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② Blink Strike injuries take effect before the next attack




  One. background story

  Rikimaru is great dynasty of the two princes Tallinn.He has a brother inherited the throne, and a younger brother to take care of all sorts will be subject to, and as Rikimaru two sons, seem born Invisible Man.He was a special talent to cultivate it, in one night, the National subversion traitor, his family were massacred, Rikimaru only survived because stealth skills.Short and agile Rikimaru to do with the smoke cover, very careful fled, he is the only escape royal.Good surprise, he popped the royal courtyard, silently cut one foe''s throat.Will no longer bear the responsibility royal statecraft, Rikimaru began to use his talent to make a living, he became a stealth assassin.Now he will kill enemies in silence, continued to improve their technology, hope that one day may be able to hand blade that killed his family, his country took traitor.

   two. Hero basis of property

  Life: 473

  Magic: 182

  Armor: 5

  Attack: 48-52

  Speed: 300?

  Field of view: 1800/800

  Attack Range: Melee

  Ballistic speed: Direct

  Before the attack after shaking / rock: 0.3 + 0.3

  Shake before casting / post-rock: 0.4 + 0.51

  Base Attack interval: 1.7

  Heroes growth in the following figure:


  three. Hero skills introduced and analysis


  1 Skills: smoke

  He dropped a smoke bomb, silent and slow down enemy units in range, while most of their attacks can not hit for 6 seconds.

  Skills: point target

  Range: 250/275/300/325

  Miss probability: 40% / 50% / 60% / 70%

  Reduction: 25% / 25% / 25% / 25%

  Cast range: 550

  Mana Cost: 75/80/85/90

  Cooldown: 13

  Skill details: You can not prevent the use of goods.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Rikimaru strong skills in the range of smoke will make the other party can not use skills, and reduce each other''s hit rate.Some very restrained melee heroes.Note that, when the opposite bkb, to limit the effects of smoke will disappear.When their battle, you need to pay attention.


  2 Skills: Blink Strike

  Transfer to a goal behind, if the enemy is causing additional damage.

  Skills: Unit targets

  Damage type: magic

  Injury: 30/60/90/120

  The casting distance: 700

  Mana Cost: 50/50/50/50

  Cooling time: 20/15/10/5

  Skill details: ① Rikimaru raid on the enemy using blinks first attack will trigger backstab.② Blink Strike injuries take effect before the next attack.③ can be used on friendly units Blink Strike, but will not cause harm.④ will be out of stealth effect when using Blink Strike Attack.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Rikimaru kill plus escape skills.This ability is somewhat similar to the PA phantom raid, the enemy I can use both sides of the unit.5 seconds after the full level of skills short CD, you can make the pill has a very strong force mobility.With additional damage backstab, it is a very bright spot skills.Note that players choose the timing of Blink Strike, Blink Strike used as escape and kill more recommended, not recommended as the upper hand skills.


  3 Skills: Backstab

  If Rikimaru additional damage to attack from behind, would be proportional to its agile additional value.

  Skills: Passive

  Impact: Physical

  Agility injury factor: 0.5/0.75/1/1.25

  Skill details: ① Rikimaru illusion can also trigger backstab action, but will not cause additional damage.② additional damage caused by Backstab can not be dodged.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  The powerful output of great significance Rikimaru by additional damage caused by Backstab, is recommended as the primary skills, priority points over.


  4 skills: permanent stealth

  Rikimaru fled to the shadows, unless the attacker or use skills, or remain permanently invisible status.When silence, Rikimaru will Skills: Passive gradually

  Implicit Time: 3/2/1

  Skill details: ① Rikimaru does not automatically attack enemies when stealth.② silence the skills to make invalid.③ Rikimaru when cast spells or use items without departing from the permanent stealth effect.

  "Technical analysis and considerations"

  Rikimaru The Stealth is a very troublesome opponents skills.Rikimaru can make in between suddenly appeared behind the other, giving a lot of damage.It should be noted, that Rikimaru when the line, they''ll normally carry real eye, a stealth detection, Rikimaru itself thin little blood, it is easy to be second, so the players need to always pay attention to whether opposite the place put a real eye.

  four.Positioning the hero Rikimaru

  Rikimaru positioned in the ranks of the assassin, a pseudo-nuclear, ganker.Players often need to be online to walk, drive the overall rhythm of the field.Under his teammates, kill each other, the force control pill does not have hard skills, so it is necessary to control one''s own teammates skills.But Rikimaru is too fragile, not suitable for hard just positive, more than walk, and more harassment, more than the opposition area grasping each other, which is Rikimaru need to do is locate the hero Rikimaru.

   Fives. A force point and an apparatus Maruka

  Rikimaru plus point in terms of level 1 first backstab, Blink Strike at level 2, level 3 smokescreen, then backstab the main plus, plus Blink Strike stab in the back fill, and finally the smoke, there is a large increase during.


  Rikimaru out the attire recommended

  1.Random out Rikimaru, Money 825

  Beast shield (550) branches + * 2 (53x2) + Sacrificial tree (125) = 781

  2.After random with teammates exchange, money 725

  Beast shield (550) + Sacrificial tree (125) = 675

  3.Manual selection, Money 625

  Buckler (250) + Dexterity slippers (150) + branch (53) of sacrificial + tree (125) = 578

  4.Re-select, money 475

  Buckler (250) + branch (53) + Sacrificial tree (125) + = 428

  Rikimaru before mid-equipment selection:

  The main damage Rikimaru is back stab, backstab and injuries are linked and agility coefficient, which means that the higher the agility Rikimaru, the output higher.First you need to make a beast shield, Rikimaru for the artificial leg to raise IAS, during which incidentally can be made out of a large magic wand.Followed by Yasha.Yasha agility can provide a lot IAS and a force moving speed pellet addition, the pellets are very suitable for power equipment prometaphase.

  Late Rikimaru attire recommended:

  By the late Rikimaru need a first piece of equipment is the net Soul Blade, net Soul Blade for the greatest help Rikimaru addition to agile addition, more importantly, the net soul of the blade can be enemy heroes left in time smokescreen lengthened, which can make it impossible Rikimaru out any skills in time to kill the hero opposite.Followed by a butterfly or Manta, two pieces of equipment for increasing the output power of the pill has a very big help.If the control is very much the opposite, Rikimaru can choose to do after the Black King Bar Blade soul net to make.Finally Rikimaru If you need to increase the amount of blood can be selected? Dragon Heart, strengthen output on a Daedalus of War.

  six. Rikimaru Tips:

  1.Rikimaru need to go online with rhythm, which requires the help of his teammates Rikimaru people will leave, or under control.

  2.As a single pill of force, need to carry TP.

  3.Rikimaru and Ogre Magi as well? Swain such a hard-control skills of a hero can be a very good fit.

  4.When Rikimaru or encountered a bounty? Fish both anti-stealth hero, the most headaches.If the play was a bounty and fish, that Rikimaru or avoid the light, for it other hero.

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② Blink Strike injuries take effect before the next attack

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② Blink Strike injuries take effect before the next attack

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② Blink Strike injuries take effect before the next attack

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