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① address shackles can make enemy units after entering stealth dominance




   One. background story

  Everything "For me, life is what you know and could find.When you live in the shadow crack shortage Market, I want to find the food is not an easy task.Therefore, you need to take a shortcut, you will need to flicker, you need to fully understand their ability.Some wild animals can kill you, then you need to escape the strong, weak killing.On the shortage Market, we had a past, a period of some significant events of the past.Where there was once the palace, they held a ceremony in the dark inside the palace, very evil.If you survived the ritual, they will break the crystal in the manner of your soul torn to pieces.But they are also very high artistic achievements, such as sculpture and the like.Remember this: if you find these sculptures at some point, be sure to put them all up to get the market to sell, then the next week you will not go hungry.If you''re lucky, you may find that the shadow Market crystal, then find someone to help you quickly estimate, many ask, someone needs to help you find this stuff crazy buyer.Even if others are not, you can also sell Mage city, they like this stuff.However, no matter how you do, be careful these crystals, and if this thing explode on you, but painful."

   two. Hero basis of property

  Life: 587

  Magic: 260

  Armor: 4

  Attack: 39-45

  Speed: 305

  Field of view: 1800/800

  Attack Range: Melee

  Ballistic speed: Direct

  Before the attack after shaking / rock: 0.38 + 0.6

  Shake before casting / post-rock: 0.5 + 0.5

  Base Attack interval: 1.38

  Heroes growth in the following figure:


   three. Hero skills introduced and analysis


  1 Skills: to bondage

  Throw a net to the target location, trapped all enemy units.The bondage prevent stealth, blink and interrupt the continuous caster.

  Mana: 100

  Cooling time: 20/16/12/8

  Skills: point target

  Duration: 2

  Range: 220

  The casting distance: 500/750/1000/1250

  Skill details:

  ① address shackles can make enemy units after entering stealth dominant, but can not act on the unit has been hidden.② magic immune units and Roshan invalid.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  VHF land of bondage, hereinafter referred to as net.The net effect early effect is not so obvious, but at a later stage with A stick, there is not the same five UHF in that case the court.8 seconds CD, and the duration of 2 seconds, can be seamless convergence of skills.The enemy firmly locked in place.Especially when the tower opposite melee hero or attack the tower, which can be brought under control, allow towers to attack.The meter wave as long as you can hide behind to put the skills.Note that, due to the net level 1 or level of net duration of 4 are the same, so the net usually just add a little early.


  2 Skills: Bluff

  By drawing mystical energy from the earth, one can continue to cast a UHF.After another 5 seconds to transmit at UHF or itself belongs, the region in the departure and arrival are hurt.

  Mana: 80

  Cooldown: 12/10/8/6

  Skills: Unit target, point target

  Impact: friendly hero

  Injury: 80/100/120/140

  Range: 375

  Skill details:

  ① can click on the small map cast.

  ② can be transmitted to the UHF phantom.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  VHF strong skills, their strength is that when the full level of short CD 6 seconds, and the scope of damage 375 yards, brought the playing field bowls very easy to use.A later stage, can play 5x140 = 720 magic damage in an instant.Here are tips, many players use flicker fast enough, so the enemy to escape.Here is a tip recommended for everyone, it will play a normal VHF formation, but also sometimes chaotic formations.It directly with the TAB key to switch.Let the main body jump knife fly past, re-use and then stop cast flicker, and the TAB key to switch to UHF.


  3 Skills: Land''s raid

  VHF strengthen his weapon, causing damage per second to enemies, while reducing the moving speed of the attack units.The plurality of millimeter wave can be superimposed raid.

  Skills: Passive

  Damage: 7/14/21/28

  Reduction: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20%

  Skill details: ① slowing effect ignore magic immunity.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  UHF passive skills, slowing effect can ignore the magic-free, due to its effect can stack, so when a bunch of UHF hit a person, the opposite is basically no chance to escape.If the TP can reliably be interrupted bondage.Note that in the early days of the raid just add a little, because it is very UHF equipment to eat, basically early is in constant farm, rarely fight or go online to grab people, so the effect is not of surprise It is so obvious.Usually at the point of full flicker and then bound to the point of full address raid.


  4 skills: able to sub-rule

  VHF call an imperfect body semi-autonomous self-replication, you can get money and experience as like body, and has the experience and skills of the body.However, cloning can only use the body of the article of footwear and equipment.Additional clones obtained body while 30% of all additional properties.A clone of any death will result in all UHF all deaths. Scepter upgrade available.

  Skills: Passive

  Clone Number: 1/2/3

  Skill details: ① clones can not use arcane shoes, you can not use the rune.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  VHF is divided into energy, is a double edged sword.The advantage is that you can be proficient multi-line.Nakano, online non-stop mix, play money very fast efficiency.But the disadvantages are also obvious, as long as a clone of death means death to all VHF.Therefore, players need to always pay attention to the small map, so as not to UHF killed; the amount of time to respond.

  four.VHF hero positioning

  UHF positioned in the team, No. 1-2 can be, pre-order based proficient.Need help teammates.VHF equipment to be the basis of a certain time to medium term, it may be with his teammates gank, and with a line with advance copies of proficient, will not affect the economy.VHF''s highly mobile, it is difficult to grasp the sheets, but encountered stealth hero makes UHF headache.

   Fives. Mi Bojia point and attire

  VHF aspect point level plus 1 point out the flicker usually, of course, also be applied to the bound, to point out that flicker at level 2.After three to point out the raid.Then came the main flicker, bound together to be all over the floor after Fudge point at least, is the last of the raid, a large increase during.More specific embodiment see below:


  VHF out the attire is recommended:

  (1).825 UHF

  Guard ring (175) + Reply ring (350) + eat tree (125) + Healing Salve (115) = 765

  (2).725 UHF

  Guard ring (175) + eat tree (125) + treatment cream (115) = 415

  (3).625 UHF

  Guard ring (175) + eat tree (125) + treatment cream (115) = 415

  (4).475 UHF

  Guard ring (175) + eat tree (125) + treatment cream (115) = 415

  Before the mid-VHF equipment selection:

  VHF aspects of the pre-loaded core equipment is the quiet of shoes, the shoes have a quiet UHF can be online, be non-stop play money Nakano, basically do not go home.Then the second piece of equipment is Aghanim Scepter, also known as A rod, a first object is to give battle A stack UHF measurements and processing of blood and the amount of magic.But the main purpose is to trigger the effect of A stick, a multi-copy form and make copies of shared properties increased to 100%.VHF copies of this property is stronger, and it means one more play money in the early copies of the speed will be further improved.A rear mid supplemented flashing dagger, such prior equipment on the mid VHF basic shape.

  Late VHF attire recommended:

  The first post-VHF core equipment is Dragon Heart.A stick due to the effect of, make copies of 100% of the property inherited, then let Dragon Heart VHF very meat.The Houmi Bo consider Vladimir sacrifice not only increase the armor, but also have a vampire aura for the team to bring the vampire effect.Then again you can choose a butterfly, increase their damage output and bring the butterfly effect will make VHF dodge more meat.The last two were recommended equipment for players to choose, the first thing is to strike breastplate, the effect is not only to increase their own armor, but also provides its aura attack speed and armor for his teammates, as well as weaken the enemy''s guard armor.The second piece of equipment is evil sickle, an increase of monomer UHF control skills, flexibility in dealing with a strong hero, evil sickle will be very easy to use.Flashing dagger approached, the use of evil sickle, then a meal flicker, then unlimited netted again to get ou.

  VHF Tips:

  1.Co-ordination of VHF, UHF very early the need to protect teammates, so as Vengeful Spirit, and Shadow Shaman is a good helper object.

  2.And restrained terms, VHF very afraid stealth hero steal and wild clones, so as Rikimaru, let VHF Brooklyn Kezi are very troublesome objects.There is a person like this will shake the ground control skills of the hero, is controlled to make the VHF skills convergence interruption.More seriously shake the echo''s attack on VHF destruction is very large.There are exceptions to the scope of damage is a hero also let VHF is really a headache, such as dwarf helicopters, small.

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① address shackles can make enemy units after entering stealth dominance

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① address shackles can make enemy units after entering stealth dominance

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① address shackles can make enemy units after entering stealth dominance

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