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My spirit world withered skeleton



  Ling withered skeleton (Wither Skeleton) is naturally occurring in the lower bound of the fortress of dangerous biological attack.



  Ling withered lower bound skeleton fortress where luminance less naturally 7.Generate skeletons spirit withered groups, with up to five time.

  Generating a lower bound on the spider and the spider Cave (by using a brush and brush strange strange egg boxes, etc.) 0.8% chance to generate spirit withered skeleton spider Knight.[Only bedrock version]

  During the Halloween spirit withered skeleton 22.5% chance wearing a pumpkin, 2.5% chance wearing a pumpkin lights.[Java version only]

  Withered Ling

  When the normal difficulty and above, when the spiritual value of life withered to 50% will be generated only 3-4 withered skeleton spirit.[Only bedrock version]

  Egg brush strange

  Withered spirit can be found in the skull of brush strange egg in the creation mode items column, this brush strange egg will generate a spirit withered skeleton.

  Falling objects

  Is killed, the spirit withered skeleton falling 0-2 root


  Spirit has withered skeleton 1?3 chance of falling a single

  coal.The maximum number of drops depends snatch spell, each level increases 1.Probability formula is not falling coal is 2 / (snatch level +3).For example, there is a snatch III?3 from falling coal.All other numbers has an equal probability of occurrence.

  Spirit also has withered skeleton 2.5% chance to drop a

  Withered skeleton skull spirit.Depending snatch spell, each level increases of 1% (up to snatch III 5.5%).When high pressure is afraid of killing a coolie always fall.

  Spirit also has withered skeleton 8.5% chance to drop a

  Shi Jian, durability is always random and without any curse.

  Drop 5 experience when killed by wolves tamed.


  Halloween, wearing a pumpkin or pumpkin lights when generating a withered skeleton spirit there when the curse attached to snatch the chance to drop their tools to kill was wearing a chance to snatch the spell level as a percentage of the value corresponding to the maximum out drop probability is 3%.


  Ling withered skeleton walking slowly when idle, but when a player is found they will sprint to the players at a speed of players walking, and raised his arm to use Shi Jian attack.When the player is attacked withered skeleton spirit, it will withstand 10 seconds

  I dying effect, health bars and black hp lost every 2 sec 1.Withered skeleton spiritual harm caused in the simple difficulty of 5, Normal difficulty 8, under 12 Difficulty.

  Spirit does not generate a withered skeleton with armor together, but some have withered spirit of Skull and Bones to pick up and use items and equipment capacity.Ling withered skeleton has a chance to the left hand as the primary, but also the probability of both hands falling object.?[Verification needed]


  The lower bound of most other living things, spiritual withered skeleton immune to fire damage, and therefore will not block the fire and lava injured.Ling withered skeletons belong to the undead, so they will not attack withered spirit.If the spirit withered skeleton through the portal or the lower bound of the main players in the world is generated manually, the Spirit of Fire Resistance withered skeleton of it from the sun influence, but they are still looking for shade and water.

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My spirit world  withered skeleton

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My spirit world  withered skeleton

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My spirit world  withered skeleton

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