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① can click on the small map cast




   One. background story

  Source outside the far west, the mountains of the valley distant omen, bears a powerful ancient forces, a surge hidden in the trees, the awesome power of.It is said that the growth in this area are very peculiar species.For a force of nature, this is a sacred land, is not known around the world.With a variety of deadly traps and dangers of this land - devouring weeds, full of all kinds of hybrid animals and poisonous flowers - but these are far less powerful Overruns.These immortal, great size creatures all his life in this land to maintain quiet, to ensure that no one can infringe on here, no one can know their secret.They have been guarding this shrine for up to thousands of years, Qiuhaowufan with the outside world, change the world is also not too clear.However inevitable, the outside world gradually noticed this savage land, over time, the intruder outside world has become more daring.They quickly with tools to cut and burn this piece of land, and Overruns who is thinking about, but what these fragile creatures in the end is hard-working?Green fields that had now become what?Tens of thousands of years of doubt and suspicion all emerge, they are beginning to re-examine traditional handed down from ancient times, at the same time, more and more people die in the outside world, this land has become a nutrient flowers.When all creatures are completed deliberations, they agreed, the outside world''s curiosity eventually overcame the conservative and prudent.They decided: to send to the outside world a Overruns, shouldering the case will be communicated to the outside world their mission to observe the changes in the outside world and the life which, most importantly, to monitor everything that may pose a threat to their sacred territory Danger.

   two. Hero basis of property

  Life: 625

  Magic: 221

  Armor: 1

  Attack: 81-89

  Speed: 300

  Field of view: 1800/1200

  Attack Range: Melee

  Ballistic speed: Direct

  Before the attack after shaking / rock: 0.6 + 0.4

  Shake before casting / post-rock: 0.5 + 0.51

  Base Attack interval: 1.7

  Heroes growth in the following figure:


   three. Hero skills introduced and analysis


  Skill 1: nature sanctuary

  The target unit into the woods, into the trees in the vicinity of stealth and get moving speed bonus.If the unit away from trees, or cast in a unit no trees around, the nature of the screening will fail.Overruns can cast skills under the cover of nature and remain invisible status.

  Skills: Unit targets

  Impact: friendly units

  Duration: 15/30/45/60

  Fade Time: 2

  Trees range: 375/375/375/375

  Speed: 10% / 10% / 10% / 10%

  Mana Cost: 90/80/70/60

  Cooldown: 10/8/6/4

  Skills Details: ① If the unit cast far from the tree, stealth time is negligible.Camouflage detection ② every other wonderful nature there are no trees nearby, if not, the stealth effect disappears.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Overruns hair nature sanctuary not only can give their own use, can also be used for friendly units.Its role is to gank, gank own hero is identical to the invisible, which can be better gank, it is noted that the nature of the shelter has a time of 2 seconds of fadeout, and more than one second will leave trees stealth disappear.When players need to pay attention to the operation of the place to go near the tree.


  2 Skills: Leech Seed

  Overruns at an enemy unit within a blood-sucking species of seeds, absorption value of their lives, at the same time to decelerate.Seeds friendly units around its causes and treatment of blood-sucking equal amount.Draw 4 times.

  Skills: Unit targets

  Impact: enemy unit

  Damage type: magic

  Each injury: 24/36/48/60

  Movement speed reduction: 28%

  Range: 500

  Duration: 4.5

  Mana: 140/140/140/140

  Cooldown: 16/14/12/10

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Leech Seed not only can cause damage, slow down, you can also restore friendly.The disadvantage is that in the early consumption of magic 140 for Overruns in terms of consumption of magic is really great.So please use caution to avoid no magic skills to release the embarrassment.


  3 Skills: Living Armor

  The friendly hero or building enveloped in a protective casing, additional life regeneration rate.Block also provides physical damage as a hero.After several attacks by armor will disappear.

  Skills: Unit target, point target

  Impact: friendly units

  Resist damage: 4/5/6/7

  Life Reply Rate: 4/7/10/13

  Block damage: 20/40/60/80

  Duration: 15

  Mana: 50

  Cooldown: 32/26/20/14

  Skill details: ① can click on the small map cast.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Overruns of the most powerful skills, are able to provide very strong protection for his teammates even in the early stages of a living body armor.Manacost relatively moderate.More importantly, the living body armor can be restored to the towers, so Overruns can be a very good fight dragged into the late.Here''s a small operation skills, living armor can be cast in a small map, so long as the players focus on the middle of the screen to determine whether blood companions put on body armor for their living, without the lens purposely pull over.So as to avoid their own stand still while the embarrassment of being struck.


  4 skills: crazy growth

  Ruff around Troon summon noxious cane and branches crazy growth, preventing enemy movement is wound, blinking, into the attack or stealth.

  Skills: No Target

  Damage type: magic

  Duration: 3/3.75/4.5

  Range: 625/625/625

  Mana: 150/175/200

  Cooldown: 70

  Skill details: ① effect ignore magic immunity, but get magic immune status during the break control.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Overruns control of AOE skills.Especially when opposite the tower to try to kill, it can be set in place.Its effect is caused by the need to restrain output by ordinary attack hero.It should be noted that crazy growth ignore the magic-free or BKB is to take effect in its first open the magic-free or BKB can then open the magic-free or BKB, can release the control effect of crazy growth if the opponent is in a frenzied growth after, this should be noted, also, therefore, the growth of mad skills as a way of escape is very easy to use.After all, the trees moving slower, growth should not be crazy to force open test group.

  four.Heroes of positioning Overruns

  Overruns positioned in the team is to assist and control group.Due to the presence of IMBA living body armor, it can be very good to protect his teammates.Again nature sanctuary can provide a very good ability to escape and the months of Overruns.Use crazy growth in team battles, can be brought under control very good example of such flexibility is very strong enemy Act hero.

   Fives. Dryad point guard and a taxi loaded

  Overruns mainly based aid.Thus the main living body armor and to be 1:00 when two parasitic seed, with very good results gank.The nature of asylum in only one point is enough, there is a large increase during the early.


  Overruns out the attire is recommended:

  (1). Random selection, Money 825

  Buckler (250) branches + * 3 (53x3) + eat tree (125) + purified syrup (50X2) + Investigation guard (150) = 784

  (2). After random with teammates exchange, money 725

  Buckler (250) + branch (53) + eat tree (125) + purified syrup (50X2) + Investigation guard (150) = 678

  (3). Manual selection, Money 625

  Buckler (250) + eat tree (125) + purified syrup (50X2) + Investigation guard (150) = 625

  (4). Re-select, money 475

  Buckler (250) + Investigation guard (150) + purified syrup (50) = 450

  Overruns before mid-equipment selection:

  Overruns still very short of magic, Arcane shoes as the first piece of equipment is a good choice.During this time in front of the branches can be combined into a large magic wand, because the pre-armor very low, so the selection of equipment out buckler can be synthesized increase their resisting ability to Vanguard.Followed by some auxiliary means, can be selected Mekansm.So before mid Overruns equipment is almost on the shape.

  Overruns late attire recommended:

  By the late Overruns as an auxiliary team still need some equipment to help improve the overall combat capability of the team, this time, Overruns can choose to do an insight pipe.For the purposes of this auxiliary Overruns was almost a god installed, if possible, to help out a teammate 费拉迪米尔 offerings to help alleviate a teammate grid.The remaining equipment can select the drum or blade a tough.Ren is also a team loaded drum, and Blademail which can help absorb the damage Overruns rushed Rendui.

  six. Overruns Tips:

  1. Overruns as a secondary, often need to buy eye to maintain good vision on the map.

  2. Play Overruns due to other road teammates need to give the court any time to provide a living body armor, so the need to pay close attention to the situation of the line, which is not a small challenge for players,.

  3. Overruns and died throughout the eclipse of God who can have a very good fit, because the eclipse of God who died throughout the line itself is a tyrant, in the living body armor with Overruns, it is even more ferocious.Then there is Overruns big move can be very helpful throughout dead eclipse God will let people control the release of a large move in place.Overruns or Lich is also able to have very good cooperation, in particular the Lich big move, the big move and Overruns and very high damage if the group fights occur in the wild, can play.

  4. When Overruns met Naga, Overruns big move would be empty, small Naga just flip open big, you can easily crack the big Overruns of.

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Step 1.Free download, and then Install Launch the Data Recovery software and then select lost data cause, and click the "Next" button

① can click on the small map cast

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① can click on the small map cast

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① can click on the small map cast

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