills long distance, a large distance 1100, the radius 150, range.Limits very far, although the injury is very low can be said about equal to 0 early, of course, if you have more confidence in the latter part of the 100 points of damage using the remote KS, then I can only say that inability to Tucao.The time is not long control skills.But to kill the hero or red blood play a crucial role, long distance, his teammates can take control of his natural skills, leaving people on OK, even if his teammates not have the skills, the other accused time to live in, you can a hurry him, it belongs to a potentially harmful.But be careful 0.5s freeze delay, limit is likely to be too out of range of each other.Another point here, if your opponent is a two-headed dragon, you see he must have used this skill icy paths do not think you missed and immediately went on animation, or live properly properly charged.Keep people demonstration:


  Frozen path is interrupted by a two-headed dragon unique skills, you can interrupt channeling many heroes, and his teammates can also try to play a perfect COMBO.If used well, can play a role in the control group, such as errors encountered across the lineup, get together.Or similar to the terrain of this figure:


  This team battles narrow linear range, there will be an unexpected effect.


  Passive skills, the effect is the enemy within range of combustion efficiency, and slow down their attack speed.Attack speed decreased: 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%, Range: 300, every second combustion injury: 10/15/20/25 /, duration: 5, cooling: 20/15/10/5.

  First, the liquid fire is a unique skill, not to serve or attack any special effects.1 can upgrade early on repression on the other side of the line when there is a significant effect, but I still recommend early or Dual Breath and frozen path to the point.Liquid fire early this skill is not very useful, fast-paced game now.Basic tend to fight a variety of groups, pre-headed dragon battle group can best embody personal values, that is, Dual Breath and the frozen path, aoe and control technology, liquid fire so do not learn this skill early in late can use this skills, coupled with a fast samurai skills playing field, also valid for the tower, is a good way to push the line to push the tower.


  A straight line from front to release six fire damage, damage to every enemy within range.Damage 100/140/180 / sec, duration: 7, cooling time: 60, Mana: 220/330/440, casting distance: 900, radius of action: 225, casting delay: 0.1 (0.05) s

  Very domineering skills, aoe output is very high, large-scale, short time cd.Although the consumption of Mordor, but the high amount of double-headed dragon of magic, or it does not matter.Drawback is that there is a delay with the cast, and the opponent will not stand in a pile waiting for you to enlarge, it will not stand on your big move to become a pig roast, which requires the use of skills and with his teammates!With his teammates on the various control may be decisive grill the other side, there is the two-headed dragon even the most famous 3.After the success of your teammates to help you control the opponent, you can decisive attack, the first of a large, rapidly frozen ground path, the path of the frozen radius although no universal burnt big body, but also very wide, two most skills are overlapping range.At this time the opponent will be charged within the scope of your big move, coupled with a Dual Breath, plus slowing effect, this time chasing rhythm A properly the completed harvest.Of course, this initiative is not suitable for 3 with the upper hand, no one will stand apart from the soldier waiting for you to cast delay.Skills are key, such as playing a wave of beautiful backhand straight line when the opponent does?When your teammates being chased across fled when the decisive TP in the past, even a 3, then across a hot head chasing red blood easily be your batter in a 3, together with other supportive teammates anti kill shown:


  There is the same use of the terrain, such as the downhill, Wild specific location, you can - pay attention to your walk, do not start rushed, as the location is very difficult to find, even the other three put over, chasing the go A share damage it!At the same time this skill is open woods, B for some hero or heroes of various jumped into the woods to a large awareness is good, as oh:


  When Specter kill her in TP, decisive move to open a large tree properly properly burned, this skill CD is very short, can also be used to collect the money by wire, but do not even cd short big move money and do not mess with, you can not ensure that the group will not proceed when the war is not to waste the skills, time or else to support his teammates cd is not good, it embarrassed the general, or with a money skills.

  Third, the loading route


  First, the two-headed dragon attire to figure out their own position, if you''re a late insurance assistance so determined to go out two ways, with enough to eat and drink, 3 branches can hold pre attributes, but also for the subsequent turn up magic stick foundation, investigation guard can provide a radius of field of view 1600 may be sealed wild.In gank high incidence of early economic team was asked to share a certain set of eyes.Do not underestimate the 200, perhaps this is a war situation can change things Guards.Even the game is to carry out the investigation guard always, the mid and late should also pay attention to make eye.As for eye position, I find a detailed description, as shown:


  Red - dotted eye position

  Yellow - high-profile eye position

  Pink - line the eye, eye offensive, defensive eye

  Green - eye position Nakano

  Blue - Promoting eye position

  White - motorized eye position

  Purple line - stop refresh of outliers

  If you hit a two-headed dragon of partial core positioning, while teammate corns do work, then you can choose



  Temple has a blue back Canadian armor effect, and pendant is pre-installed high cost of property.


  Pre-equipped, big magic wand against killing weapon, hold property, back to blue can.Offered for this two-headed dragon hero is very suitable shoes I prefer a secret method, can increase the amount of blue and blue-back capability, the group fights have a secret method is good for the team.Drummer is a good team pre-installed, increasing the amount of blood moving effect support, it is also useful to gank.Pre-headed dragon is best to take part in small-scale team battles, do not rely on wire brush, to the post to provide sufficient space for the team to have a reasonable economic allocation, better than you brush into a god much better.


  Equipment is flexible, there is no fixed routine, all depends on the situation of the war, for Macon forward, the group fights when there is armor bonus and restore blood volume, is a more classic team mid-mounted, out of a greatly enhanced his teammates Macon viability, adequate amount of blue-headed dragon, with secret law, can adapt to Macon, it should be said that the mid-essential.Pushing stick flexible use of this equipment can also play an unexpected effect, such as pushing with their own icy paths that would be a pretty far distance to keep people to kill!It can also help you or your teammates run away.Occasionally, the opposite can walk down the hero of his own mistakes - encirclement battle group, they also can take advantage of pushing and quickly put the skills to find a suitable point cut, while pushing itself stays blue, as well as respond to the effect, is good.A stick at, this equipment on the side of the core, pre Dashun good economic situation, consider A &.Both properties have the big move to strengthen support.After the two-headed dragon and then the A & already aoe will be more powerful V5:


  Distance will be longer, the damage will increase, very terrible damage per second, with his teammate various control plus other skills will become a nightmare opposite.


  Necronomicon: blue brace supports the blood, two summoned creatures can attack high blue smoke, can cause harm, three books can be anti-hidden, promote team battles are easy to use.

  Master each sheep knife dream can short across an output and limit the ability of the unit group fights, if the sheep to the core opposite the control group or the basic group fights off the second win, can be restrained across some B hero.Martial arts is never too high for fear of sheep knife believe we have heard these words, hold property back to the blue effect sheep knife is also very good, with basic blue sheep knife not to worry about the problem.

  Ice Armor, already two-headed dragon meat, out of a late ice blue armor can hold, and the two-headed dragon ice armor like tanks!Promoting effect and deceleration team battles are easy to use.

  Flying shoes, highly mobile equipment can push this line, or quickly cut into the battlefield, to make up for the shortcomings of the battle group headed dragon moving slowly can also come to the ideal position faster.

  Refresh the ball, a little expensive, but in general the game rarely seen two-headed dragon refresh, refresh does not directly advocate the latter.But after refresh if you can not even go to a beautiful 6 teammates with various kill it.

  There is also a very important equipment for the two-headed dragon, one that I believe we know everything.That is


  Yes, TP.Two-headed dragon belongs to the group fights the hero and the gank.Be sure to arrive in time battlefield, you teammates being chased rapidly in the past when a triple, would reverse the war situation.Remember, be sure to bring TP!

  Fourth, partner and team battles restraint

  Small-scale team battles or gank-headed dragon can be said with any control can be a hero, his teammates control skills will be of great help to them, such as small home network ~ lion that these.There are also very suitable for team battles with heroes: Earthshaker, a control even with the two-headed dragon of 3, walk past a large group off your opponent, of course, need each other to play is quite good, quite clever stations.Most of these fighters are looking for their own, looking for mistakes opposite.Rather than proactive, who stand skills both with the release, the two-headed dragon control skills but also provide space for a large output of seven strokes.Ax jump knife cut, allowing two-headed dragon skills are an ideal play environment.When this hit to the opposite face of ridicule, you have to Guards.Cut bundles can disrupt other people clockwork formation, or cut back, then the other looking for opportunities to walk in your favor, if the other side of the barrel set fire stations is prone to mistakes.Trees, one of the classic control group, if his teammates better control, you can burn a great past, and then a perfect frozen path in the void before the big move disappearance.


  Restraint-headed dragon hero, there are many, their movement is slow and low armor are drawbacks.Speaking of restraint such as some red faces hero, or as empty and so this cut back, walk wretched, hidden knife or something, we must be careful.Or else when it came to the end of the battle group can directly be called a father, or a knee in the hook, go and butcher close contact, and this is a tragedy.Group fights we must pay attention to walk, what to do if real eye vision, which can still try to avoid.


  V. Other Considerations

  These are common, remember not to play DOTA 2 anger spray teammates use to encourage recognition of the way, controlling a novice thinking must treat them seriously you lose.When you want them to buy a set of eyes and say "XX, do not buy even a set of eyes will know to send you back Forget" In this case, 90% of opponents you would choose and the way you respond or run counter to spray.You should say is, "It does not matter, or you with us, very good fuel, buy a set of eyes now, so you do not die easily," so the effect will be improved.There is a need to play the game the bigger picture, for example, with the TP may be a variety of support, he bought a set of eyes can play a role in the war, then there is a team of economic distribution, many soy sauce aoe like all kinds of brushes line a variety of stand-alone, seemed to finally own head a lot of very sharp, and lines for themselves.So also scolded his teammates lost the dish, if you really want to win, please provide space for your teammates.DOTA 2 this game but the most important thing is very careful, a lot of people up the knife is not bad, and often lightly A, if you are really serious about trying to compensate for every soldier, I believe you will scale new heights especially when you are in no man on the line, reflect on their own have not received reflect all soldiers.I hope every player can experience the fun DOTA 2.


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You see he must have used this skill icy paths do not think you missed and immediately went on animation

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You see he must have used this skill icy paths do not think you missed and immediately went on animation

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You see he must have used this skill icy paths do not think you missed and immediately went on animation

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