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My story with the world dungeons Synopsis



  Minecraft Dungeons background set in the world of Minecraft, the game''s main storyline is: to defeat the evil Arch-Illager, rescue villagers.

  Official Synopsis

  The new action-adventure game with classic dungeon crawler inspired background set in Minecraft world, to fight in this game!Rebel underground city alone, with friends or team up!Up to four players in action-packed, full of treasures, each different points in the fight together - all involved in this epic is to save the villagers down with the devil Arch-Illager!

  Found a lot of powerful new weapons and items to help you beat the merciless hordes of nasty monsters new.Fight or escape the canyon, marsh - of course - and mine!Brave enough or stupid enough talent to explore this beautiful square in the world, no one will need to be prepared adventurer!So hurry, ready!

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My story with the world  dungeons Synopsis

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My story with the world  dungeons Synopsis

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My story with the world  dungeons Synopsis

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