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My spirit world withered





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  Withered spirit (Wither) is a kind of ability to fly, there are three heads of biological Boss.

  The structure shown on the left may be generated spirit withered.Soul Soul with sand or soil T-shaped out on the ground, and then placed on each of three soul sand or soil top layer of a withered soul spirit skeleton head.The box can change the order of placement, but the last place the box must be a withered skeleton skull spirit.3 withered spirit skeleton head can be placed manually, using a transmitter may be placed.Under the sand about two soul or the soul of the soil top layer must be air.The building can be a positive swing, swing sideways, upside down pendulum may also, withered skeleton skull spirit can be oriented in different directions; these do not affect the spirit of the generation withered.When the spirit generated completely withered, it will generate an explosion in anger and its surroundings. In the cheat mode, can be used to summon withered spirit (peace mode must be turned off)

  Like other biological attack, withered spirit of peace will disappear in difficulty.Difficulty in trying to generate withered spiritual peace will not succeed, even if placed correctly, the soul of sand or earth soul and spirit withered skeleton head does not generate withered soul, put there only intact.

  Withered spirit at death will fall a lower bound star, the lower bound of the star before being picked up will not disappear, it will not be an explosion destroyed.Snatch enchant will not work in the spirit withered body.When a player is killed or tamed wolves, it will fall 50 experience.




  --Marsh Davies

  Ling withered after generation, life filled with bars, also increases the volume of.Withered spirit while in this state, it is invincible, but can not move and attack.(After 10 seconds) after the end of the state, will create a spirit wither to itself as the center of the Big Bang, the explosion would destroy the box nearby.The explosion will not hurt withered spirit itself, but will hurt the players and biological nearby.Explosion slightly larger than the coolie afraid of lightning and Ender crystal, when the explosion occurred will play a very scary voice.The sound is not to wither as the spiritual center of any location on the map, as well as any dimension can hear this sound player.After that, withered flexible and can move freely attacked, and will start attacking neighboring creature.

  Withered spirit is immune to fire, lava and drowning.Ling withered it will destroy any way of the contact block (except bedrock, the end of the folding door block jump, the end of the portal, portal frame to the end of the command block, barrier, block structure, block puzzle piston and Release).Like other undead creatures, withered spirit will be hurt instant treatment effect was instant damage effects of treatment; however, other effects have no effect on the spirit withered, as long as Ender.Undead Killer spell spirit will wither extra damage.

  In addition to the biological, withered spirit with other organisms, including hostile players:

  ,,,?Zombie its variants

  ,,?Skull and its variants

  ?Zombie Pigman

  Skeletal horse, zombie horse

  ?Magic Wings

  ?Players in spectator mode and create mode


  ?Other categories withered Ling

  Undead spirit withered immune to all attacks (except for the first withered withered spiritual other spirits emission) of.It can not see the player or biological in stealth effect.

  If withered spirit calm down, it will simply move, and can not jump.Under normal difficulty and difficult, it will launch the first random blue withered spirits in random directions until it finds the target.

  When health bar withered spirit of BOSS will only player in the direction of looking at where the withered spirit appears, even through walls can be seen, this time the sky will darken slightly.Each spirit withered only displays a health bar on the screen BOSS.

  After noticed biological, withered spirit would linger on it and quickly launch first withered spirits.It can be independent of each head attack, which makes it possible to simultaneously attack three creature or player.Intermediate head movement control withered spirit and 0.1% probability of launching the first black and first withered spirits different blue withered spirits.

  Spiritual health response rate was withered / 20 engraved (one second), if the reply directly kill organisms.

  When the value of life is reduced to half withered spirit () or less when the withered spirit will be given to "wither spiritual armor" effect that make the immune damage caused withered spirit of the arrow.When in this state, withered spirit can not change altitude, can only target the same altitude.If the value of life withered spirits restored to more than half, "withered spiritual armor" effect will disappear, withered spirit can fly high.

  While noting creature or player, the withered spirit will fly to a random location and hovering in place.Before flying to another location, withered spirit will launch the first three black and withered spiritual head of a blue withered spirits.

  When the value of life down to half, it generates only 3-4 withered spirit Skull (except simple difficulty) in the explosion and was "withered spiritual armor".Withered Jaya can not reply to the other half of the value of life, and withered spirit in this state will be "collision attack": it will lie flat on its body, like a missile wildly toward its goals while retaining damage most road block.There is not the same spirit withered animation: newborn withered spirit will rotate, withered and dying white spirit and the body will continue to expand, both of which can create an explosion.

  Spirit will not wither naturally regenerate health.

  After the call dying sky light will immediately drop to 12 or less, it will return to normal until after the death of dying, which makes for example like zombies undead creatures able to survive during the day instead of burning.

  Spirit will quickly wither withered spirits are called first to the target launch explosive projectiles, looks like it''s the same head.Withered spirit of the first two types: black (moving faster) and blue (slow movement).The first blast radius of a black withered spirits to 1, the same evil spirit fireball and explosion resistance can not destroy more than 20 squares.The first explosion intensity of blue and black withered spirit of the same, but move more slowly, and will block most of the view of the explosion resistance is not higher than 4, so that it is more destructive terrain.

  If any type of spirit withered skull hit the player or biological, will result in dying effect, which makes the player''s heart darkened and consumption value of life, similar to the effect of poisoning.

  In the version bedrock, blue withered spirits after the first hit or be hit by projectiles players will be Danfei (similar to the evil spirit fireball).

  Java version

  Bedrock version:

  Withered spiritual head of the entity that owns the entity data values, in fact, is the body ID.

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My spirit world  withered

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My spirit world  withered

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My spirit world  withered

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