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[Reserved] decades LGD: a Chinese gaming club wayfinding history _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community



  Lead: As a presence for more than a decade of comprehensive gaming club, LGD able to come today, has been worthy of the respect of the entire gaming industry.Many later than when first built, there is a vast capital or background involved in "rich second generation" gaming club, the history of LGD fortune is not noticeable, even with the "bleak" to describe, but it eventually became a fierce battle , that one still standing.Ten years, there is glory, there are shortcomings, as well as a grass-roots never give up, this is a way to find the history of Chinese Gaming Club.

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  Author | Wang Zhewei

  Edit | Wang Chen

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  "No one on the line twice, not just three times."

  "It should remind everyone calm down, the thing is not over yet."

  An interview with "People gaming" interview, general manager of Pan fly LGD think before the fourth inning TI8 Finals against OG''s, his career is most regrettable moment:

  2: 1 lead, holding two match points and won the championship distance of more than $ 10 million first prize, only one step away, LGD are at a full state of extreme excitement .

  At that time Pan fly sitting on the race scene backstage room manager, and coaches around talking and laughing, a look of joy.Subsequently, he was stunned to see the LGD in the next two innings big advantage of the situation, suffered a series of comeback, like the earthquake collapsed buildings as.

  A senior media people gaming the old Zhou''s words, "to the side of the trophy to lose."


  After the game, almost paralyzed Pan fly into the behind the sofa, silent, unable to move, a blank mind.That night he would sleep, could not help but burst into tears in a dark room."Too unreal, too bad."

  At this moment of pain radiating to the outside LGD club, filled with concern to the entire circle of Chinese DOTA.

  Red, green, living in Beijing, late at night sitting in front of the screen along with university students, concerned about TI8 finals of LGD and OG.They bought some beer, agreed to wait until that moment to win LGD, and then open a good drink.

  The first three rounds of the contest, even in high spirits because they are too excited to celebrate in advance, prompting the police complaining that their neighbor nuisance; but in the end the deciding game, watching LGD Jiugong, when about to be opponents in one fell swoop counterattack OG beat, red and green I could not help but turn off the screen .

  After TI8, red, green and silence these beer close up, and then the company took a few days off.He thinks he needs some time to Huanguo Lai, return to daily life.

  During this year TI9, around to watch the game with his friend has been for the crop, but that was the original beer."The old rules, won drink."

  Until now, these beers stored for more than a year still has not been opened.As a from 2011 began to pay attention LGD fans, his hero for two consecutive years to become China DOTA "village of hope", and for two consecutive years in a lamentable attitude defeated.

  Compared TI8 only a thin half-step away from the championship defeat, TI9 stop the loss of the top three did not seem so dramatic, but there was still a Pan fly knot: 2019 is the tenth anniversary of the club LGD."Two years ago in thought, he could get a championship back before the tenth anniversary of TI just fine."

  On the tenth anniversary of the opening ceremony, he said the word "new decade, a new start.".On the one hand there is no desire to achieve regret, on the other hand is the future and look forward to rallying.

  There was a fan in the LGD losing share to Pan fly a basketball superstar Michael Jordan''s autobiography, in which one of the most important word is: Why I can achieve such success?Because the non-stop failure, and then stick with it.

  Flying Pan also wish that for all the players and their own LGD: "No one on twice, not three times on."

  "LGD must let live."

  As early as in college, love gaming Pan fly is DOTA team captain of Wuhan University, Civil war, so to get to know a lot of Circle of friends.LGD join such a well-known team for him, it is a natural thing.

  LGD''s office was also fall within a single-family house, medium in size, count the players who are not particularly large.But even so, specially flew from Wuhan interview Pan fly, inevitably there will be a sense of the situation will be --Yao, DDC, Rabbit . these ID names, a moment so that he stirred up a little fan mentality.

  But the real reason to promote Pan Feijia into, or Pan Jie (ID: RuRu), team manager of the year, today''s LGD CEO."Up is a blow, she said, the staff must not have the mentality of fans."Pan flying recalled that meeting with the Pan Jie of this plan is not in the interview, she just happens to also base the day.

  They moved to a chair on the balcony of the villa, the sun began to talk to.The conversation involves a variety of details, from the team management, event of a dispute when the overall planning to the race, and even fight extreme case, the two men learn how to deal with . lasted twelve hours, Pan fly aware of this promising thing, immediately determined to quit his stable of state-owned enterprises "iron rice bowl"."Talk to her, you would think that something is not fun, do not fool people."

  DOTA in gaming circles as well as Chinese, Pan Jie regarded as a long-famous "blood and iron" People.Her early and LGD origin can be considered well-known: "No wages, adding own food," "take orders for web design, support teams," "former boss Jiaodimayou, forced to become boss" . she almost single-handedly force, these early family struggling club, students pulled out of despair.


  December 9, LGD team ushered in the tenth anniversary of the birthday.Today''s LGD had not the year "millet plus rifles," the only grass Taiwan guerrillas DOTA a project, but a covering ten popular gaming projects, hundreds of players (and even the International Brigades), Hangzhou separate sitting at home and with the government and a number of enterprises have established good cooperative relations of comprehensive gaming club.

  Pan Jie standing in the face of hundreds of lectures on the stage, will be able to go to the root cause of LGD today, attributed to one thing: never give up.

  Sounds bland, and even some "chicken soup", but as a self-made "grassroots", she is probably the most qualified person to say.

  Old Zhou believes, LGD biggest difference is different from other gaming club, the boss is in place, there is such a tough, self-made women.A few years ago, he worked with Pan Jie once again face to face conversation.For her impression in business acumen and execution of a very deep level."A lot of people underestimate the early years RuRu, but you look carefully at each step LGD go, I think you can not underestimate them in any part of."

  Looking back on the years of experience of their own club, the greatest feeling is the survival of Pan Jie.Like after the sudden withdrawal of the boss, no background, she repeated and the players will instill sentence: I will let LGD live.

  "At that time I ran around sponsorship, make a phone call not hit 10, I ran him not to call him in his office, not once, went 10 times."Pan Jie old Zhou had accepted an interview when he said," Remember when looking for Taobao sponsorship, I have been to them my PPT, telling them how good teams, how promising . like in the ''pyramid scheme'' their."

  On that occasion, Pan Jie finally got sponsorship from Taobao game $ 800,000 - the starting point is only after she came to Hangzhou, "It was the most money who wanted to Hangzhou, calculated, Ma, it would be good to find Alibaba money."

  Even well past the stage of worry about food and clothing line, Pan Jie itself "never give up", the characteristics of strong execution of this deeply implanted gene called LGD business, and now no matter how large the strategic decision , foreign cooperation as small as tactical, internal work requirements and standards are extremely stringent.


  "Work, she not rub the eyes of sand."When Pan Jie and Pan fly when AC interview, you feel faint," This girl might be a workaholic. ".After entry, she sometimes two or three at night will suddenly called Pan fly, deal with urgent; in turn Pan Pan Jie went to fly at any time, basically you can feel each other''s point of response time coverage 24 hours."That''s why we can live up to now reason."

  To reflect the implementation level, probably the most dominant characteristic of "fast".Recent "Heroes Union" offseason transfer window opened, which is quite remarkable sum of the transfer, the playing field is the Korean players "Peanut" announced to join LGD.

  After the transfer market opened, LGD staff immediately flew to South Korea, in-depth interviews with players, and developed according to the contract negotiations.Almost no trace of the gap, everything is done in two days time, and in the process, Pan Jie and Pan fly despite being on a business trip in Xiamen, but hit a dozen calls a day will be asked about the progress they must attack, leave no stone unturned ensure the smooth progress of contract.

  "Early unable to pay wages, borrow money to raise, the next two years to line the floor at home, ''Gaming +'' cross-industry cooperation, are essentially derived from the ''never give up'' corporate culture product."He faced" people''s gaming, "Reporters proud to say that many explore even on the entire gaming industry, is quite leading."This is our culture - we must make this matter, we must allow LGD survive, so we survived."

  "This is the youth ah"

  Everything is ultimately the gaming circles and about achievements.

  LGD club to give the outside world a tremendous empathy will also include surprise and pain, because of the club''s teams and players created achievements, it has become a classic, great appeal of the group recalled.

  Many people LGD awareness of the name, of course, is the main project DOTA from club.Although early club management and enterprise-class feature is not perfect, but it is in terms of player talent --09, ZSMJ, YYF, Chuan, 830, CH .

  Even as the leader added Pan Jie, also be regarded as a senior player DOTA.Just enter the LGD, she hit the industry came to be known as the "epic" of the series - "father and mother Wars", LGD vs. EHOME."ZSMJ''7 minute 3800 ''miracle, yyf'' seven into seven Blue Cat ''classic operation, the light is high time that the battle in the series."Until now, she can be very familiar to those pictures.

  "This is the youth ah!"When was reinstituted this history, yyf will modestly attributed to the time of playing professional" young and fit ", who wanted to see washed up, the result will lead to one''s own danger, was on high ground offensive even lost to crucial barracks, the good news was all did not give up, still trying to find opportunities."This has been the ''seven into seven,'' This thing."


  The tenth anniversary celebration of the scene, LGD many veteran players were invited to the Pan Jie scene, and recalling the past in his speech.Thanx in her published, containing 09 (first generation captain), yyf, ZSMJ, xiao8 (second-generation captain), Yao (third-generation captain), pyl, ddc, DD, GodV, Maybe long list of prominent the ID.

  Of these, LGD help win the 2015 "Heroes Union" summer champion GodV, its creation 4AM after leaving the team, he moved to "survive the Jedi"; then most other feats veteran has retired and is still continuing LGD pro career only "heroes Alliance" pyl and DOTA 2 players Maybe;

  Red, green and concern for LGD began ZSMJ and yyf period, but the real opportunity to become LGD iron is 2015 TI5, it is Maybe debut in the competition time TI.

  In that TI5 debut against LGD C9, select the "fire cat" Maybe this hero with teammates, incredible completed 30,000 of economic big comeback, blockbuster.

  "There is a sense of satisfaction to see the children grow up."Red and Green in an interview with" People''s gaming, "joked interview.Maybe debut long before TI, he started to pay attention.Live also had never been seen not as fashionable today, and many other experts, like DOTA, Maybe from time to time will appear on the famous "YY90016" channel, he was young and fit ranked DOTA1 ladder top, bent on playing career.

  Maybe superb technology immediately attracted the attention of red and green, start a long-term concern of the already famous "boy genius", looked at him trying to play professional transition DOTA 2 into LGD''s youth team CDEC, until the first show in TI5 shine."Maybe TI in play, made her famous, now has slowly become the mainstay of LGD, and I grew up."

  In the Pan flying impression debut arena Maybe he is a "generals", a martial arts talent Bing different, more inclined to follow their favorite style to control the game.But now, he has become more mature in character, it will be combined with the team and his teammates to develop their own style of play."Maybe after all the time adulthood, almost all spent here, his body is indelible imprint LGD."

  Documentary filmed in the tenth anniversary, Maybe that contains all the items LGD players, the last finale.


  Pan fly Now remember, 2015 is probably the most memorable career for some time.The functional leader of his players almost every day and soak together, we did together a schedule: 12:00 to get up, 14:00 formal training, 17: 00 after the end of training with everyone to go swimming, eating, and then in the evening from 19:00 to 22:00 start training, then together "on black", go out to eat hot pot."This life lasted for two or three months, we live like brothers."

  After he was promoted to general manager of the club LGD, time Pan fly direct contact with the players on significantly reduced.He is now in a year, a third of the time spent in travel, gaming and each project will be equipped with the appropriate coach and team leader, directly managed by them."15 years of feeling less and less."

  The only exception, but a year ago TI8, as xNova and Charlice two new entrants, was a special case because Pan also fly with the team to be together for a whole month during the training, "I feel quite good."

  But TI8 finals LGD unexpectedly lost OG, and missed the championship, then give this memorable summer added a sum of regret.

  A cliche saying, "This is probably the youth.".

  "LGD is invincible."

  LGD origin of the name, derived from the early clan founded a company called "old godfather" of chili sauce production companies invest sponsors, team name from the original founder of the 09 given to FTD (FOR THE DREAM), into a sponsor Pinyin initials of LGD.

  With the subsequent clan boss away, Panjie Cheng is the actual head of the clan.And this "old godfather" is found Pan Jie, his desire to continue to sponsor the club, but the name also called LGD, and encourage them to keep going."Now though their sponsorship fees and costs have not proportional, but we are still willing to continue operating."Pan Jie has said.

  "Old godfather" was what has long been popular in gaming circles, and in the tenth anniversary, Pan Jie LGD decided to give a new purpose and meaning.

  In his new role in the brand, LGD Chief Brand Officer Zhou Lingyu behalf of the club, the "LGD" three letters are interpreted as the legend (Legend), Warriors (Gladiator) and dedication (Dedicate), LOGO also originally a simple letter variant, upgraded more complex abstract visual.


  As the extremely rare start from scratch and re-explain the presence of longer than a decade of gaming clubs, LGD indeed qualified to the outside world, at the same time ask ourselves: What is the LGD in the end?

  Long before they start the system engineering, culture has discrete out.For example TI8 period, with LGD become China DOTA "village of hope," "Greater Paris (LGD overseas partners - Paris Saint-Germain''s nickname), tapping" slogan resounded through the stadium, follow the example of overseas visitors for the European powerhouse NaVi should aid the slogan;

  In the domestic arena, "Heroes Union", and whenever before the start, the audience will always shouted "Come on old godfather" slogan, filling the "optimistic family" "never give up" the character - in fact against both , there is no existence of LGD.

  But the highest degree of recognition extended culture, may still be "LGD is invincible.".Interestingly, this does not go any slogan, in fact, is a "mockery".In early 2017, LGD book and strength, with Maybe, AME and other star players, is also a massive fan base.But In contrast, the team''s status has ups and downs, often fail unexpectedly.At this point, "LGD is invincible" will appear in a variety of live barrage and community discussions to ridicule LGD dejected players and fans.Over time, widespread.

  Even more interesting is that this sentence has now been included in the official LGD, even within the company printed compelling display on the wall, as the official slogan outreach.

  "The club is very important connotation of the brand."Pan Fei believes that the team is of course gaming performance in the most fundamental support, but only if this non-entity into a culturally appropriate external output, in order to more effectively influence the public, generate more value.


  So what in the end is the LGD?Depending on how each person look at her, she is probably what.

  For Pan Jie is, LGD is just falls a child needs to do her best, an arduous journey to survive.She wanted this child, "go on to win" as the gaming industry a hundred years the club;

  For Pan to fly it, LGD is the connection between people, the family of gaming ignorant, because he is a presence of any of LGD game to miss; for a common goal, in daily life players, will become intimate brother and his comrades.

  For industry watchers this week is old, LGD is an integrated club with no background in, doing the best that a.Every step is not so bright, he was able to cross the river by feeling the stones, leading the trend, at every step.

  For such a supporter of red and green is, LGD is always one of the best gaming teams worldwide, will someday belong to their championship trophy have to get our hands.

  "As long as there is competition, I will always support LGD."

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[Reserved] decades LGD: a Chinese gaming club wayfinding history _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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[Reserved] decades LGD: a Chinese gaming club wayfinding history _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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[Reserved] decades LGD: a Chinese gaming club wayfinding history _ MGS Treasure Raiders DOTA 2 community

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