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1 in conjunction with skills when there will be a very good effect




  Bottles left hand, right hand the reins.Flame fuel, soaring world! Dedicated to the sky king, Batrider!

  Batrider Batrider abbreviation: Bat

  Initial data

  Power: 23 + 2.40

  Agility: 15 + 1.50

  Intelligence: 24 + 2.50

  Life: 587

  Magic: 312

  Armor: 1.1


  Attack: 48-52

  Speed: 290

  Field of view: 1800/800

  Attack Distance: 375

  Ballistic speed: 900

  Before the attack after shaking / rock: 0.5 + 0.54

  Shake before casting / post-rock: 0.2 + 0.7

  Base Attack interval: 1.7

  Those creatures live in the jungle shortage of prison do not know what peaceful coexistence.They only know bite with teeth, claws scratch, with a sting, with a step on the hoof, even a little look at the points also allow you to immediately die.It is said Batrider before being taken away by foraging bats cannibalism, just an ordinary farm boy, do farm work to help out in their fields.However, after being taken away, he immediately came up with good ideas, stand up riding his back to seize his bat, bat and shortly became his tool.When he came out from those bloody corpses, he has been intoxicated excitement and stimulation to bring the fight to him, the boy finally realized that my deepest desire.As he was growing up, each summer he will return to the fields of home, often go hide in the bushes, then we expect to be able to get back Xuepentaikou the face of death and excitement fatal fall brought him.In a year''s time in the past, his desire to become more intense.For rapid growth, he participated in every expedition, until he found a bat cave road.It is said in a scorching midsummer eve, riders with only a bundle of rope, a bottle of wine and courage burning determination, in order to feel the sky again, he jumped into the cave alone.

  DotA2 Batrider skills

  First, viscous oil

  Viscous fuel oil spilled on the target area, the fuel is attached to the unit will be attached additional damage when subjected to attacks and skills Batriders damage, the unit is attached will be reduced movement speed and turn rate, this effect can be superimposed, an upper limit of 10 layers.

  Skill details

  Additional Damage type: magic

  In addition to the flamboyant and Poison damage caused Pearl, Batrider attack, their skills, skills, items will cause additional damage to the unit affected by fuel

  Mana: 20

  Cooling time: 3

  The casting distance: 700

  Radius of action: 375

  Additional damage: 10/15/20/25 each

  Duration: 8

  Moving speed decrease: 3% / 5% / 7% / 9%

  Turning speed reduction: 70%

  This skill is the reason why the bat has dominated solo position, c cast far away, cd very short.It reduces the movement speed and turn speed up the knife and very affecting to walk during the line pair, if you are pre-fuel superimposed on the three-layer stack are not left waiting for the effect of the oil body disappears, then the operator will be a good bat let you know the taste of death.And this skill bat in the line during a solo single for almost no rivals, due to fuel larger radius, or even to an enemy, not strive, or make use of the advantages kill grade.On-line remote wretched hero can also make up a knife and development, basic melee hero is difficult to make up the knife.The presence of this skill early in the role of bats is repression and kill.


  Flame wreck

  *** launch a direction to the target position, the first after the explosion hit an enemy, inflicting stun effect, and cause knockback and damage all nearby enemies.

  Skill details

  Damage type: magic

  Mana Cost: 80/100/120/140

  Cooling time: 80/100/120/140

  Cast Range: 1500

  Blast radius: 375

  Damage: 75/150/225/300

  Dizziness Time: 0.5

  This ability is only one outbreak of bat skills, and is aoe skills, casting distance of 1500 can hit any enemy units within range of the screen, while incidental 0.Dizziness interrupt skills of magic and tp 5.This is a nice upper hand and FLAC and harvesting skills, can be a good break across the formation, promising position in the group or arrest people skills when placed opposite the front can be a hero bounce back this side of the right attack position, at the same time it is away from his teammates to bomb the enemy, if playing a good position, victory is at hand.If this Hero lost when a gang fights may delay a moment to fear for their lives, even against killing.1 in conjunction with skills when there will be a very good effect, when put to use the skills hero ready to go back in time to finally overcome the effect of the fuel, a r, skill and a long time to put out, egg pain want to die.3 as well as the role of La Bike skills and little t, z, r may be utilized on both sides of the river will spring to the high enemy units.


  Flame flight

  Batrider enter flight mode, leaving a path of flames flying in their own place, continued to cause damage to enemies in the area, and the destruction of trees along the way.

  Skill details

  Damage type: magic

  During the flight Batrider flame can leap obstacles woods, terrain, units, etc.

  During the flame flight Batrider units have the ability to fly, to get view of the sky

  When the flame flight phase and shoes are turned on simultaneously Batrider unable to leap barriers

  Fire damage flight path will not be with the death of Batrider immediately disappear

  Mana: 100

  Cooling time: 40

  Damage Per Second: 20/40/60/80

  Path radius: 200

  Duration: 18

  After opening the bat skills into the flight mode, with the high-altitude perspective, ignoring any terrain, high slope, the woods all clouds, anywhere within the field of view as you ride.This skill is a very good escape skills and cutting skills, after hiding in the woods turn on Airplane mode, the unexpected appearance before the enemy.When to kill the enemy, open 3 escape skills, better run to the woods, because you have the skills to take advantage of 3 high-altitude perspective and not the opposite, so you can choose the location of enemy heroes based on the most favorable escape routes, while the opposite if has been chasing down your fire, it can often take advantage of fuel against killing.Class 480 damage per second is very impressive.


  Burning shackles

  Tied down an enemy and can be dragged, the target is the equivalent of vertigo during.

  Skill details

  If the duration of the shackles Batrider death or target, the shackles break

  Batrider use teleport (including the transfer of its other heroes used) during the shackles sustained or jump knife will break the shackles

  If Batrider 0.Moving distance of more than 400 within 05 seconds will break the shackles

  This ability to ignore magic immunity

  Bat Rider in the use of shackles can not burn attack

  Mana: 150

  Cooldown: 90/70/50

  The casting distance: 175

  Duration: 3/3.5/4

  Bats have become a powerful ganker, is the existence of large strokes.There are 3 seconds control, level control and a full 50 seconds cd level 14 seconds, also ignoring the magic-free, but also can drag the control unit to one''s own vantage point, is really too Niubi.But use the time to pay attention to the following points: 1, jump away if pulled when the enemy will automatically cut off the chains, as well as empathy vs commutation.But pushing does not interrupt.2, ignoring terrain flight mode, but can not control the unit pulled the shackles of the normal mode position can not be reached.3, the latest update bat during which the control can not attack control unit.

  On line Splitter:

  Pre-press wire of superior ability to escape, against killing ability, excellent mid gank ability, good post upper hand control, so that the bat can be mixed in any way fast.Can in solo, just wing 3 can be a disadvantage path compression, 1,3 skill efficiently with wild brush.But before the mid-term development of the bat must give space, as is often the bats in the late battle group of sponsors, so be sure to absorb a lot of damage, but not equipped with the bat very difficult to play its due role.Personal recommendation: the solo> Brush Wild> disadvantage Road.

  Team position:

  Excellent gank ability, excellent team battles to create chaos and split formation capability and control, competent enough to position No. 2, 3.

  Recommended plus points:

  In solo: 1312141222433 + 4

  Road and wild brush disadvantages: 1313241212433 + 4

  In the current version of dota2, one very good skills and mana slowing effect, should be the main lift, and gank team battles, and require a quick fix, so personally think that the main increase in the outbreak of good 2.

  Recommended equipment:

  Pre-reliance movement speed, cut into medium-term need to grasp the opportunity, the latter requires a strong resisting ability.

  First, the pre-:

  1, see the opposite in the solo hero

  If the other heroes of the line is weak, such as butchers, small and his ilk.Highly recommended nude shoes, big drug out, then fill the bottle, big magic wand.

  If you put on the line hero ability, to bring a supply.I personally think that the shoe is always the first large bat.

  2, playing field or disadvantage Road Recommended: Cock silk shoes, magic wand, Urn.

  Second, the medium-term:

  There is no doubt jump knife knight is the first large bat in any situation, a jump knife has a bat in order to become knights battle group in the true sense of the engine.And have a dagger, pushing bats with 3 skills, become absolutely beat to death on the battlefield Xiaoqiang, while the upper hand jump knife big move, with pushing the enemy hero can be quickly pulled into a complete lineup struck between the side.

  Advantages: dagger, pushing, bkb

  Weaknesses: dagger, bkb, pushing

  Third, post-:

  Flying shoes, jumping knife, bkb, pushing, Shiva guardian, if one''s own lack of control of the sheep knife, if the lack of a strike dps, if you feel the other high physical dps, halberd Heaven is also a good choice.

  Bat egg pain shot, four skill is difficult to determine their physical dps as a post, it is not recommended that the dps equipment.

  Hero restraint:

  Batrider very afraid of high outbreak control and strong hero: sd, lion, doom, vs, bane, zeus, sil, ss

  Batrider very favorite hero: ds, es, bh,

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1 in conjunction with skills when there will be a very good effect

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1 in conjunction with skills when there will be a very good effect

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1 in conjunction with skills when there will be a very good effect

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